"The Bell View Killer"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

short story



By Nick Reigns Creator of “The Paranormal Apocalypse”








*It was around 12 at night. Maddie had just gotten home off work. She works as a doctor for the local hospital. *Maddie pulls her car into the driveway and fumbles threw her purse for a moment until she finds the garage door opener. She hits the button and the garage door swings open. *Maddie parks her car into the garage. “Wow today was a long day chuck.

Maddie says as she enters the house door. Immediately Maddie gets a feeling that somethings off. Chuck’s car is in the garage and he gets home from work every day after 5.

 The lights in the entire house were turned off. Maddie slowly enters the hallway and calls out for chuck “Chuck? Are you home? Hello?” *Maddie walks over towards the kitchen and turns the light switch on and screams as she sees a message written in blood on the wall right near the kitchen table.




“Maddie screamed as she fell down to the ground. She got up after a few seconds and ran upstairs to her bedroom and turned the lights on and screamed as the body of Chuck her husband was strung up and tied to the ceiling.

Blood was dripping onto the bed. Chuck’s face was completely cut up and both eyes were missing. One eyeball was placed directly on top of Maddie’s pillow and the second eyeball was not accounted for.

Chuck’s clothes were also ripped up and torn. Chuck’s right hand had a big hole in it from perhaps a knife and was missing two figures. Maddie screamed again as she reached for her phone to call the police.

Suddenly the closet door swung open and out came a man in a black coat and had on a pair of jeans and a white t shirt. He smiled at me and said “I took chuck’s life just as I’m taking yours.” Maddie ran out of the room and ran down the steps towards the front door but it was locked. Horrified Maddie realized the front door wasn’t only locked but it had boards over the door as well, the killer had been in her house for a long time.

*The man slowly made his way down the steps and calmly made his way over towards Maddie. *Maddie screamed and took her shoe off and threw it at the man.* *the man caught the shoe and laughed.* *The man reached into his coat pocket and grabbed out a Kitchen knife and he smiled as he started to full force run at Maddie he threw the knife into her chest as she fell to the ground. He was draped over her Clenching the knife in his hands as he Laughed and proceeded to continue stabbing her.

Maddie had died shortly after. The man walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a few wash cloths from a drawer and tried to wash some blood off from his coat. He grabbed his hat of the counter and put it on as he walked over to the front door and unlocked the door with a key and ripped the board off with his bare hand. The board wasn’t very strong and it wasn’t screwed in tightly but Maddie was in too much of a panic to realize that.


2. Our story begins in a small town in Florida called “Bell view” But before I get into that there is something you should know it’s a fact that you will walk across 36 Murderers in your Lifetime and you don’t know who they are. Also in the United States alone anywhere from 25-50 Serial killers are out walking around right at this very moment… and unfortunately for Amanda she walked into one of the worst serial killers in Florida.

 This is the story of “THE BELL VIEW KILLER.”


3. It was Thursday July 5th 2021 at 3:45 pm two days after the murder. Jim walked back inside his house and shut the door behind him.

Family meeting. He said as Amanda and Grayson and their mom were all sitting down on the couch in the family room. “Now as you’re all aware there was a Murder in the house across the street. Maddie and Chuck. I just want to make sure you know about it so that you’re aware they didn’t find the killer yet and so being outside after dark is too dangerous for the time being. It’s all over the school. Manda says. They say Chuck was completely torn up and Maddie was stabbed almost fifty times. “Jesus.” Debbie said.

 Their mother. “Well that could be true I’m not sure all I know is Bell view are having a Curfew starting tomorrow. “I heard she was murdered with a chainsaw.” Grayson said. “Not true.” Amanda said. “It could be.” “It’s not though.” Amanda said back to her brother.

“Can we please talk about something pleasant? Debbie asked. “Will the School dance still be on Friday night? Amanda asked. “Billy is taking me and we made plans weeks ago. “You can still go to the dance. Debbie said. “No it’s dangerous.” Jim said. “Jim its Amanda’s last School dance she is going.”

 “Ok just promise me you’ll stay safe avoid people that aren’t your friends or work for the school.” “I promise.” Amanda said.


4. Later that night Amanda was eating dinner when she heard her phone ring and it was Billy. “Hey so my parents really pounded me on the importance of this recent murder that happened but were still set for the dance tomorrow night.

