The Guests

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I invite my sweetheart colleague and her husband to Dinner!

I opened the door to the Door bell and there they were, the Guests for the night - The Kapoors. Mr. Ray Kapoor in his 30s and Mrs.Rini Kapoor in her Early 30s.Both looking apt for the party, although Mrs. Kapoor was glittering in her Red Saree, golden high heels and the designer low-cut blouse. I greeted Ray with a handshake and a quick hug, was the same for Mrs, minus the handshake. Although it was a bit informal as I hugged Mrs and my hand landed on her backless part, I gave a gentle pinch to which Mrs Kapoor was quite amused. 

I guided both to the living room where the drinks table was all set with the drinks and my home theater adding its magic in the liquor. As both went on to sit on the sofa, I couldn't resist to notice the sway of Rini's waist and finally her beautiful round butt. Rini is in her late 20s -Fair, Beautiful - With a cute nose, sparkling eyes, dimpled smile and the super hot lips. At 5feet 4inches,she stands with her super curvy figure, 36B-28-36.Not to mention her super huge perky boobs. They are the best external feature at her possession and she knows it.

As I went into the kitchen to bring the food to the table, called out Rini to help me with the plates. She was pretty graceful to help came by to assist me. As she entered the kitchen which happens a bit far from the living room, I wasted no time in grabbing by her cheeks and kissed her lips, to which her shocked response was an intensive smooch. While she kept using her tounge to my lower lips, I had inserted my tounge in her mouth while my left hand rested on her round butt. We managed to break the kiss soon,not to make it an point for Ray to feel bothered about the delay. We then sat on the table - Ray on to my left and Rini on to my right. The TV was right in front of me with Ray's fav program on it.

While we were progressing on the drinks, I was concentrating on my feet which was playful with the shy toes of Rini. She gave me occasional smiles when I was trying to make my feet's way up under her saree. I had already asked Rini the day before about wht she would come dressed to the party, but she insisted it to be a surprise - although I was super surprised by her saree but was very curious to know what's the merchandise inside. I hinted her by staring at her melons, to which she knew what I meant, hence slightly adjusted her saree to allow me see her left blouse the sexy cleavage. A gush of chill ran down my spine which ended up knocking up my Meat Rod. Her breasts were looking huge, yet shaply. I was hungry to see her bra though, I had guessed it to be the Black one. I had slipped control on myself by the sheer beauty of her and was dragged towards her - literally, as I pushed my chair further into the table. Without wasting a min I did put my hand on her thighs to see her eyes getting bigger as she looked towards Ray, who was glued to the TV. I then pulled her a bit to which she pushed her chair a bit further in making my hands accessible to her lower body. I slowly tip toed towards her tummy. Made circles with my fingers and pinched her to get a pinch back on my thighs. Just then Ray asked her to pass a plate, to which she stood up and passed the plate. Not to loose this opportunity, I made my feets way up between her legs till her thighs. She was tingnled a bit and to which she hurriedly placed the plate back on the table while she sat and the spoon spilled a Lil curry on her saree. 

An 'oops' traveled out of her lips, to which Ray directed her to clean it immediately. She stood up and I guided her to the washroom, while she walked to the washroom, I lagged behind to get a towel for her. When I reached to give her the towel, I was far more amused to what was welcomed with. She was busy delicately cleaning the Lil curry on her pallu at the Sink with her amazing rack on display, she was so engulfed in cleaning it that she didn't hear me come. I dropped the towel and grabbed her from behind. My hands gently held her breasts, my lips kissing on her neck, and my tool pushing up her butt. As I gently squeezed her boobs, and tried to get a glimpse of her bra, I discovered that she was braless and her huge fruits were supported bt the Pushup blouse, I was eager to open them up, but she turned around, gave a kiss to my lips, touched my manhood with a Lil squeeze and said - The cleaning is done. And walked away with her dimpled smile.

When I reached the table, I saw that Ray was hinting her that her cleavage is fully exposed, to which she adjusted her pallu, although letting some room for my eyes to travel between her boobs. By now, we were around many pegs down. My mole was looking for some air as it was huge and my underwear was too tired handling it. Hence I had made some space for it to straighten out towards my thighs while I was in the washroom. Hence now wen Rini touched my thighs under the table, she was greeted by her favorite,it was my penis. Upon her touch, she briefly closed her eyes with the pleasant surprise and I was mesmerized. She could only reach till the Head of the mushroom, she kept her fingers busy soothing it although I wished if she could feel my skin and vice versa. 

