Rini Madam's Report

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

I helped Rini Madam with her Report,, and She helped me in rediscovering myself !

?I was hurrying for office, it was our Retail Ceremony day. I was late and I had to be there,it was something I was really looking forward to. And was dressed at my best, obviously. I was a Lil nervous and exited, but was in control of the situation.I was not there for a special time, but for a special person. :) 
I parked my car and reached the hall, wiped my face before I got there, filled my lungs a couple of times and entered the space. The light, sound, decoration was perfect, ppl placing themselves for the ceremony. But something was missing, or someone! Yes, my eyes were frantically looking out for Rini Madam - My Boss,but couldn't trace her. Many a questions ran thru my mind if she is Goin to make it to the event or is stuck in traffic or got sick...... 
Just then the emulsifing elegance appeared in the distance. Her uniqueness was enough for me to guess it was her. She carries her own atmosphere with her which makes the place better with just her presence. Her Beauty,Grace and intelligence - all rightly poised.She is a MBA jst like me.  With her each step towards the dias, I was recounting her ideas which has changed many of our organizational verticals towards Good. 
As she was walking nearer to my clear vision, I could see her classy looks being amplified in her saree(which she seldom drapes). Her saree had very nicely hug her proportionate figure - a figure to kill for. She is very voluptuous and as curvy as one could get to pull the Sexy meter to the highest. Her upper body features right from her lovely hair, to her bright n glittery eyes, to her sharp nose on to her Super rosy lips. Although your eyes won't hesitate to drop down to her massive Melons(I'm not sure abt her size, but they super size her hotness. With her belly and her wide yet cute hips. 
I was shaken by herself when she shook my hand.. Saying a sweet hello. I smiled back and till the time she explained why she got a Lil delayed.. My eyes explored her saree and her half covered blouse while I complimented her on her looks. She thanked but I guess she noticed me looking at her huge assets. But it was a close escape for me. I smiled to self. 
The ceremony started well, Rini madam was the host and hosted perfectly. I got busy with my presentation and the post presentation ceremony - the Party! As I had to see that the party is organized matching to the Ceremony, I had left no stone unturned, there was Dance, Music and Booze. Suddenly I got a call from a contractor regarding an order and had to get out of office to Carter the same. I was driving back to office wen I got a msg from Rini madam - Hey where are you? Come soon.. We are waiting for you.. My exitmemt was spell bound and I accelerated. 
I reached the auditorium to find the party in full swing, with music loud and a grooving crowd. 
Rini came out from the crowd and pulled me in for a dance with our team. All were drunk and spoiled. I quickly gulped a few drinks and was soon in sync with the prevailing mood. Rini madam mst hv had a few drinks already, as she was dominating the dance floor. Though she was in her saree, she was quite sure stepped.
The more I danced, the more commanding was the alcohol on me. My focus was reduced to Rini only. Her grace, her smile, her eyes, her shape... She was looking super hot and was triggering me heat up. The urge to touch her got so out of control that I pretented to tell her something, and as the music was too loud she came closer to hear and I touched her back and got closer to her. The touch acted like a snowball. I took her by surprise, cough her hips and danced around her, she smiled and added to the charm.Her blossoms her in my clear view..as her pallu was almost unpinned and she didn't care. I loved the sight of her melons bounce to the beats,, and I felt she knew it and allowed me to explore her cleavage. There was one step when I was behind her and her butt constantly touched my pocking penis. Our bodies rubbed with each other and we were quite careless to the crowd.
It was around 5 in the evening that we danced out of the party. It was a warm hug frm Rini jee which indicated the conclusion of the party. She said bye and smiled while walking away. I wished her to stay longer but it was not in my control. I wrapped up the equipments, paid off the party bills and headed for the car. It was a long day, it was a busy day, it was a great day and I was still wanted more of it, hence thought to see a friend over drinks. As soon as I had the ignition of the car, I remembered to collect my home keys which I left my work desk.. Shit.
I locked the car, and ran to quickly collect my keys and to go home. While picking up my keys, I saw the store room door open - as it's a restricted area only authorized personnel are allowed to go in that room and I turned suspicious/concerned, hence walked to check the status.