“Good yeah my dad warned me as well he doesn’t want me going either.” You know I know this is our last dance but is it really that important? I mean we could go somewhere else and have a good time for a few hours.

It’s just a suggestion.” Billy said. “You know I like that idea the dance isn’t that great we have been to dozens we should do something fun. I’m in.” Great Billy said. “How about I think of something and I’ll be in touch with you?” That sounds good. Amanda says. “I can’t wait to hang.” “Me too. Billy says as the couple hang up. *Several hours pass as a thunderstorm is now raging outside lightning is flashing the skies.

Tonya was alone in her apartment as she had gotten a text message “its Robert I’m in your driveway can I come up for a few minutes?” Tonya responded back “Yes.” *Tonya didn’t realize she was being played and she was about to be another victim of “The Bell View Killer” Tonya sprayed on one perfume and walked to the door she waited until she heard Robert knock. Robert was her boyfriend. Suddenly there was a loud pounding sound coming from the door. Witch was weird because Robert wouldn’t pound on the door he has a nice quiet knock witch Tonya is used too.

The only way he would knock hard is if he was in danger? Suddenly Tonya got nervous and worried and quickly opened the door up froze as on the other side of the opened door was Not Robert. In fact it was somebody she had no idea who it was.

 “Who are you? She asked. The man was wearing a black coat and had on jeans and a white t shirt.

 He stared at the girl. “Are you friends with Maddie and Chuck? The man asked. “Yes Maddie was my best friend. “Do you remember a Mason?” The man asked. “No why should I?” Tonya asked. “Yes.” The man said as he kicked Tonya in the leg. Tonya fell down “Ow” what is the meaning of this? Thunder roared as lightning flashed the skies. The man took out a metal pipe and slowly approached Tonya.

You made fun of me in High School made my life a living hell Now is my turn to have my vengeance. I killed Maddie and Chuck.” The man said. As more thunder roared and Tonya started to cry “Oh god you you’re the Bell View Killer?” *With that the Man took his metal pipe and struck it against Tonya’s head killing her. The man grabbed a wash cloth from her bathroom and washed the blood off the pipe. He walked over to the front door kicking Tonya’s body out of the way so that the front door could shut.

*The man slowly walked away.* *the next Morning Amanda had woken up for school as she got dressed and made sure her back pack was ready she walked over to her car and turned it on and left for school. Halfway to the School Amanda drove by a horrific scene as about five police cars were all parked near an apartment and An ambulance was there as well pulling a body on the gurney.

Amanda drove by slowly and got nervous as she continued to make her way to the School. *Today will be a day unlike any other today we will be locking the school Entrances to be protective Nobody is allowed to leave the School early until the murderer is caught.* The principal said over the loud speakers.

*Billy and Amanda looked at eachother.* “So I heard that a few people are getting together near the graveyard Tonight.” “That’s stupid.” Amanda said. “That’s what I said I definitely don’t want to go.”  Billy said lying. “I mean it doesn’t sound that bad. But it’s also our anniversary as well we’ve been together two years now Let’s go but by ourselves you know it’ll be more fun and spooky that way.” “Ok I like how you think.” Billy said kissing Amanda. “Save it for after school hours the teacher said.

 *Several hours later and me and Billy walked to the parking lot. “I will pick you up around 8.” Billy said. “Sounds good to me.” Amanda said hugging Billy. She got into her car and drove home. “Tonya was killed at her home. Jim says to Debbie. “That’s awful I liked Tonya we need to go to her calling hours.” “She was nice I can’t believe what is happening in our little city.” Jim said. I want a gun.

“No we don’t need a gun. Please don’t get a gun.” Debbie told Jim.” “Ok I promise I won’t get a gun.” Jim said.


5. Amanda put on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. “I’m leaving.” She called to her mother. “Ok have a fun time and stay safe.” Debbie said smiling.” “Amanda remember what is aid stay away from people other than your friends and the staff.” “I will.” “Why aren’t you wearing a dress? I mean I’m glad you’re not exposed but you’re going to a dance?” “It’s been a long few days I just want to be conferrable. Amanda said.

