The Wild Vacation -Chapter 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Wild Vacation .. exploring the possibilities ..

As i returned early from office exited for the weeknd trip with the kapoors, wife opened the door in her floral mini dress.the dress hardly reached her thighs and she was smoking hot.I couldnt help noticing her dress hugging her body so tight that her boobs were spilling over her dress. i went on to hold her from behing and kissed her cheek. 


She was not surprised as i used to do that most of the time after i get back home from office. But she was surprised when i grabbed her boobs and sqeezed them hard. She looked at me with amazment and a question in her eyes when i kissed her lips and made my tounge into her mouth - she tasted good.


My wife around 5feet 2inches with a Curvy figure - 36- 30-38 .Her fair complexion is in contrast with her hair which hangs down till her massive D cup round boobs.She has a relatively thin waist and Her best feature is her butt,which is huge and round.while i kissed her she raised her right hand to hold my head in place for a longer kiss,, and i went on to open my jeans , inside which my Cobra was suffocating. 


As soon as my jeans dropped on the floor, my wife's left hand made its way on the underwear to touch the raging bull, she was amazed to learn the size it had got in such a small span of time. Realising the tension, she pulled my penis out of the underwear which was now pointing towards her butt.She then made its way between her thighs and sqeezed the Rod between them.


 I was vigurously sqeezing her boobs and kissing her neck while i unzipped her dress and pulled it down. Now she was in her Black Bra and pink panty. I like sqeezing her boobs from behing and love to see her cleavage from top, and is what i was doing.She then pulled me to the bed and we both fell on the bed, me On her.I unclasped her bra and she turned towards me I was lying on her . 


Then she forced my head to her boobs, with an clear intension to get some warm lips on her boobs. I started sucking her boobs and sqeezing the other, while she was moaning with pleasure. I was sucking and biting her nipples and slowly made my way down her body, licking her belly and then her pubic area which was clean shaved, while both my hands were sqeezing her boobs mercilessly.When i reached down,, i slided her panty with my teeth till her thighs. Her beautiful Flower(vagina) was right infront of me. I started smelling that before licking the exterior, Then her scent took over me and i started putting my tounge inside her, she had now opened her legs and had wrapped them around my head while pulling me towards her vagina. I was licking the inside of her pleasure hole and was biting the lips. She was wet and released my head of her legs said - Please punish me ". 


Thn i got hold of both her legs and opened them apart, while she held my tool in position and and I pushed it in. I was a little painful but was far more pleasurable. I rammed my body onto her while holding her legs apart, watching her Boobs swing in rythm of my strokes. I was wild and so was she in pushing me while i did the same to her.In a few minutes i uploaded a gush of liquid in her hole and collapsed on her. It took us a few minutes to recoved when she reminded that the Kapoors are to reach anyminute. We then quickly got up and had a romantic shower together before getting ready for the forthcoming trip.



Ray called me saying that they will be at our house in a few minutes and asked us to comedownstairs. Until we reached downstairs they had already reached in the innova.I greeted ray and then opened the back door to greet Rini - Rini was in her usual beautiful self, and greeted me with her dimpled smile and a peck to my cheek. its when my eyes travelled through her body to notice her Red Bra inside her White Top. She was Sexy as always.She gave me a smile when she caught me stating at her melons, and teased me by taking a deep breath and making her balls swell even bigger.


Ray was seated on the Front seat,My wife in the middle left, Rimi on the middle right and i had the whole back seat to myself.I had a inflatable pillow to myself for when i would like to sleep on the back seat.The trip was planned to a Camp site and was hence in the dense forests. The road was a One way and relatively deserted. A few minutes into the journey ,i opened up the beer cans for me n ray and handed over the RUM glasses to the ladies.As soon as the alcohol took effect, we all were singing to the tune of the music while enjoying the drive.Around midnight, we all were dizzy and fell asleep.


 It was around 3 am that suddenly my eyes opened to a massive hard on.I looked outside,, which was dark , and the music inside the car was relatively low. I saw all sleeping including Rini who was sleeping on the right middle seat facing the window.AS i was also sleeping on the right side,, my hands reached her nose and touched it.She opened her eyes and smiled to me. I signalled her to look at her phone. I had piged her at whatsapp --


Me - Hey, I am Horny


Rini - What !!


Me - yes i have a hard On


Rini - Tell ur wife


Me - No,, it was caused by you, hence U should take care


Rini - How By Me ?


Me - look at ur massive boobs and semitransparent top, ur Reb bra is boiling


Rini - all are here, How and what can i do


Me - How will i know, U are an Engineer 


Rini - Shall I come back seat


(looking at that msg my temprature turned hotter)


Me - Shut up my dear, can u get ur seat a lil back towards me and incline the seat ?


