The Wild vacation - Chapter 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

In a Wild Forest with a Wild Girl !

We? woke up to lush green meadows answer huge mountains in the view with sheet of thick forest on them. It was so blissful to heart n peaceful to eyes. We had almost reached our destination. My wife(Nita) had already got up and game me a sunshine smile. Ray was guiding the driver through the route and Rini was sleeping like a baby - guess she was relaxed after the nightly activity. 
We reached at the camp sight, which was in the midst of a dense forest, there were a number of camps setup, but still the forest had overgrown on us. 
We walked in to our respective camps to find them quite comfortable inside than that they were looking from outside. We quickly had breakfast & changed to track wear in order to sync up with the forthcoming trekking. We didn't opt for a guide as we had the Offline maps downloaded, moreover we loved our privacy. 
Nita changed to her cargo and a body hugging Full sleeve sports wear. I was in my trek cargo n Tshirt. We came out of our tents to find the Kapoors waiting for us outside with their bagpacks. They were in their fashionable best. Ray was in similar attire as me and Rini was in her hot pants and a lowcut tight top - Sexy as always. 
We four set out to trek as pros. Ray was a photographer and was already making his clicks sound through the hissing forest. The beams of sun light through the trees were making themselves appear as pillars from heaven as we already felt to be in Eden. 
Ray was leading the pack ahead, behind him was Rini - swinging her hot butt while her panty lines were visible. Behind her was Nita with her fleshy butts outstreaching her cargo. I was behind - enjoying the beauty of nature and the naturural beauties before me. 
Rini occasionally was turning behind to check if we were following behind and specifically if I was following her "Behind". I always gave her a wink as a token of acknowledgement n appreciation for keeping my request of wearing these set of clothes on my request which I had made to her before the Vacation begun. 
Our trekking was rocking, still the hot n humid climate was taking a toll on us, hence we decided to look for a suitable place to sitdown to hav our lunch. Just then a unfaithful path rock gave way and Nita slipped on to a puddle of mud. She was painted all the way and she was very wary abt it. 
Ray spotted a spring nearby on maps and guided us through. The spring was really beautiful and was overflowing. Nita held my hand while she got into the water to clean herself up, still embarrassed. On the other hand, Rini was really excited to see the location, she was overjoyed. To the amazement of all of us she immediately slipped her hotpants down, removed her top to reveal her Red Bikini and jumped into water. Before Ray could react/respond Rini was in the water enjoying her swim. Ray also placed his camera and slipped to his trousers and jumped out to his wife. 
Nita n me were still semishocked. But the sudden change in plan and the outcome of the deviation. We picked ourselves up and I suggested Nita to open her top so that it would be easier to clean herself and the dress. She was reluctant but looking at my enthusiasm towards Rini, she didn't want to have all the attention away to Rini. She opened her top unlease the cosmos within the same. Her huge 34D cups jiggled before halting. Ray was mesmerized by the display and was dumbstruck for a couple of seconds before Rini pulled him towards her pinching him to reality. Rini wishled me over the property I have a sway on and winked. I could see that Rini was also impressed by the shape and size of my wife's bossoms . Nita was quite aware of the attention she was getting but managed not to reflect her nervousness when another man was starting at her assets. 
Ray n Rini were enjoying themselves in the water. I could notice Ray touching her underwater as Rini was moaning in intervals. I was also aroused by all these. I asked wife if I shall come into the water to join her to which she pointed at my dress. I understand her intentions and romoved my clothes and was in my skimpy underwear. I am average built, standing at 185cms.My erect Rod was quite evident to outside although I was not bothered by it - just a tease to the ladies. 
I Jumped into the water. As soon as I reached Nita she put her hand on my front and told me with big eyes  - 
Nita - You are so erect, u shud hv took ur trousers off in the waters - Rini also knows now that you are horny!. 
Me- so what, you also know that Ray is horny and maybe hez already using his handle underwater. 
Nita - Shut up and concentrate on me. 
Saying that she took my Rod out and touched it to her belly. I held her cheeks and smooched her passionately.She inserted my penis in her panty as her Lil pub hair at the  freshly done area were piercing my Mushroom head. I slowly pushed her to deeper waters till the water covered her boobs and unclasped her bra, threw it outside water before she could react. Although she was not worried abt it now but could not think of the aftermath though. I was still smooching her and squeezing her butt. As I turned around, I saw Rini smiling at me as Ray was sucking her boobs. Was surprised to see her braless. Her 34C were just not enough to get into Ray's mouth, nevertheless Ray was trying hard to. Rini gave me a flying kiss to which I winked while smooching my wife harder. 
Gradually I started sucking Nita's boobs and she was rubbing my P Head to her vagina. I slowly positioned myself to insert her and she was glad taking me in. She wrapped her legs around my waist and was on top of me now. It was our 1st underwater venture and we were loving it. While Nita held my shoulders as support to make the up-down ritual, I saw Rini was taking it from Behind as Ray was holding her boobs and stroking hard. I was busting with exitmemt to see the huge boobs of both the ladies engaged freely with ecstacy. 
The strokes got harder and so did the moans of the girls. I still could hear Rini moan from the distance. It was until a few minutes that both me and Ray unloaded the cum inside the ladies. 
Then we had a cuddle bath before exiting the water. 