“Ok. Have fun.” As I heard knock on the door I walked over and opened the door to Billy. I hugged him and he said hello to my mom and dad and we were off. My dad would kill me if he knew I wasn’t going to the dance and instead to a graveyard. But I think Billy’s parents would feel the same way. “Are you ready for a fun filled evening?” Billy said as he smiled and pointed to the back seat. Amanda turned around and saw a Ouija board in the back seat. “Did you really bring a Ouija board with you? Amanda said laughing. What is this killer not enough excitement you want to conjure up a demon? “No but I figured what else could we do at a graveyard?” How about literally anything else.

 I’m sorry but I’m not conjuring up Zozo tonight. “Ok forget the board. I’m sorry.” Billy said as we continued to drive down towards the graveyard. Tom was walking his dog along the side of the road when he saw a black SUV pull up about fifty feet from him the SUV turned off and the driver was just staring at him from the car. Tom pulled his sleeves up to show off his muscles to this weird person.

As his dog growled. Suddenly the SUV Doors opened up and the man got out of the car and turned around and walked over to his trunk and grabbed a baseball bat. It was the same man who killed Maddie, Chuck and Tonya. Tom got bad feelings as he turned the dog around and started to walk away. The man started to walk faster as Tom started to run with his dog on the lease. The man started sprinting at Him. Tom ran across the street towards the graveyard.

As Me and Billy were driving I looked over and told Billy to look at the graveyard as he looked in time to see a man jump the fence with his dog. Suddenly I yelled watch out as Billy looked at the road and swerved the car just in time avoiding hitting a man in a black coat.

I got out of the car and said “Were very sorry are you ok?” to the man. “Yes” The man said as he continued to try to walk away. “Look I’m very sorry are you sure you’re not injured?” Billy said getting out of the car. “I’m fine leave me alone.” He said. “Look we just want to make sure.” Billy saw the bat.” “Whoa man what the bat is for?” “He’s getting away.” The man thought to himself. “Maybe we should leave him alone.” Amanda said to Billy.”

 “Yeah that’s a good idea.” Billy said as the two got inside the car. The man jumped over the fence and realized Tom had gotten away. “Those kids cost me. Tom could be on his way to the police by now. Now I am going to turn my attention from tom to those kids.




Billy and Amanda decided it wasn’t a great idea to go to the graveyard and decided they were going to go for a little joyride instead. A few minutes went by and Amanda saw a figure walking down the street.

 “No way is that the man who we almost hit?” “What no.” Billy said as he turned his head it did look like the man. Billy waited for him to get closer and opened his door. “Don’t. Billy please.” Amanda said. “Don’t worry I’ll be fine.” Billy said. As he stepped out of the car Amanda watched in horror for a few minutes everything was ok it looked as if Billy was speaking to the man. Billy suddenly went from being friendly and apologizing to absolute horror he screamed for me to lock the doors. As I saw the man grabbed the bat and one swift motion struck Billy in the head with the bat.

Billy went down. Amanda screamed. As the man approached the car and smashed the driver seat window and reached for the car keys in the ignition. Amanda grabbed the keys first as the man then unlocked the car door Amanda attempted to get out of the car but the man grabbed ahold of her leg. Preventing her from leaving.

He placed the bat at her head and said in a stern voice “Give me the keys.” *Amanda handed him the keys* Crying. “Is he dead?” “Should be.” The man said as he turned the car on and started to drive away as fast as he could. Amanda was horrified.

 “Now lady don’t even try and run away because if you do I won’t hesitate to kill you.” Amanda froze in fear.” “Who are you? She managed to choke out. “They call me The Bell View Killer.” He said. As they continued to drive.




“Are you going to kill me?” I asked half wishing I didn’t ask that.” “Not yet.” The man said. You are going to help me with something.

The man said. “With what? Amanda choked out. “That man who jumped the fence at the graveyard his name is tom. I was on the way to kill him you prevented it however. Now is the time you will pay up. “What do you mean?” Amanda asked scared. “You will kill Tom and in payment I won’t murder you.” The man said.

*Amanda swolled hard. “I can’t I have never hurt anybody.” “Well there is a first time for everything.” The man said as he stopped the car. Smiling. This is Tom’s house.

You will go up to the door and Kill him. And if you even try to run I swear to you I will kill both of you and even your family.” Amanda started to cry out in horror. The man handed Amanda a Hatchet.

This is the weapon. Now knock on the door and kill Tom. “What if he doesn’t answer I mean if someone else does? Then you make them get Tom.” The man said. Amanda gulps and slowly UN fastens her seat belt and opens the door and slowly makes her way over towards the brick house.