Rini - Ofcourse my Dear


(she quitely pushed the seat back and inclined her seat - now she was quite reachable to me)


Rini - Is it OK Mr.


Me - can i touch You.


Rini - Which part would you like to explore


Me - Ur boobs..


Rini - AAh,, OK,,


I then reached to her belly and put my hand inside her top(so that so one can see my hand).


Me - can u give me ur right hand


Rini- Absolutely 


(Gave her right hand to me) I put her finger in my mouth and started sucking it while my hands reached her boobs and gently sqeezed the right boob.Rini started breating heavily which i was able to hear as i was very close to her. I started sqeezing her boob hard.


Rini - Massage me Harder


Me - Bring ur boobs closer to me


She shifted a lil right to the seat. I pulled her bra a little inside the dress to get the nipples out. I then pinched the big hard nipple while continuing to sqeeze her flesh.She was closing her eyes in pleasure while i took her hand out of my mout and placed in inside my T- shirt. She started touching my chest as i was doig to her.


Me - I would like to suck ur boobs


Rini - yes please do


Me - wish i could !


The messages were sending chills down to my veins, and mostly to my Big vein.I was sqeezing her boobs very hard when Rini slowly made her hands way down my body.As her hands travelled below,My hands also did the same inside her top until it reached her skirt elastic. She put her hand inside my trouser and grabbed my Raging Penis on my underwear and pulled it towards her.I was surprised as she dragged my body towards her seat by holding my penis.I instateneously put my hands inside her skirt and her panty at the same time to reach her pubic area,whcih was very smooth. she Put her hand inside my underwear and took my Rod out.By now I was touching her Vagina.


Rini - My Vagina is waiting


Me - My Penis is also waiting for ur magic


She them grabbed the shaft and gently started massaging, while i inserted a finger inside her V and fingered her.I was in heaven as she was massaging the meat sliding the upperskin.I had by now inserted Two of my fingers inside her.


Rini - It has become so huge, i would like to feel that inside me


Me - your Spot is so moist , i would like to insert the whole Penis inside it.


(just than, somthing flashed in my mind)


Me - Sexy lady, I would like to insert somthing else inside U


Rini - And what would be that?


Me - Do u trust me


Rini - Ofcourse I do


Me - Then turn around right and fold both ur ur knees on to the seat. I would like to entre my hand from lower skirt now


Rini - Yes, the seat is big and i can comfertably do it, but are you seriously inserting somting inside me


Me - Just relax and leave my penis for a minute


(She released my P and i quickly opened my bag)She was nervous for sure, but must have been exited as well,,as she always liked surprises.


I positioned myself such a way that now she was easily able to hold my Penis and I was able to reach till her knees and quickly inserted my hand inside her skirt.


Me - Could you open ur legs a bit please.


Rini - OMG, what is this, it feels big


Me - Its my wife's Deo bottle


(My wife's deo bottle had a Oval cap and a long cylendrical body)Which was exactly acting like a Penis.As i tried to insert tht inside her, she was moaning with pleasure,, as she had never expected somthing that big inside her tonite. I could feel her pleasure in the way she was jerking my penis, with a few jerks she had painfully opened my penis head.I was burning with pleasure.


Rini - I would like to Suck it.


Me - It wont reach that long


Rini - Give me the much possible


(I left the bottle half inside her, and she started inserting that inside her while I positioned myself so that my penis could reach the maximum distance ) . I could only manage to get 25% of it to her access. without loosing a minute she took the Mushroom head in her mouth and started sucking it hard, i was breating heavily. she was biting it gently and licking the head throughly and at times was pulling my Penis towards her, it was hurting a bit but i didnt care much.


Me - I am about to cum


Rini - Pinch me before you do that


She kept sucking harder while i was touching her cheek and lips, and the climax did hit me. I sqeezed her Cheek.I had no idea what is she goin to do about the ejaculations. She immediately caught my penis,, took out of her mouth and jerked it while pointing it towards her boobs and opened her neck area of her top. To my amazment i sqarted all the sperms to her boobs and cleavage. I was so elated that i remember squarting some 5-6 sprays into her boobs. I was dizzy, saw her smile and lick the penis tip neatly before releasing it.


Rini - did you lik it sweetheart


Me - I loved it


Rini - Could you please spread the cum on my body before it shows up on my top.


I then zipped my trouser and inserted my hand inside her top.Reached the boobs to find the ejaculations all over her boobs,, i gently did spread the cum on to her boobs and belly. The i put my hand inside her skirt again to find the bottle still inside her,I gave it a few hard pushes inside her till she cummed. Then I removed it from there and put it insde the bag again.I was now so relaxed.


Me - Many thanks my sweety


Rini - Thank me later, kisses and good night.


(p.s - please like or comment if you liked the story, thanks in advance)

Submitted: June 08, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Riyank. All rights reserved.

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