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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Escape is about a prison for people with seemingly dangerous abilities that is not an ideal place to be sent. Escaping is not easy, but not impossible either. Living in this place is not an option so attempting to escape seems to be the only way.

Sirens blared through the air, making my ears ring as I ran across the courtyard. I could already hear the guards setting the dogs off on me which only made me run faster towards the tall fence.


I threw myself onto the side of the fence and frantically climbed up. I got up to the top when they started shooting at me. Pain suddenly shot up from my arm and I slid down the fence slightly. The dogs jumped up to try and grab me but I was too far up. 


I had to keep going. This was my only chance. 


I pushed through the pain in order to flip over the top of the fence. Bullets whizzed by me as I fell, landing on my feet wrong but that didn’t stop me from bolting into the woods.


It didn’t take long for the gates to open so the dogs and guards could follow me. I dodged the light beams from their lanterns filling the gaps of the trees. My lungs begged me for air but I refused. 


I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t go back there.


I noticed lights coming through the trees in front of me as they worked their way to surround me. Shit. I slowed down in order to think but I couldn’t hold on to any thoughts, they were running around my brain too fast. 


I couldn’t climb the trees, they would expect me to go up. I didn’t have time to dig myself down into the ground. They were surrounding me too quickly for me to keep running.


I looked around frantically, noticing the lights reflecting off a pond. I swallowed the lump in my throat and hesitated before running into the water. My skin crawled as it rejected the water but I didn’t dare stop. I took a deep breath before putting my head under and sunk all the way to the bottom.


It was pitch dark for what seemed like forever but eventually I saw the beams from their flashlights above the surface and the sound of the dogs’ barks. They got louder as they got closer but they didn’t check the pond I was in, eventually retreating deeper into the woods. 


Thank God. 


Another eternity went by before the sounds slowly started to die down and it became pitch dark again. I stayed in the water though until my lungs just couldn’t take it anymore. I felt myself start to pass out before I swam to the surface.


I gasped for air and could feel my skin burning. I scrambled out of the water, wincing as I laid out on the ground. I held my breath after a moment to make sure the dog barking wasn’t getting closer before catching my breath.


I sat up slowly and painfully as my skin sizzled. For the first time, I had the chance to look around and take in my surroundings.


The moon shone through the leaves, lighting up the forest floor. Creatures of the dark sang their songs, making me grateful that it wasn’t silent for once. 


I can’t remember the last time I wished there was sound around me; I was so used to the screams and cries that I would purposefully get put into solitary just to dull the noise.


I sighed softly with relief. I made it out. I finally made it out. I smiled just slightly and rubbed my hands together to cup around my mouth. Letting out another breath, my hands now held a small flame. I pulled my hands away from my mouth and set the flame down on a patch of dry ground so it could slowly grow and warm me up.


I watched as the flames lit up a small area around me, pulling my knees up to my chest tightly so I could wrap my arms around myself. I gasped and flinched as pain flared up from my arm. For a second, I was confused but then remembered that I had gotten shot. 


Cautiously rolling up my sleeve to examine my wound, I sucked in a harsh breath. The sight of the blood steadily oozing out of my bicep made my head feel woozy. I shook the feeling away and tore a piece of the bottom of my shirt off so I could tie it tightly around the wound, biting my lip through the pain.


I had almost passed out by the time I had it tied tightly enough but instead I just laid down gently, looking up at the sky and tried to make the sounds of the bugs and wind drown out my thoughts.


Unfortunately, my thoughts always win. I couldn’t help but remember the constant torture back within those walls. The feeling of the water on my skin again sent shivers down my spine. That was always the worst; when the guards decided to use a pressurized hose on me for no reason at all.


I closed my eyes as my lip trembled, trying not to cry and hurt myself even more. I never thought that I would escape that terrible place. So many nights filled with pain and tears. The last time I had a peaceful night was when I was in solitary but even then the guards might surprise you with a visit.


Sometimes they used the hose and sometimes they set the dogs on you. Hungry beasts with foam pouring out of their mouth through their bared teeth. But sometimes they would let every inmate out into the courtyard and let them do whatever they wanted to each other. When that happened, I just hid in a corner, watching them use their abilities against one another. 


I hated using my ability to hurt people and the guards knew that. Every now and then when they really wanted to put on a show, they would force those that didn’t like to hurt one another to fight each other. That was actually probably the worst.


The warden didn’t care what the guards or other inmates did to each other. All he cared about was keeping everyone in and not causing a scene to the outside world. To them, this place was just a new home for the freaks so they wouldn’t hurt anyone. But really it was just an abyss.


I shook my head and opened my eyes so I could focus on the leaves blowing in the wind instead. I didn’t have to think about that horrible place anymore. I was out and I was never going back.

Submitted: June 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Mystical Obscurities. All rights reserved.

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Raphy 13

Well written

Sat, June 12th, 2021 5:49pm

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