 She rings on the door bell and a small boy answers. “I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.” He said. “Can I speak with Tom please?” Amanda asked. A few moments passed and Tom opened the door. Amanda looked at the man and looked at tom.

 And all of a sudden Amanda yelled to tom that there was a man in the car who wanted him dead and she told him that the man threatened to kill me as well. “You bitch the man in the car yelled as he opened the door and ran at Tom and Amanda. Tom threw Amanda into the house as Tom jumped at the man and started to punch him. A few seconds went by and the man over powered tom and he went flying into the house from the window.

 He was cut up real bad from the glass. The man grabbed his bat and slammed it against Tom’s head several times making sure he was dead as he looked at Amanda and said to her “You’re screwed I am going to pay your family a little visit.

He took the bat and hit Amanda in the legs with it. Amanda fell to the ground the man kicked Amanda in the head knocking her out.




Amanda woke up next to the body of Tom. She jumped back as she heard the boy and his mother crying. Amanda ran out of the house and looked at her watch she was out for forty five minutes.

The man could have been at her house by now. Amanda called her dad but had no answer. Amanda tried her mom but no answer. Shit Amanda said as she started to run. What luck she saw a police car was parked at a doughnut shop nearby.

Amanda knocked on the window the window got rolled down and the officer said “Can I help you?” “Yes I’m in danger and my family as well. We’re being attacked by the bell view killer. “The officer said “Are you sure?” “Yes he kidnapped me I escaped he said he was going to hurt my family please can you help me?”

 “Get in.” The cop said as she got in and put her seat belt on and they flew down the road. Amanda gave directions to where she lived. As the two made their way closer to the house the officer called in back up and said he may have the bell view killer in site. More police would soon arrive.

 We got to my house and as I expected the car was there. I jumped out of the police car and ran to the house expecting the worst I opened the door and saw blood all over the walls written in blood was a message




I saw on the kitchen table one of my father’s Eyeball. I broke down in tears as the officer tried to confer me. Soon a few more officers came to the house and searched and one reported a message

 “COME TO THE SCHOOL IF YOU WANT MOM AND BROTHER TO REMAIN ALIVE.” Amanda had to get into the car with the police as they made their way down towards the school.




This was the longest ten minutes of my life as I made my way to the School. In the police car. We arrived at the School and saw right away on the building spray painted in graffiti “MOM SAYS BYE.” Amanda gulped. “Stay here as the officer locked the car and took his gun out and slowly made his way to the school.

 He opened the door and was now gone. Seconds later there was a knock on the door and it was the killer smiling at Amanda. “Surprise. Your Mom and brother are in the basement of the school safe and sound but you will be long gone by the time they find you. Get into the driver seat now.

Amanda gets into the driver seat and the killer says for her to open the door. She opens the door. As he steps inside he put something into the back seat and sits.

Now drive.” “Where are we going? I’m taking you for your final drive.” The man says laughing. I’m sorry Amanda you’re mom and brother will live but tonight you will die.” “This is all on you if you would have killed Tom than you would be ok but you couldn’t do it now you will die.”

 “Please why are you doing this? You killed my father. “Oh please Jim? He was awful he was nothing less a bully and deserved it. The man said as Amanda was driving. Keep going straight and turn left. Amanda continued following directions. As the cop made his way to the basement and found the family members.

He untied them and told them that Amanda was in the car. Amanda continued to drive towards the graveyard and the man said stop. They stopped right outside of the graveyard. He said get out.

He grabbed a shovel. Amanda got out of the car and walked to the gate. The man opened the gate and they walked to the back of the graveyard towards a clear dirt spot. Dig the man said handing her the shovel.

 “Tonight you are digging your own grave.” The man said.



He watched as I started to dig into the ground. Six feet. The man said. “You won’t get away with this the police will catch you and take you down.

 “Oh I’m not worried about the police. I have killed many people and I have gotten away with it. And I will continue to get away with it.

 You see if you had not interfered in my business then Billy would be alive your father would be. He died a hero he protected his wife and son till the very end he tried to stab me. I killed him in front of his wife.

 And his son. *Amanda continues to dig into the ground. A few minutes later the man tells Amanda to stop digging. So Amanda stops.

Amanda watches as the man then says now get into the grave and lie down. “So Amanda jumps into the grave. Excellent the man said.

