The Man i Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Anagani wandered about her life but this man came and gave the answer to his ever wandering heart.


An original piece

Annika Fiona

(Based on a true story)





The Setting: Inside English literature Classroom of Filanno College

The Characters: Anagani Previle and Hector De Luan

The stage: A classroom with blackboard and desks

Synopsis: Anagani who wandered about her life but this man came and gave the answer to his ever wandering heart.



ANAGANI: “We all see the beauty in reality when we find Love but time and chances aren’t ours. 

So we all get to that point of seeking it and earnestly looking for it,… in OUR own desired way and mostly all just end up broke…


* sighs*


Pauses for a while


ANAGANI: Is life created for that reason?…


(A silence envelops the whole room brought by Anagani’s mind-stopping question. 

She closes her book in a loud manner and looks intently to her classmates who were now raising their eyebrows and some run their fingers on their desks.)


After a short while, one of her classmates spoke.


 Not Anagani!…, how come you get to the idea that the reason we live is just to find love.


ANAGANI: Your aspiration became the very pursuit you have in this life, isn’t it. 

It is the reason.


ANAGANI: I don't mean to make this an argument or a dispute but just a simple thought I wanted to share. I questioned your reason, based upon the fact that all were so indulged in this so-called Love from someone you haven't met and from someone you already have.

Where in reality, we can't give this real satisfaction to someone's empty heart.


Well... we can contribute a portion, but what about a whole.


a big problem, to you? You don't mind sitting in a wheelchair along with your tiny little house full of thick webs and dusty furniture...alone! C'mon Anagani.




ANAGANI: I’m talking about soul problem Elissa. 


Mrs. Row: Enough ladies...Anagani! you can leave, Mrs. Dean wants to talk with you. 









Halls' Pathway of Filanno College


The sound of her walk makes the empty hall sound while holding a book in her right hand.


She glanced at her watch.


It's 10 am and all students are still inside their classrooms.


rang unexpectedly...



And it's like Deja Vu! halls became crowded when each door opened and students got out freely from being imprisoned inside their rooms.


Hard for her to pass... so she had to press herself in the crowd.




Noise all around, from the unending rung of the bell and from students' noisy chitchats.




In her strenuous walk when she was about to lift her head 


A pair of  dark eyes caught hers' 


that's when everything stops…



~Playing I will spend my whole life loving you by imaginary future and Kina Grannis~











In a Park. 



ANAGANI: It's just, is a mysterious thing for me, it kept on leaving me with questions. I can't stop but think a lot to find answers. Can't stop but find something that is missing... I only get depressed, Mom.




GENEVIEVE: We may live in this world full of mystery, wonders, and so on, we may be... puzzled by this life, but my's just only in finding your own reason.





ANAGANI: I already had those reasons Mom, the family I had, friends... it's just, not enough for me to... just find those reasons,... I want the real reason, mom. 


Hugs Anagani


GENEVIEV: Your only overthinking things, my dear. 


ANAGANI: Hoping...I am.








Seconds...minutes it gets longer...


Still can't take his eyes off of hers.



ANAGANI: Wo--would you mind if I pass.

looked away from his gaze.


The man chuckles


HECTOR: Sorry Miss, I think I've lost my direction for a moment. 


This leaves her confused.


So she heads towards the Deans' office having those words hanging on her head. 


She slowly opened the door and saw the Dean comfortably sitting on her chair.


 MRS DEAN: Come in Ms. Previle.


She handed over a paper to Anagani.


MRS DEAN: You, as the president of the Art Organization, I want you and the rest to give life to our upcoming National Relaxation Day. No holidays, we are going to celebrate here on our school campus.

the Schools' Officers and I just need a little help from the Art organization to enjoy this event as planned.




August 10, 1988


All students are in their seats, waiting for the Professor.


After a short while, The Professor enters the room with a new student.


PROFESSOR: Good morning Class! Hector De Luan from Lasville, will be your new Classmate.


And ladies start to babble about this new student Hector and some give Him a head-to-toe look.


Wearing a simple faded blue button shirt and pants.



decent appearance gives him a kind of aura.

His dark eyes..... with the unfixed strand of his sooooo! dark hair, on his forehead, can surely make every girl dream and want.

