The Inquisition

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

During the second world war, the Nazis ran experiments on people in secret in Cassino, Italy. Their goal was to create stronger and smarter humans that would help the Third Reich to victory. They succeeded in creating ‘P-290’, a formula that when injected into human subjects, would genetically alter them. The effects were random, and while some subjects exhibited extraordinary powers, others turned into monsters.

The Allies, finding out about the experiment and the dangers it posed, bombed the base of operations, destroying as much as possible. However, they were able to recover some vials containing the P-290. Even with the scale of the destruction, some of the subjects managed to escape. From this, The Inquisition was formed, to locate the remaining ‘Heretics’ and destroy them. This was no simple task, as some of those who escaped were able to go on living normal lives as they showed no visible signs of their power. The alterations from the ‘P-290’ passed through generations. The Inquisition would be identifying and hunting the Heretics for decades to come.

Fast forward to 2020, and the Inquisition is still active, working in secrecy to identify and destroy Heretics. The Inquisition worked well in keeping the Heretics isolated, quickly stomping any signs of groups forming. However, there is a mysterious new leader called ‘Jacob’, who is building a small army, and always seems to be one step ahead. Seeing their numbers dwindled, the Inquisition ran experiments of its own using the P-290 they acquired decades earlier, giving a select few of their agents' extraordinary powers. Following a series of, what seems like, coordinated attacks, the Inquisition starts to lose control, to the point where the Heretics manage to steal the remaining P-290.

With plans to disperse the formula all over London, and the Inquisition being torn up from within by its own, Athena, an enhanced agent, and two Heretics, race to stop Jacob from spreading the P-290. Although they are able to stop some of the attacks, they ultimately fail, and London is overcome with monsters of varying sorts and people waking up to powerful abilities.

With the Inquisition’s leader abducted, and the true mastermind of the Heretics uncovered, Athena and her cohort still need to put an end to Jacob and his group.

This is a story about the abuse of power, but it is also about revenge, neglect and trust. Everyone in the story has their own agenda, and no one can trust each other.

Table of Contents

Prologue - The Society for the Advancement of Human Achievement 1944

Pierre Deschamps starts his day taking a moment for himself instead of getting straight to work. He exits the monastery with which he h... Read Chapter

The Intruder 2020

The sun has submerged fully, taking away the last remaining traces of natural light and giving way to the darkness and the moon's cresc... Read Chapter

Breaking news

Hello, this is Colin McArthur bringing you the breaking news. We have just received word that there have been multiple gunshots heard i... Read Chapter

A troubled past, a new beginning

Elizabeth is still outside, staring at her father's home, which is surrounded by police officers and tapes. Staring at her father’s h... Read Chapter

A failed mission

Although reavers can heal considerably quicker than humans, the enhanced ability does nothing immediate to stem the blood escaping thro... Read Chapter


As Elizabeth walks towards her father's home, Vance sees her. He breaks away from his conversation with an agent dressed as a police of... Read Chapter

A new development on the Kilburn incident

Hello, this is Colin McArthur bringing you the breaking news. We are receiving reports that another attack has taken place in Compayne ... Read Chapter


Being alone in a dark and cold room, that has been abandoned and neglected for what seems like forever, torments the soul. The soun... Read Chapter

Chasing Daniel

  The morning's rays start to pierce through the darkness, heralding a new day. All the chaos and madness of a few hours back ... Read Chapter


There is a feeling of joy, of victory in the air - mixed in with the cold and damp air of the building Jacob and his family have occupi... Read Chapter

The notebook

The Inquisition's headquarters is located in the heart of London among the bustling crowd of shoppers, bankers, office workers and tour... Read Chapter

The council estate

Upon returning to the main office, Elizabeth can hear Vance talking to Zeus about Robert. She knows about Zeus, one of the enhanced age... Read Chapter

The rescue

There is going to be hell to pay. A check on the news sites from Elizabeth's phone shows her that Vance's job is not safe. Headlines ar... Read Chapter

A well thought out plan

Scherer's plan is going well so far. Although he stayed in Jacob's shadow when it came to the rest of the Heretics (decades of hearing ... Read Chapter

News report from Central London

Good Morning, my name is Colin McArthur, bringing you breaking news.  Further from the incidents last night within a residential... Read Chapter

The sickness

The fight at the council estate was unexpected. It was never meant to explode into an all-out war with the Inquisition. The plan was fo... Read Chapter

The aftermath

"Can't you go any faster?" Vance shouts at the driver frustrated that they are so close to the building, but creeping slowly in the veh... Read Chapter


Sherry's cafe is one of the few cafes in Central London that keeps its doors open at night, hoping to bring in business from people tha... Read Chapter

They can’t fight all of us

Scherer is no stranger to hiding in abandoned homes and buildings. He's had to on the many occasions when he popped up on the Inquisiti... Read Chapter

Next steps

Robert doesn't know whether Athena is going to just stand there in the doorway, only allowing her silhouette to be seen, or enter the s... Read Chapter

The convoy

Darren always felt that the Inquisition needed to remain under the control of Her Majesty's Government, regardless of what the allied c... Read Chapter

London Bridge

There is an air of caution as overground trains arrive into London Bridge Station on a cold grey morning. The commuters will either exi... Read Chapter

A new team

Jenna doesn't know where else to go. To her, the warehouse was the last semblance of a home. But where it felt warm and cheerful when s... Read Chapter

Liverpool Street

By mid-morning, the rush hour ends and Liverpool Street Station's travellers are now mostly tourists who are visiting the attractions t... Read Chapter

All is explained

A jolt stirs Vance slowly out of his forced slumber. Another jolt expedites the process of returning him to the land of the living afte... Read Chapter

Kings Cross

There is no place to park inconspicuously near Kings Cross. The road is busy with black cabs and private taxis picking up and dropping ... Read Chapter

An unnecessary price

Jackie is sitting in what feels like the most uncomfortable seat. It is cold with a smooth plastic surface, and it forces her to shift ... Read Chapter


Living on the streets alone and being cold and vulnerable has taught Jacob a few life lessons. One of which was that if you got the fee... Read Chapter

True allegiances

Jackie and Zeus have returned to the office. Their colleagues are scouring all the intel that is coming in pieces. They are having to f... Read Chapter

Special report into the Inquisition

Good evening, this is Colin McArthur, here with another special report on the events that took place just over a month ago called ’, ... Read Chapter

The new Inquisition

One month later   The spread of people, with different abilities, and feral monsters is unchecked as the world reacts to the... Read Chapter


The Sears Hospital for Mental Rehabilitation overlooks a stunning countryside in North West England. An institution that can only be ac... Read Chapter

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