Amanda suddenly stood up grabbed the shovel and slammed it against the man’s face knocking him to the ground. Amanda takes the shovel and rapidly starts hitting the man until she is sure the man is unconscious. She threw the guy down into the grave.

 Once he was in the graveyard Amanda ran as fast as she could to the police car and she grabbed the radio and called the police “Hello if anybody can here this I am being hunted by the bell view killer he is at the graveyard he tried to bury me alive I knocked him out but I need help immediately please somebody has to help me.”

 A few seconds a woman’s voice comes on the line any police officers in the area show up to the graveyard right know please.” Suddenly a hand grabs Amanda from behind and Amanda turns around and is being pulled out of the car by the man.

 The man laughs. “You shouldn’t have done that I am going to kill you before the police show up. No the police will be here soon and will help kill you. You went after the wrong person this time and I will make sure your dead.

 You son of a bitch I will make sure they kill you. But if for some reason you’re kept alive I will visit your cell every day and make sure your life is hell. You will pay for what you have done to me tonight killing my father killing my boyfriend you will die I will make sure of it. Amanda is screaming at the man. “Are you finished?”

The man asked. As he punched Amanda and she fell down. The man grabs her legs and starts to drag her over to the open grave.

Laughing. As it started to rain. Amanda was screaming and struggling to get away from the killer. Amanda managed to kick the killer in the face and she started to try to run away but he threw a rock at her and she fell down he ran up to her and punched her in the head

She was starting to get drowsy. The man laughed as he grabbed a baseball bat. I’m very sorry it came to this Amanda but you have been bad and I am going to kill you.

Amanda continued to crawl away. “Aw you’re crawling away as if that will save you.” He said as he slowly made his way towards her. He walked up to her and grabbed her by her neck.

 *Amanda shoved a piece of broken glass into his eye from when he threw Tom in the window. “AHHH YOU BITCH!”

The man screamed in pain as he was trying to get the glass out of his eye as Amanda ran inside of a mausoleum and slammed the door shut. Luckily for Amanda he didn’t see her run inside. “Where did you go?” He yelled.

 As he starts to search the graveyard. He looks around the tombstones and walks passed the mausoleum.

 Then he sees it and randomly tries to open the door but since it was locked he figured she was hiding. “Come out come out please.” He yelled.

“There are no hard feelings.” He then started to hit the door really hard and tried to break it. When she heard police sirens and heard “Police we have the area surrounded give up now” Amanda waited and heard gun fire. A few moments later there was a knock on the door and an officer had said “It’s over he’s dead.”

Amanda threw the door open crying. “Did he hurt you?” “I’m fine other than the torment.” “Can we take you to the hospital please? You’re mother and brother are there.”

 “That sounds wonderful. Amanda says. A half hour goes bye after Amanda was checked out at the hospital she was allowed to visit her mother and brother who hugged her and wanted to know how Amanda was. “The killer is dead.” The police shot him.

 Amanda said. “Good.” But it’s too late for Jim. “Jim died a hero.” Amanda said. He told me he fought to the very last second to protect you.

 Billy is dead. “Oh Amanda I’m so sorry.” “It’s awful. I can’t believe this happened. Amanda said. At least he is dead. Are you sure you’re ok? Grayson asked me.

“I’m fine I’m glad you’re ok. Amanda said to Grayson. After that we went back home our lives were never the same after that day.

My mom never got remarried and Grayson developed major trust issues with strangers. Me on the other hand the traumatic experience was harder for me than I thought it was.

 A few months later I wanted to end it all. End the nightmares end the thoughts just everything.

I checked into a hospital and I was diagnosed with major PTSD. I am still at the hospital to this day. Our story is all over the TV. Everywhere my mom and brother try to go in public there asked questions.

 Were all doomed to repeat this nightmare over and over again. A few nights ago the nurse put the TV on in my room and the image of “The bell view killer” came on I screamed and screamed.

The nurses had to help me. The Bell View killer may have failed to kill me but I defiantly don’t feel like I’m alive on the inside.

 I never did see the body but the police tell me he is dead. A few hours go by and a police officer open’s a door to the same hospital that I was in. “Ok Mark I saved your life.

You owe me.” The officer says to non-other than “The Bell View Killer” I used fake bullets. The girl is up in Room 210B. Make it fast.”  “I will the man said laughing. As he got off the bed. “I will.”



Submitted: June 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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