the wind

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

this is poem is about wanting something that society tells you you can’t have but you decided not to listen to society and follow your own path

made up my mind to never go back there to the dark place no matter how everyone sees it as the light

To know the difference of the truth and the lie is even more defeating 

But to know that I played along with the lie is harder to bear when I’m going to face the truth

I used to define myself not by society latest trending but by my own path

And to know that I strayed away from that is heart breaking 

To imagine my pain as I walk along this beautiful path laced with berries and flowers and the air as fresh and as crisp as the winter  feelings

I walk to the light of the forest and met the wind 

Holding it and cherishing this moment

Loving the way it feel

I perform a couple of routines and laughed as I felt the way the wind danced around my legs I laughed in giggled

Once settled I felt as if I were in a k drama I was acting out a scene where she hadn’t met her boyfriend in awhile and they just had fun they were in their own ignoring their problems 

Except our problems where growing closer

I heard them for the first time I heard the tress

The wind as it was being polluted it was dieing and so was I

In that moment I was faced with the lie the imitation of wind

And the truth the authentic the wind

I couldn’t hold in the pain and I cried

I was faced with unbearable descision to forget my happiness and hide and love something I am interested far away or to stay and die from judgement and by my fathers hand 

Either way I’ll be crushed 

To know that I’m here and faced with such a decision is amazing and heartbreaking 

The fact that I choose the truth 

And always will amounts to my strength and I’m glad

Submitted: June 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 niyyah. All rights reserved.

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