Rose is Triggered

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

The therapist is tripping.

“Is this triggering something in you?" Rose squints her eyes, concentrating on me. Thick mascara does not hide the force of her gaze.

It is midnight. Our gaggle has dwindled, but eight of us are still in the sitting room. Rose, the new girl, had just been telling us about the women at Oxfordshire Christian Singles. She said one woman confronted her about her sexy clothes. Another gossiped about her.

"I have been harassed," Rose said. "And I don't even talk to the women!”

I had noticed. She turned her back when Cordelia had tried to talk with her. “I just sing,” Rose continued, innocently. “And hang out with the leadership." The leadership at OCS consists of the most eligible bachelors of the group.

“The women I've met at OCS have been really nice," I had said.

It was upon this statement that Rose raised her piercing question: “Is this triggering something in you?"

Wrinkling my forehead, I try to analyze myself. She watches me closely. It is onerous to relax under her heavy gaze. Closing my eyes, I ponder her query. Is this triggering something in me? Nothing comes to mind.

"I don't think so," I say after a minute.

Rose looks skeptical. Benedict says he has to go and Donald stands up. I get up from the sofa to hug them goodbye, then plop back into the settee, next to Edward. There is light goodbye chatter. I am resting my head in the crook of Edward’s arm, feeling sleepy.

"I’m disturbed by what you said earlier." Rose's sharp voice awakens me. I look up and see that her gaze is fixed on me. "Your face changed,” she says, suspiciously. “I'm a professional clinician. I can read you."

I straighten up in my settee. I have not the faintest inkling of what she is talking about.

"Why, when I tell you I'm being harassed...” Her tone sounds accusatory. “...would you say THE WOMEN ARE ALL NICE!” With the word “all” she jerks her hand violently and rolls her eyes upward.

I didn’t say “all.”

Fixing her décolletage, which went noxiously out of place, Rose resumes an authoritative posture. Staring at me, she narrows her eyes.

I look straight back at her. Heavily framed with smoky makeup, her eyes are clouded with dubiety. 

Submitted: June 08, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Netalie. All rights reserved.

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Hey, that was a lovely little observation piece. You paint a great picture of Rose and her inner life with just those details in this viginette. You are great on character detail. Thanks for sharing this and i'm looking forward to reading sone of your other pieces. Are they all little short ones like this?

Sat, June 12th, 2021 1:03pm

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