True tales

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These are all short stories about me, about all the funny accidents I had. They are all absolutely true even if they do not sound very believable.

We are all accident prone when we are growing up, some more than others.
Me? Having accidents has always been a hobby of mine, I can not remember all the details, like the year and how old I was when these accidents occurred but they are all true to my word.
So, please continue reading and I hope you all enjoy and have a good laugh even if it is at my expense.
Also, I would really appreciate some feedback, preferably good, just so I know what you think. Please sit back and enjoy.

Chapter One
Garden Play
Picture the scene, a back garden, sun shining bright blue in the sky, not a cloud in sight. A small child’s swing is set up and a tiny paddling pool has been filled with water. A tiny tot approximately 2 years old is sitting on the swing happily singing away, her pet dog is fast asleep not too far away.
The sweet young girl is having so much fun that she starts to really relax, the swaying of the swing lulling her into a little sleep. Suddenly, the girl’s head falls forward, body following and landing face first into the middle of the paddling pool, the dog leaps up and runs for cover, the young girl is splashing around screaming whilst her Dad is rushing to save her from the foot deep water.
Eventually the young girl stops crying and smiles at her Dad, she soon takes her place back on the swing,  she holds on really tight so as not to fall again,  the faithful dog reclaims his place and falls into a comfortable sleep. Five minutes pass, the girl is swinging happily, she falls asleep and yes, you can guess the next part, she casually falls back off the swing and straight into the padding pool.
Dad, just like superman, runs to the rescue laughing so hard to save the young idiot that did not learn the first time. The dog, just as silly as the girl up and left to hide somewhere after getting a second soaking, the girl soon decided that maybe swinging was not her lucky toy and chose to go and play with something else. 


Chapter Two

Basket Case

Okay, this time I was about 8 or 9 years old, I was at Junior School and it was the end of the day, time to go home.As soon as the teacher said we could leave, we all jumped out of our seats and rushed out of the door.

I was quarter of the way home, running as fast as my legs could carry me, on the grass so that i did not run into anyone, when i was stopped rudely by a homeless shopping basket that had been carelessly discarded on the grass, it was just lying there waiting to attack a poor children running home for their dinner. My foot caught onto the basket, the rest of me flew over the basket, landing on the grass, rolling over a couple of times then came to a stop, splattered on the grass moaning about my ankle hurting. If i had been a little quicker to get up and limp off home then the next part of this story would never have happened and I would not have an embarrassing tale to tell.

Out of nowhere, two elderly women walked over to me, bent down and asked if I was okay, I could not help but grimace a little when I answered them, but, that was enough for them to decided I needed help. They asked where I lived and, like an idiot I told them. Have you ever seen the Roses advert where the elderly lady lifts and moves a car? Yeah well that was what it looked like when these two lovely and very elderly women picked me up by my arms and legs and proceeded to slowly, very slowly, carry me all the way home. When we arrived, they knocked on my front door and when my Mother opened it up her face was a pure picture of shock, confusion and very much humour. 

To this very day, I remember it very clearly, like it plays over and over again, like a broken record in my mind, I wish that I could say, that, because of that very embarrassing moment I started to be extra careful but sadly, I would be lying. 


Chapter Three

Road to Hell

In this chapter, I was about fourteen years old and once again myself and a few friends decided to go for a long ride on our bikes, we used to just ride for miles, until we all got tired or bored then we would make our way home again. We never had any particular destination in mind we just enjoyed being out on our bikes. It was getting later in the evening and we knew that it was time to call it a day and start to make our way back home as it was a good half an hour away. 

There is a very long road, which after I looked it up recently is, 1,287 metres long and it declines slightly, we always liked this road as we barely had to pedal so could save our legs until we had an uphill climb. We got to the top of the road and lined up to start our journey down, we knew that we had to be careful as it could sometimes get a busy with cars and buses. It was a slightly clouded day so I chose to wear a light jacket whereas my friends braved the elements and only wore t-shirts. We started heading down, I was in front, my jacket flapping in the breeze, we were all starting to pick up speed. The wind was flowing through my hair, I felt so alive, I was going faster and faster, my legs could not keep up with the pedals. 
Something was wrong, I could feel it, the pedals were going too fast, I was actually keeping up with a car that had appeared beside me a few seconds ago, my jacket seemed to be stuck to something. I looked beside me and then I saw it, my nightmare, my jacket had become caught on the car's wing mirror, the car was pulling me along, I had no idea what I  was suppose to do to get myself out of this. The bike begun to shake with the speed I was going, sneaking a glimpse to my right I saw the car and a passenger who was clueless to the extra passenger they had picked up. I tried to take my hand off the handle to bang on the window but each time I tried the bike would shake too much and I would have to try and control it, my heart was beating out of my chest. I knew that I had to do something, we were already half way down the road. My friends could no be seen, it was just me versus the car, I tried again. 

After a few attempts I managed to bang on the window but the passenger did not seem to hear me, I had to try again this time I banged the window harder and she finally turned to me, she looked at me, looked away then quickly looked again, I kept shouting help but nothing, I then shouted "window", finally she got the message. 
I told her in some weird broken English that my jacket was caught on her wing mirror, she looked and reached her arm out, we were now three quarters of the way down the road, time was running out. She managed to release me, the second she did the car seemed to zoom forward and leave me in their dust track, my legs slowed down, my feet managed to stay on the pedals and I sighed with absolute relief. I was safe, I lived to face another day. My friends finally caught up with me and I explained what had happened, 

It was going to take me a few years before I could laugh that this tale, from that day I always remembered to do my jacket up so no more flappy jackets for me. 

Submitted: June 08, 2021

© Copyright 2021 tigerclaws1. All rights reserved.

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