The Mid-Day Dinner

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

I went for a Hot Lunch, finished by the Dinner time...

It was a Tuesday and this guy was getting his file setup, just before his interview, while he sat on the company couch, waiting for his turn. With each time the door cabin door opened, he looked up to inquiringly if his chance had come. But this time, the door opened and he was awe struck - there came out an elegantly charming lady, with his mouth open, mesmerized eyes, he looked in while she was on a call, talking with a dimpled smile. Her lips were red, just like her nails. Her face was glowing as she spoke. She was in her yellow kurti, which was hugging her curvy body in like a paint. she turned to look outside the window while she continued her call, this did put him at the vantage point to see her from a bilateral angle. Her assets were so alluringly outwards, her boobs were so perky and were pointing straight at the Glass window, her hips were so firm and heavily built, that her butt was keeping up with the sexually of the whole setup, he was sure - she could "sexually excite anyone".

Suddenly she turned towards him, and he had to adjust his angle of the eyes away from the Devine beauty and pretend as if he was very much interested with the office furniture. She came staring towards him and asked - are u still waiting for ur interview? Her husky sexy voice felt so Good to the ears, he couldn't say much but just nodded. She was still in the call and he could get a few words that she spoke on call - you should give me time before you decide, I have interviews to take. He assumed it was his turn and he was gathering his courage to face her one O One, just when the office boy called  in.

When he stood up, he realized, he was already erect. If left him with a tingly feeling, and had never felt that way while he was about to get interviewed. It was a juncture of mixed feelings, but he composed himself and knocked the door, Madam, can I come in? And then.... he got the shock of his life.... A male voice replied, it's Sir today... Come In.

Rini, had got a call from her husband, who was free for the day and wanted to make to most of it.. And what other way he could do it without Rini. Hence, Rini had to arrange the preliminary interview via another colleague and rushed home. While she drove home, there was one thing ringing in her head -. MY husband gets super horny during midday and I will have to tell him to give me a Lil hint in the morning or prior night so that I can prepare myself well..

She reached her apartment in a few mins, hurriedly walked the stairs.. Rang the bell.. And Mr.kapoor was at the door. She started off as he welcomed her in  - why don't you give me ample time to manage my stuff, I am the HR and I am responsible to handle all the employees and I myself had to make hasty/unplanned arrangements myself? And she walked on in the living room, spilling her words, removing her shoes, placing the scooty keys at its hooks, getting off with the office bag and spoke abt her new bra, it's when Raj quickly intervened and reveled the surprise element  - that was Me, who was already sitting on the living room couch. Well, I am the co-author of the story and a stern admirer of the heroine of the story - Rini.the sexiest girl I know. (authors comments - I still don't knw a lot of things abt you, u remind me, I shall ask u as questions).

Rini was dumb struck, she never expected me there, she never expected me at her apartment , atleast when her husband is In. i was abroad and it was a surprise for her that I was in India, in her own state, in her town and her home. But as I knew Rini - the best HR/MBA, she never let this shock alter her reaction .. And greeted me as it was Non-anomalous. Talked me as she liked me being there, but I know she was unhappy on me why didn't I tell her about it, but Lil did she Know that her husband met me at the petrol pump and invited straight to her home...  I was awestruck by her, she looked so pretty, so beautiful and elegant. I couldn't react much eternally, as all that was happening was inside me. My heart was affected the most. It was pumping full throttle. 

She could have had taken my presences otherwise... But, Rini is a sweetheart and she understands situations like no other would, she excused herself saying - I will be rit back, this office outfit suffocates me. Her husband gave her a cunning look, to which she winked and vanished in her bedroom, closing the door from behind. I was still looking at the door when Raj raised our 2nd peg. I knew him before he got married to Rini.. And that's what we had been discussing throughout. Her husband is a nice guy,very funny and witty. We had almost discussed about everything that modern IT employees/businessmen could conceive.

With a Lil noise, the heroine of the story made her re-entry in the story. It was a midi skirt, and a pink top in which Rini came in out of her bedroom, after her change, I guess she had face washed, as her lipstick was missing.she smiled to me as a friend of her husband, and came in to sit rit besides him with her arms over his shoulders - gave a kiss to him, and asked if he had all his work done for the day. I was mesmerized by the depth of her presence, her caring and the way a perfect wife shud be. And that's y I get aspired so much and  I love her so much. Then she turned to me and asked the basic questions - what are you doing here? In gentle terms : you were abroad, and how did you meet Raj and etc.. Raj explained everything... I just concentrated on her, on her lips, she was Plump Red!

