Basin of Cries

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Song Lyrics  |  House: Booksie Classic

REMIXES AND SONG CREATIONS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Lawsuits will be filed if you take my lyrics, so fucking try me :)

¨Welcome, Stranger! You must have Guts to Proceed to Read a Piece as fine as this! He-heh-hegeh! Thank you!¨ For reals, though: This was only made in about 10-15 minutes flat, so imagine what I´ll drop next just for the FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK of it!

A lot of times, I´ve seen the deficits of people
In their eyes; souls crying out against discrimination
So many others hated to walk where I´ve guided
Than *dick-rided* when I went quiet; blinded and eye-strained sights in
No long spirits of drank to drunk out your basins
Everyone hates to make the pages and forums
Basically, I remain the furthest thing from basic
You?e the ¨Nothing Was the Same¨ - Drake stated the latest
Perfection is what I see in these Momentous Occasions
These From Times bricking of Tuscon in Palo Verde 
A lot things chalk up to mental illness until that leather sheens
And everybody realizes that you?e mildly depressed cause you?e just a realist

It´s Their Basin of Cries that Drown
It? Their Basin of Cries that lack Sound
It´s Their Basin of Cries that Smell Grounds
It? Their Basin of Cries in a Kettle that? heated now

Turn back to the days where these Airplanes flew
Over Osborn Middle School, had Hayley in twos
Sports Med and Rehab turned to Rite of Passages
Greyhounds passed by Canyons; dropped an extra nine days out of a 90 Day Voluntary
State your fucking reason for treason, or get Acadamized
Because a lot of Soldiers at Attention need to look in a Nigga´s Eyes
To see his background instead of fronting for pussy
All I ever do is speak freely, expressing in a penitentary

This is Jayden Felipe Hill´s Basin of Cries
Writing this in Detention for PTSD that I´ve realized
Literally: I´m a Juvenile Level 1 in Yuma County who had been broken down and remixed all of my sounds
The DO3 got love from me because he knows how it is
Cortex is Crash and Bandicoot respects as a Sagittarius
And Numéx? A Taurus-Gemini who understands grand plans
Who got the juice at hand? Probably a Libra with MW2 Interventions: Let´s map out our Plans over Rust
Ashes crossed your asses, but this dust has never settled
TRUST and Believe Me, when I say RIP-Rest in Peace
Because I´m the one who got the Job Done
Karma Embodied: The Zodiac; The Zodiac Discoverer
All received by the Lord after I had my spine broken during a crackdown
Sexual Molestation, but ay, I forgave my parents and forgot the issues because they ain´t worth the stress

Beget my Basin of Cries, because you can´t realize why I ALYNNESSA with my Soul, Body, and Mind
I´ve been past a damn month sober off of Marijuana, why? Because I don´t owe you an explanation, whether Girls or Boys
I respect REAL People with excentuated opinions, and many of you discriminate against yourselves before my own truth;
THE TRUTH, a God-Given Opinion so when you feel that need to meet with the Devil:

Tell Satan I said: ¨Slim Shady and Jay´Kri Devine Williford sentcha´¨

This is all just Your Basin of Cries
Forgive and Forget, nah, you´re Holy Grailed in your Basin of Cries
Uncapitalized due to insignificance, Magna Carta these Kings of England with English
But they´re rather hold conspiracies over their societal, generalized; and Juvenil-ildish Basin of Cries

Follow me @theebonylight and @jay2u04 (Mains) on Instagram
Main Snapchat: ¨thatniggadeadaf¨ (ANWASFO (A Nigga With a Straight Fuckin´ Opinion starting after I´m released. Check my Bio for details on whatever activites you´re interested in, and Brief Little Funs bits about Me ;) )

(I? a Hood-Omaha Nebraskian Redbone Lightskin African-American Cancer += Leo - July 19, check my bio, again, for more info.)

(Associate, Lure, Yes, No, Never, Elope, Socialize, Sexuality, Astrology)

Submitted: June 08, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Jay´Kri Devine Williford. All rights reserved.

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