The Land of The Dead

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jake is not an ordinary teenager, he's not interested in things that most teens do, however he is oddly interested in...well, things you wouldn't expect from a teenage boy. Jake wonders if he will ever get answers to his questions, but when he does, he gets an answer he doesn't want to know.


~The Land of The Dead~


Once upon a time, not too long ago, a young boy named Jake was sitting on his bed, staring at the ceiling.

Now, Jake was not an ordinary teenager. He wasn't interested in video games, love, social media or any sports, but he was oddly interested in ghosts and stories behind how someone had died. He had always wondered how people just 'go away' when they die. Jakes mother always told him that they go to heaven, and he believed it, but he was certain that there was more than that. Like, what if the ghost or spirit had unfinished business or if they wanted to be around their family? It didn't make sense to him.

Jake had a tough birth, him and his mother had almost died. Ever since he was a baby, his heart was very weak which is why he has to be very careful for he could very easily have a heart attack. That is also one of the many reasons why he's not too keen on plying any sports.

Jake would wonder if there's a place where dead people roam around, perhaps something like 'The Land of The Dead'?

He sat and wondered until his mother called him down for dinner. Jake sat down at the dinner table and ate his food quietly. "Why the long face son?" asked his father. "I've just been thinking about things a lot lately and I just can't seem to put the pieces together." replied Jake. His mother immediately stood up and shouted "It better not be about that stupid 'land of the dead' theory! It's all rubbish, there's no such thing as ghosts!" Jake stormed out of the kitchen saying "You don't understand anything mom!''

As Jake locked himself in his room, his parents started to worry. ''He can't get so angry! It's not safe!" said his mother. ''Yes, I know, I hope he'll be ok'' said his father worried. ''He can't stop thinking of that stuff, he's not a child anymore'' his mother said. ''I agree, he should start interacting with other kids and maybe even get a girlfriend'' said his father.

Jake heard absolutely everything they said and got extremely angry, his heart started pounding slower and slower. He switched off his lights and went to sleep.

A few hours past and Jake was sound asleep until suddenly he heard a loud noise. He woke up and tried to switch on the lights, but it wouldn't work. He tried to unlock his door, but it was stuck. Jake eventually found a torch and switched it on. He scanned the room and had the fright of his life when he saw a girl standing in the corner of the room. ''Don't be afraid'' she said with a sweet, soft voice. ''I am your guardian angel, I know you have been wondering about 'The Land of The Dead', well it's real and tonight I'm going to take you there.''

''WHAT?!'' shouted Jake. ''But I just made that up! I-it w-was just a th-theory.'' he said while stuttering. ''I know Jake, but it's real, and you deserve to see it.''

Jake listened to the angel and watched as she opened a portal by his door. ''Come.'' she said. ''We don't have much time.'' Jake followed her into the portal.

~''It wasn't a long walk, only about 5 minutes, but it felt like forever. It felt like my whole life was replaying''~

As they were walking, Jake admired the angel, he thought she was gorgeous. She had dark hazel eyes, long golden hair and the most beautiful smile. ''How old are you?'' asked Jake. ''I'm not sure, angels don't have an age.'' replied the angel. ''Oh, ok. What's your name then?'' he asked. Again, the angel replied ''Guardian Angel, I guess, I don't have a name.'' Jake was amazed by this. An angel with no age or name? Who would have thought.?


After the walk, they reached the gates of 'The Land of The Dead'. Jake followed the angel inside and was astonished. There were cloudy floors, crystal ceilings, golden walls, anything you could ever imagine. ''What do you think?'' asked the angel. ''It's amazing!'' said Jake. ''You  know, this is exactly how my mother would describe heaven.'' explained Jake.

''Oh Jake, you have no idea do you?'' said the angel sadly. ''What do you mean?'' asked Jake confused. ''This is heaven, heaven is 'The Land of The Dead'. All the good spirits are here.'' she said. Jake was still a little confused. ''If this is heaven, why am I here? Why did you want to show me it?'' he asked. ''Well, Jake you were so angry last night...'' she said hesitating. ''So? That doesn't answer my question.'' he said angrily. ''Jake, you know your heart is weak, and you shouldn't get so angry. Last night you were so angry at your parents, you had a heart attack in your sleep, and nothing could be done. I brought you here, to heaven, to The Land of The Dead, so you can be happy and rest in peace.'' the angel said sadly. ''What? No, this can't be, I am not dead! STOP LYING TO ME!'' he cried. '' I am sorry Jake but nothing could be done, don't worry everything will be ok'' she said calmly. Jake couldn't believe what he was hearing, he didn't want too.

He could not do anything but stay silent. ''Jake?'' said the angel. "What?'' said Jake sadly. ''You do know everything happens for a reason, right?'' she asked. Jake said nothing. ''It will all turn out in the end, and no Jake this is not the end, there's still a whole journey ahead waiting for you'' she said smiling. Jake smiled back

There was nothing he could do, he had to except it. So Jake listened to the angels words and his journey to come was absolutely amazing...but that is a story for another day

~The End.~

Submitted: June 08, 2021

© Copyright 2021 alien47.100. All rights reserved.

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