As I opened the door, I was sweetly surprised to see Rini madam on the ladder looking for something on the racks. I tip toed towards her with the intention to give her a friendly scare while I positioned myself behind her. Before I could  "Boo" her I couldn't resist to give a close glance to her curvy body. Now that she is on a ladder, and was bending forward on the rack, her butt was quite evident in her saree. Before the rage could pan out to any action I got back to bussiness and touched her back while calling out Hey-You! She screamed out loud and turned towards me to find me laughing eccentricly. Her shock soon turned to a lengthy laugh.
I asked her what she was doing in the store room so late on a Friday evening to which she convincing told me about the inventory repost that she has to send out on Monday and was looking for data so that she could work through the same during the weekend. I gun barreled my analytic mind and got in collecting the relevant documents for her. We managed to get most of the documents except the Header memo. Although during the time she never refrained her Delft from praising me for the party arrangement or the current assistance on her reports. To which I reminded her that we still have some drinks left I  our office regrigrator and if she wouylike to have a quick drinks party. I ran through the empty office and got a vodka bottle, couple of cool glasses and some snacks to the store room.
By the time we started drinking, I suggested Rini madam to look for a soft copy of the Memo in the computer server to which she instantly agreed and started surfing the computer in the store room. But I could visibly observe her failure in locating any such file while she called me in to assist her over the same. I was guiding her over a few paths while standing besides her when my eyes found myself in a sweet position to enjoy her cleavage over her shoulders. Her red blouse was trying hard to squeeze her ample blossoms but the buttons were well stretched out while doing so. I had an instant hard on looking at the milky display. Wish could touch the huge jugs.Her cleavage was like a Deep Valley in a mid night summer dream! I intentionally did bend to get hold of her hand over the mouse to guide her through the folders and my Hot rod was now poking her shoulder. I was feeling the tension, and I was sure she was not ignoring it.But the memo was no where to be found. 
Our drinks continued and it was around 7:00 in the evening, it was getting late for her - I had all the time for her in the world. I lastly suggested her to try the archives of last year in the Racks and it jst clicked something in her mind and she instantly got up and headed the ladder and climbed on it, and Slipped...
In a fraction I managed to get hold of her and the ladder but could only managed to get hold of the ladder and her saree! 
She fell on the floor with half her saree. Luckily she landed on her butt. I was there holding her saree in my hand... Looking at her boobs bounce and settle back in her blouse, her bare tummy was looking super sexy.. The hot elegance blocked my mind for a moment to come and see that she is alright after the fall, until she called out my name and said in agony, - what are you looking at, come here and help me please ! With an apologetic pretense, I handed over the saree pall which was still in my possession. She took it, said 'thank you' and covered her blossoms, but not entirely, maybe coz she was worried more over her pain than her modesty.
I tried to make her stand, but she was definitely hurt at the back and was not able to stand. Hence I asked her where the pain is exactly, she hesitantly said - my back. I told her to be in tht position and it's due to the impact and it my take  few minutes before subsiding and creased her forehead, she smiled and out of no where - I kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes and released a faint aah while parting her lips. I was overpowerd by perilous emotion and I didn't stop the kissing spree there! I kissed her cheeks and then her lips. By this time her hands were holding the back of my head and we both migrated to a transmode. The kiss turned to smooch and then to lusty sucks of each other's lips and tounge.
Passion was the driving force and I had taken the back seat. My hands were now exploring her blouse and my thighs were resting on her thighs. With time, my kisses were getting stronger and so was the squeeze on her breasts. Then I noticed she taking her left hand from my back and  unhooking her blouse. It was done very quickly and to a mesmerizing view of her amazing Red wired bra. Her boobs were sitting beautifully in them while giving ample view of the breasts. I started licking the exposed part of the blossoms while vigorously squeezing the other boob. She understood the urge of the moment - both ways and raised her thorax  and unhooked the bra, and opened both the blouse and the bra.Now she was lying topless in front of me. With her huge melons staring at me with her luring brown nips standing as my rod.