~ Anagani's Thought~


or gaze in her direction.

While finding himself a Seat at the very last row.



The Discussion starts then ends...


~The Bell rung~




BOB: Anagani! can I join your seat in the cafeteria. 


ANAGANI: Mmmmm...sorry Bob, I'll be home this lunch.


walk fast...







In the street



grabs Anagani's arm.


HECTOR: Well... to me you can't refuse.


And drag her to his car.


you're a stranger.


Still hesitating



HECTOR: After this, I'll never be.



They reach Town Bilvran which is near the sea coast. 


They entered this town and Hector parked his car in front of a small restaurant. 



ANAGANI: It's hard to trust anybody these days.

 She said sharply while fixing the position of her chair and sat reluctantly.


HECTOR: I won't argue with that. You don't need to trust me!... and I don't need your trust either. 

While grinning at her


HECTOR: Reality indeed is beyond our comprehension. So it drives us to fear, to question things about life and... reason things out, out of our own understanding of this and gets so hopeless when we can't find the real reason for our existence.






~Anagani”s Thoughts~

When he says those words it's like something that adheres to my soul. What I REALLY wanted to hear, but aside from that...


It's like I've known him for soooo.... many years.

His eyes, his voic---


HECTOR: Only if I could hear your thoughts.


ANAGANI: What do you really want to point out about what you said earlier,

I have lots of questions to myself, about this life I had and here I front of a stranger named Hector De Luan saying things I badly wanted to hear.


HECTOR: To whom I live for? For what purpose? Is there any direction for me? ... Have you ever questioned yourself this way?....


 Where living in a generation where human beings' intellect is increasing rapidly, philosophers' influence to the minds of many, Psychological explanation to humans' mind and soul issue and still, in darkness whose hearts have been calloused by their ignorance about the deity of God who is righteous and Holy.


 But few people have opened themselves,.... their inner selves! to the one who created them and found answers.


The winds' sound seizes the momentary silence.




HECTOR: I want you to open and read this Book, Anagani.


ANAGANI: I--I've heard things about God but....never had that deep knowledge as yours. 


I want to know Him more…


She slowly opens the  Bible.


HECTOR: I also want you to know about the Gospel.


ANAGANI: What is that all about. I've also heard that word.


HECTOR: It's about the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

You can read that in the Book of 1 Corinthians 15:4. 


ANAGANI: Jesus Christ, the man who is crucified because of the sinners--


HECTOR: Us!.. we are that sinners whom he died for.

I'm talking about spiritual things Anagani, and I won't mind if this would sound unusual or strange to you.


HECTOR: If we as the sinners are going to face eternal death in hell what is our hope if we live here temporarily and die facing again death eternally because we are a sinner, what is our hope? 


ANAGANI: The death of Jesus Christ.


HECTOR: Yes, only by his Death we can have Hope.


, I thought our sins have already been paid. So we already had that hope. Not we CAN have Hope.


HECTOR: We can have hope, the hope of our salvation if we are going to believe his word by acting upon it,... when He said this,


Opens his Bible


Acts 2:38 

Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.


So the Gospel as I said earlier, Death burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

And for us to obey his word if we truly believe in Him.

His Death, to us, is...Repentance

We must Repent.

By admitting we have sinned for none is righteous in the sight of God.


His Burial to us is....Baptism 

Immersion in water in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This will erase All the records of sin in our soul.


His resurrection to us is... to be filled by His spirit.

Through Holy Spirit Baptism.


Titus 3:5 5 he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit,


We cannot live a life pleasing and free from the slavery of sin without his Spirit. 


By his power alone we can be made free from the power of sin.


What is the "Power of sin"?


The power of sin is our "sinful nature" that will lead us to eternal death in Hell. Things we do that we know that are not right in the sight of God but we still do because there's a power within us taking hold of us to live a life pleasing to Him this is a SIN that will surely lead us to eternal death.


Who can save us from our miserable condition but God alone, not by our own effort or any human means to obtain it but by obeying and believing his word we can have Hope Anagani.


Because his power is already there to save us and God will only respond to our choice through our action.

Our choice of knowing Him.



hear and do.










Submitted: June 08, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Anapor A.M. All rights reserved.

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