Exiting the waters was a hustle though. While Nita was Topless and shyly hurried towards her bagpack, Rini was naked, although she was covering her boobs with one hand and her mound with the other. Both ladies didn't waste anytime running behind the trees in order to dress up. 
I was so engulfed watching the ladies that I almost forgot to exit waters in order to recostume. Ray was still lady in the water, although while he emerged from the water with his rod aiming high - seemed he is ready again for another Fucktion. 
I dressed up pretty quickly before the girls come out of their hideouts. I managed with my Cargos and a comfy V neck.Nita emerged in her mini Skirt and a tight top. 
But as always, Rini was the sexiest - in her low neck top and her super tight yoga pants. I scanned her entire body in a fraction of second to discover her full bra squeezing her busting bust and the panty lines scorching across her shapely butt. She was pink as she was embarrassed by my staring eyes. My wife pinched me as she wanted me to look away before Rini or Ray catch me admiring Rini's assets. 
After Ray dressed up, we did set up a mat on the forest floor for our lunch. The luch consisted of Bread, Nutella, cheese and the big milk containers of Rini. Yes, I was enjoying her huge cleavage than that I was enjoying the food. Rini being a naughyly sensible girl, was helping me get the best view possible of her valley. She was occasionally checking on Nita and Ray for them not to be aware of her favors which she was doing to me. 
After the lovely lunch, we again started out on our errands. It was hot and humid, but the forest was worth it. The scenic pathways were taking our breath way with each step as we couldn't stop being mesmerized by the same. We did some hiking, trekking and sightseeing before it was starting to get dark. Hence we started to head back towards our tents. It was supposed to be an hour walk, but the as we sensed a storm coming, we started to run. 
Ray with the map was leading the pack and I was at behind,ahead of me was Rini and Nita. But wen the wind started blowing strong with thunder and lightning, we panicked and ran even harder. Withing a few hundred meters it was only me and  Rini left behind, I was dragged down by the Heavy bag pack and Rini was making sure that I don't fall back. We tried to run ahead and look for Ray and Nita, but realized that we were lost and were threatened by the Storm and the Roaring Jungle. I immediately got up to a tree to look further for Ray n Nita but managed to find a tree house in order to take shelter from the Rain Storm. 
I helped Rini to climb the tree house and find a safe spot away from the heavy rain - which was taking a toll. We both were scared. Scared of the Rain, the Wild animals, the Dark Jungle. We managed to sit clinging to each other as the Thunder n lighting were making Rini tremble. Realising her plight, I held her in my arms and she closed her eyes n ears to keep away from the Natur's fury. It was almost 20mins since the thunderstorms started eventually it started to reduce its intensity. 
It's when my focus came back to realize tht Rini was holding me tightly and was breathing heavily. I knew that she was still scared and had to do something to keep her mind away from the impending dangers of the night. I gently kissed her cheek and she looked at me as if she woke up from a bad dream. Then she planted a kiss on my lips and held me even tighter. To longer the smooch continued, the more wilder we got. We were so exited that we started biting each other's lips,licking each other's toungs. 
The temptation was rising, and so was the temperature between us. My hands had started squeezing her boobs vigorously and she was sinking her nails on my shoulders. She was getting wilder and wilder, just like wild animal in forest. She was started to moan loudly and that was making me go crazy. She pushed me to the wooden floor and took off her Top and shaked her boobs while looking right into my eyes while sitting on me. I grabbed her boobs in both hands and tore the bra off to see her melons bounce with pleasure. She removed my T shirt while grinding on my shaft. Then she got to her knees and pulled down her trousers and panty. Her clean shaved pussy was shining with lust. 
She crawled a couple steps towards my face and stood on her knees over my face while her vagina was Rit above my lips. Then she bend down and placed her V on my lips and started to push. I had my tounge out and she was fucking my tounge. She was doing it mercilessly and I was eating her like a pie. With one hand grabbing her butt, I removed my lower are underwear by the other hand. While her pussy was sexing my lips, I inserted the middle finger in her butt to her loud moan. Her front hole was being filled by my tounge and her butt my finger. Rini was riding on both until she became wet on my lips. 
Then she pulled me up and pulled my face to her huge melons. I started sucking her big n juicy nipples while pushing her against the tree. She urged me to bite her breasts as she rubbed my Meat on her Flower. Then she inserted its head and pulled my butt towards her. Her nails were sinking deep on my butt as I enjoyed as she fucked me hard. Her push and pull became harder with each time. Her screams were pearcing through the jungle like a roar. I had also joined her by grabbing to her butt and pulling towards me in rhythm. 
Suddenly she stopped me, told me to hold her waist - I did, then she laid down on a shelf and placed her legs on my shoulders. She said 'come inside me as much as u can, insert me like an animal'. 
Then she pulled me by my shoulders while her hands guided me to her doors. I inserted the whole length in a second and started ramming her mercilessly. She was squeezing her boobs while screaming - harder, harder.... Harder. I placed my hand on her belly to feel my penetration inside her. As I kept on fucking wildly until I reached the climax. 
I told her that I was about to cum, to which she replied - cum inside me. Her voice was as sexy as herself. I cummed a few heavy sprouts before collapsing on her arms. 
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Submitted: June 09, 2021

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