She then sat beside Raj, and got her glass filled. And started chattering onto our subjects. She was equally witty and handled both male conversations with ease. We were totally indulged in her and the glasses emptied and got filled and then emptied spontaneously. As the pegs rose, so did our spirits , we got more louder and funnier. Raj teased Rini in almost all occasions although she always had a sarcastic answer .He was talking about the glow of his wife, and i agreed, to which rini showed concern abt her weight after pregnancy but raj sportingly squeezed her shoulders and said - there are good developments those happened after pregnancy. I knew what he meant , Rini also playfully punched him.The discussion on her figure didnt stop there, raj also spilled the beans on how he is enjoying holding rini from back, which we all knew what he meant .Rini was shy but was equally blushing. Rini took the driver’s seat when she also said that whatever the situation, she always had taken care of raj, all 30 days of the month. This sent shivers in me, although we all were laughing and raj took to smooch his wife, as an acknowledgement of the same. As a aftermath, i could see her nips becoming prominent on her tight pink top, she again caught me staring and inquired if i wanted more , i nodded as yes, a big yes.

By this time, our feet had met below the table and were creasing each other, it was fun. She had lowered her top at the neck, but still i couldn’t see her cleavage, her top was too tight. But she had placed her bosoms very nicely on the table - which i liked. Raj was visible getting excited, as that was the reason he had called Rini durng the day.and i realized it quite late that rini's hand was on his crouch and doing things away from my visible spectrum. I excused myself for a washroom break, and i walked as i knew where the washroom is.i locked the door behind and released my Rod out for some fresh air, it was Big, hard and was suffocating inside my pants. Just then i noticed a couple of Rini's lingerie drying in the washroom. There was a Blue thong and a couple of Bras’ quickly sniffed her thong, there was a distinctive fragrance, while i took the maroon bra and wrapped it around my shaft, it felt so good.I quickly placed them on the rope and came out .As ai walked down the aisle, i could hear faint moans until i came to the living room and discovered they were in their bedroom.

I sat down and had my drinks on the tune of frequent moans and grunts by wasn’t until 15 mins they came out of the room.Rini was partly ravished, hair open now, her face red and a grin on her face. Raj said they had a family phone call to attend, I replied of course! . raj was very much drunk and wasn’t keeping his walk right, but filled up another drink. The party continued.

I was six pegs down, and was in charms of her, as she explained her philosophy on day to day life, but still... I was so attentive to her... She had her way of things and she was in control of both of us. Her hubby by this time was leaning on her and was brushing his cheek on her. She was equally responding and was so her talk on the subject. Just then her husband rose to follow the washroom trail, and I got myself a little window for myself with my sweetie. 

As he locked the washroom door behind him and operated the tap water, Rini looked towards me with her big bulgy eyes for explanations, I explain in a jiffy. She understood and quickly hugged me, as if this is the last time we were hugging each other - matter of fact, it was the 1st time we hugged each other. Her aroma engulfed me and I clinched on to her for eternity. But it was short lived as the flush noise came in. I released her, but signaled her for a kiss - she instantly acknowledged by a peck on my lips, I was intoxicated. 

The washroom door opened and he walked in while Rini, had made her way to kitchen to pretend as she was preparing to get the dinner ready. Rini, announced that she is hungry, and wants to get some food, I walked in her kitchen to assist her over the same. While I walked in, I saw her lovely midi skirt swaying as she moved across the platform arranging stuff. Her hips were hypnotizing and I drew towards her, grabbing her butt. She turned and calmly said to check on her hubby, I looked back and gripped her blossoms, and felt her body brush with me. She pushed her butt on me as a signal to move away, I made her turn towards me and gave a kiss on her lips, those were tasty! She smiled and walked out of the kitchen with the tray, while I followed with the juice. 

while we got back to the table, it was a surprise that raj had dozed off on the table. Rini tried to wake him up, but he was in deep sleep.Rini asked my help if we could carry him to the bedroom, i complied. I held him on his thorax and rini held his legs, we placed him on the bed and closed the door behind. As we walked back to the table, i grabbed her butt to whcih she shushed me, and signaled me to take a seat. she was sitting rit in front of me but we were talking on signals. She was suggesting me to eat, but i had something else in mind.I quickly went below the table, pulled her chair in raised her skirt and put my head inside it.I pulled her panty and she lifted her butt to give way. I removed her panty, held her thighs with both hands, parted them and made my way in. i first licked her inner thighs and then went straight for the prize.