By now, the party was rocking, drinks progressing,laughs getting louder and my tool getting harder. Rini was high, I was higher and Ray was much higher, his eyes were dizzy but were gazing through his wife's body like never before. Rini was the one getting the most attention in the room and she was loving it. With his husband's eyes on her - she was glowing. I could see her moist lips opening up for new horizons. Just then Ray got up and asked Rini's hand.Rini stood up and obeyed with exitmemt. Ray was in the mood, Rini was in the flow and I preparing for the show. They both srated to dance to the trance. The music was fast and so were they. It was lovely to see both dance so gracefully, even better than the actual actors of the song. They were made for each other and it was an epitome of the same. Ray had decided to dance it out while enjoying his wife's beauty, hence he advice Rini to fix her pallu in her waist so as to not get hasseled by it.

Hence with her pallu down and tied to her waist, she was smoking hot.. With her hips swinging, eyes shining and boobs bouncing - I was sitting speechless on the table. Ray was leaving no chance kissing her, grabbing her waist, spanking her and playfully touching her huge Mangoes. They had forgot about the world it seems, they were between themselves, in a world of their own which was quite evident when they both engaged in a passionate smooch, which lasted for about 5mins with Ray's hands all over her body. Just then I realized they came back to the their half senses and broke the kiss. Ray was visibly a Lil embarrassed and excused us for the loo. Rini, in her swag, walked to the table, leaned forward at me, displaying her deep valley and kissed me on my lips . I was so endorsed by the show, I was a on the verge of burning of out of the heat of her hotness. 


Ray returned from the loo and looked stoned. His steps were quite irregular. I queried for dinner and all agreed. Upon the dinner table we all seemed dizzy and the influence of alcohol was quite evident. I was still staring at her balloons and she had placed them on the table purposely. The dinner was done, and we all sat down at the couch for a movie, as agreed before. But before the movie, I requested thm for a couple of Taquila shots. We simultaneously took 2shots each until Ray couldn't balance himself and fell flat on the couch.. Still smiling at the happening. Rini jumped to Ray with concern but Tricky Ray had done it purposely and pulled Rini onto him. Rini was shocked and before she could even think wht was happening Ray took her in his arms and started smooching her. Rini with the impact and pleasure closed her eyes and indulged in the act. I was standing rit there watching them on each other. Ray had lost track of the circumstances, Rini never was bothered abt the circumstances as long as she was in the arms and care of her loving husband.

I slowly backed off and tried to leave the place, just then heard Ray tell me something I had never expected- could you please film us, we want to capture the moments. I acknowledged with amazement and quickly got my camera out and started filming them. Ray was ravishing the sexy lips while creasing her backless part. Rini was moaning with pleasure. Just then I saw Ray pulling the strings of her blouse and pushed her to stand. As I looked upon, the two beautiful, Hot and gorgeous Breasts were pointing towards me, with big erect nipples placed Rit at the swell. As she stood,, Ray held her hips(still sitting on the couch) loosened her Saree and pulled the fabric toward him. Rini was rotated as the Saree was unwrapped her body.And when the unwrapping was done, she was standing in her Red Thong. It was a sight to remember. A cute face with a sexy pair of lips, a curvy body with two huge mango shaped boobs and then a attractive waist to compliment the wide and Round round Butt covered by a super hot Thong which was not enough to cover her frontal clean shaved lower lips. 

Ray was equally mesmerized by the visuals, he grabbed her butt and started licking her tummy, slowly coming down, while slipping down her thong to the ground. Rini's eyes were closed, one of her hands were holding Ray by his hair and the other was feeling her Bossom. I was filming the whole act with a rage inside my pants. Just then I heard a loud moan from her, as I noticed Ray had started licking her Vulva. She was holding his head and pushing her lower body towards his lips and he was making no mistake about it, as he was busy eating her up. Just then Rini was imbalanced and I quickly gave her a hand from behind her. Ray looked up and asked me of I can help thm to the bed room. As both were dazed, I held Rini from one side and Ray from the other while we walked to the bedroom. During the walk, naughty Rini was squeezing my butt, while Ray was busy sucking her boobs. We reached the bed, and Rini flung herself on to it, while Ray asked me to hold her hands tightly above her head, he positioned himself between her legs and undressed. He placed his Manhood on her Moist vagina and pushed inside to a scream of her. 

They both were bashing each other's pelvis, while I excused myself and stepped out of the room with a Heavy Heart,, err.. A Heavy Rod.!! 


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Submitted: June 08, 2021

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