She took my head and buried in her valley, I sucked her nips hard. Bit them playfully and liked them through the length of my tounge. I was alternately squeezing her boobs while my mouth was engaged with the alternate bun. She was moaning with each squeeze, with each bite with each lick and each suck. While we both were engulfed in the pleasures at the offering, she was looking for more. While she was holding the back of my head in one hand over her breasts, her other hand was loosening her saree knot at her belly. After loosening her saree, she then pulled her string of her petticoat. I was still busy with biting her breasts when we both heard footsteps from outside.
In no time we stood up.. Her saree and petticoat fell to her feet, although she didn't care much and we moved quickly to the back of the rack gathering her garments. The office security boy opened the door of the store room and looked inside casually and then closed the door.
 When Rini madam turned towards me, I was looking at her, she was only in her red thong. Her huge boobs had no sign of sag and were as round as the moon with a brown spot. Her belly was toned and below that was her womanhood, covered with her thong. By this time she had got back to her confident self, with her hands resting on her waist she was looking straight to me eyes and asked with her bossy voice - Did you like what you see? 
(I was obviously very nervous - when was standing before my Boss who was almost Naked.) I replied - You are very hot Madam, I could have never imagined to see an angle as you.
Rini - Are you exited? 
Me - Yes
Rini - Show me
I was so nervous, couldn't determine over my actions for the next couple of seconds. Probably she understood the situation and got to my shirt and unbuttoned it while I was struggling to remove my belt and then jeans. I was burning in desire, but the nakedness was chilling my spine. Rini Madam was scanning my average athlete body bit by bit and until her eyes stopped at my underwear. My raging bull was on fire hence throwing a tent effect towards the front. Rini Madam approached towards me and touched the Rod on the underwear - it was a cascading effect and it felt like all the blood being pumped my racing heart was filling Penis.. My underwear was about to explode. 
With no warning, Rini Madam pulled down my ud in a ziffy. My meat rod sprung up straight, looking at her preying eyes. It was at his best standing tall at around 8inches with a thickness of 2inches.She looked mesmerized and hyptonised by the pulsating rod. She gripped the shaft and was looking so closely at it that I could feel her heavy breath on my tip. She was visibly dumbstruck. She then pumped it a couple of times to make the foreskin slip down revealing my Pink mushroom head. I heard a moan from her lips - 'aahhh'. Then she got her tounge out of her mouth and licked my tip to the length. It was soul shattering.. Her warm tounge did wonders to my body. She stood up, still holding  my thing and said -
Rini - you have a huge one.. It quite long and thick.
I didn't know how to react, but she was not expecting me to answer. She then walked out from behind the rack and towards the table while pulling me by my penis. I walked behind her looking at her round butt wiggle from one side to the other. She stood at the table and asked me - Do you want to see more? I nodded.
She turned around, with her butt towards me, she slipped her thong down. And slowly turned towards me. Her womanhood was displayed before me. Her mound, cleanly shaved was looking like a rare budding flower. My subconscious self uttered - OMG you are a sex goddes!! And I couldn't stop myself storming into her and started smooching her and vigorously squeezing her boobs and made her sit on the table while I was still kissing her.

She was holding my shaft again, which was pulsating like a tuning fork. Then she pulled me closer and I felt as she was rubbing my Penis top on her Vagina. She had her face looking to the ceiling now giving me full access to her boobs.. Which I was eating up. All of a sudden she grabbed my butt, pointed my shaft at her Vagina and pulled me in. I felt my penis traveling through warm butter. She made out a faint noise... As almost half of the thing was inside her and I wanted more. 

I grabbed her but and pushed in..she screamed louder.i pumped her like there is no tomorrow, she kept on making noise but i wasnt in a position to listen,, She had wrapped her legs behind me and was equally reciprocating by pulling me towards her...we both had our faces towards the ceiling ,, with closed eyes,, feeling the sex underneath.It was heavenly as we both cummed at the same time..she held me tight yet said - ur cum was very warm inside me...but u shouldnt have done that and smiled ..
then she pushed me,,told me - I will get the memo myself,,you.... Get out !
I quickly wore my clothes and walked out with a light heart.. still couldnt believe what had happned..as it was one of those bang bangs which one gets once a lifetime...
Rini madam is a sweet lady ...for Sure. 
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Submitted: June 08, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Riyank. All rights reserved.

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