A Future

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Poem on how we treat woman and refuse to see comparisons to our own evil and the future of our children


Sacred Space
Would you defile the sacred space of another?
Take a flag from a veteran's grave..
Smash the stones of those ..
who gave their lives?
Burn a church because..
You disagreed with a religion?
Paint a swastika on a synagogue?
Burn a cross on a person of colors lawn?
Would you desecrate a sacred space?
I am a woman.
I Am a sacred space.
God lives in me.
Creates in me and through me.
My body is my temple..
God's sacred space.
Why do you feel..
You have the right..
To violate?
To desecrate?
To topple?
Smash and burn?
You must feel..
I am quite your inferior.
You think my rights to live pure..
To live in my own way..
Is it a joke. .
Because I have a vagina?
Yes the V word!
I have hips that sway..
So I can carry children..
Breast that nourish..
That give immunity to disease..
So you and your seed may flourish.
A heart like a lioness..
Who will defend and fight for your children?
And all the forgotten children..
Young and old?
Yet you rape and pillage my soul.
You know which woman are sacred..
And those are the most ripe for picking..
And smashing.
Throwing away..
Like refuse.
I let you into my sacred space..
My temple.
You thought I was just another monument to be destroyed..
A way to leave your mark in my history..
Like religions
Pharisees out to destroy innocence
Liken to the KKK?
Racist sexist hate
Like Hitler?
Cruel dictator..
Like criminals..
In the future..
will this be your legacy.
This is what you have done to..
Sacred woman..
To mother earth.
To your own heart.
Your sons rise up..
And blame you..
"Why was this acceptable as normal?"
What is mankind?
How is this love?
What is left that is sacred when woman no longer is?
That is the sacred space you leave your son's and daughters.
Is it too much to see the comparison?
A woman.
An alter.
Holy ground..
Sacred space..
Not your courtesan of grace.

Submitted: June 08, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ScorpoinPen69. All rights reserved.

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