I started with a kiss on it and then parted them by my tongue. put my tongue inside and licked vigorously. She kept quiet but held my head firm and was opening up her legs even more, letting me into her.I utilized this my rolling my tongue inside her while i bit her outer walls. I could ascertain that her small and that on the blue thong were identical. Just then she clinched her legs and orgasmed. I quickly drew back and came back to my seat to find her eyes closed, one hand squeezing her boob and experiencing her climax. She opened her eyes and held to my hand on the table. I asked her if she liked it, she said - obviously, i smiled. Then we had dinner , holding hands. While we were having the food, I requested her to see what she is In, she quickly raised her top and I was dumbstruck by her new Black Bra, her white globes were struggling to be inside it. I told her to leave it like that, as I was having my food with dessert. 

We finished the dinner, I helped her in placing the plates inside the dishwasher, and it was time for me to leave. She got me my car keys and we headed to the door. It was a short distance, but a long walk to make. I had never dreamed of meeting her after so long time, but the things unfolded in such a way that it was now difficult to go away again, and we never know if we can meet again. As I approached the door, I turned and hugged her, she felt so warm as she further held me tight. We could literally hear our heartbeats, in sync. It was for minutes, but felt as if were hours. She then raised her face towards me, I held her dimpled cheeks and looked at her eyes, deep into her eyes,she kissed me on my cheeks, I also kissed her, but on her lips. She tasted sweeter than ever. The kiss turned in to a smooch and we were eating away each other's lips. I broke the kiss, said her bye and walked out. It was a terrible feeling, but I had a lot of good memories to cherish. 

It was raining heavily, In the parking lot asI got in my car and prepared to start the ignition, heard a knock on my wind shield and it was Rini. I opened the door and she was there with her perfume, which I had always wanted to have with me, just incase I wanted to smell her. I took that and pulled her in the car. We again kissed each other and I lowered the car seat. She was on me and I was holding her hips, while I kissed her neck. She was steaming hot. I placed one hand on her right breast and on her left butt cheek and gentle squeezed them. She had her hands on my t-shirt and opened it and started kissing my nips, it was a new thing for me. Both her legs were besides the seat, her skirt was up till her thighs and I could see her brown panty. Her v was rightly placed on my P and I'm sure she must have been feeling my excitement. 

I inserted my hand inside her top and touched her nips on her bra, she let out a loud moan and I knew she liked when her nips are treated right. Hence I raised her top and opened it. She sat straight up and gave me a full view of her bra and started to grind her V on my P. I u clasped her bra and approached towards the meat balls. Squeezed one and sucked one. She had started working on my pants and got the rod out and rubbed it on her V. Her loud noises were confined inside the car, but inside the car, the loudness had steadily increased. And just then she placed herself on the p and pushed in. It was painful for both.. As both were having sex without a condom. But she managed to push me further inside her until out public area skin touched each other. By now, she was squeezing on of her boobs and feeding me with her milk. I was happily sucking them while pushing inside her. 

She suddenly stopped and told me, she would like to keep her promise. I couldn't understand much until she my P out of her V and slipped kneeling below the seat. She took a tissue, cleaned my P and asked if my penis opens easily, to which I said no. She then came closer to my P and locked the tip in order to lubricate it and slowly pulled the skin. It was painful but her hot lips were doing the wonders. She managed to open the p head and sucked it like a lollipop. I was in ecstacy. She showy sucked in my penis inside her mouth while rolling her tounge. Her fingers were playing with my balls and checking the remaining penis outside her mouth. She took a deep breath and sucked in the whole penis inside her mouth, there couldn't be a more erotic feeling than that and I informed her I am going to cum. 

She did bit the root of my penis hard to make her teeth marks on that and slipped out the rod. Then she rubbed it a few times with her fingers for the ejaculation to happen, she closed her eyes and sprayed spur after spur of spears on her face, lips and boobs. Then she brushed my penis top on her cheeks and placed it on her cleavage for a brief moment. I had drained out and she was beaming with lust. I pulled her up and smooches her again. She knew it was time. She wore her bra and top, gave another peck on my cheek, told me to. Come again and walked away. 

It was hell of a party and After party as well! 


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Submitted: June 08, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Riyank. All rights reserved.

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