Whose Birthday Is It?

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Something I celebrate every June 9th.

Grandmother was laughing so hard her tummy was quivering.  I was being serious, and she was laughing.  It was June 9th.  She knew how important the day was to me.
I did not tell her I had invited several of the other kids from down the street to the party.  I had my sailor suit and bow tie all ready.  The suit was a little small, so I put it on my big teddy bear.  I felt that was a good fit for a birthday party.
I left the room with Grandmother's tummy quivering.  I got out the cookie cutters, so we could make cookies.  I had already cleaned my room and dressed my sister.  I was trying to get prepared before guests started to arrive.
My poor sister tried to keep up with me, but it was not working.  She ended up with a stuffed toy under the big dinning table where I was setting up the buffet.  I did not know how to make cake or cookies.  I knew there was ice cream in the freezer.  It was left over from what we made on Sunday.
I stared at the pantry trying to figure out what Grandmother would need to make cake and cookies.  Just as I was about to give up and go ask her I spotted one of our mother cats come in the back door with a mouse in her mouth.  I screamed, she dropped the mouse, and the race was started.
Grandmother came running into the kitchen to find out why I had screamed.  "Sally Ann just dropped a live mouse on the floor."  I was scrambling to follow it.  It went behind the refrigerator.  I could not reach it.
"A mouse, what?  A mouse in my house.  No, No."  Grandmother grabbed the broom and started trying to get the mouse to move from behind the refrigerator.  He darted out and straight across the kitchen floor and down the hall towards the dinning room.
"Grandmother, we have to catch him before anyone gets here."
"What do you mean, when everyone gets here?"  She was staring at me with both hands on her hips.
"The party.  We gotta' make a birthday cake and some cookies.  I gotta' finish getting the dinning room set up for it.  Everyone will be here about three."
"Who did you invite"? She asked in a very slow, determined voice.  Her eyes had narrowed as she bit her bottom lip.
I named off the guest list.  "Don't worry, I invited everyone's grandmother too.  I figured they could help too."  I thought that would make her happy if I told her extra help was coming.
"You invited;  "The Town Crier", and the "Guess What I know" queens here, ...today, ...at three?"  I could see the panic come over her entire body.  She turned to run out of the room as she put on her apron and stubbed her toe.  She yelled, "Hoover Dam", I can't believe this.  It will be all over town by morning."
"Don't worry, Grandmother, we can just tell everyone it is Mickey Mouse coming to the party."  I giggled and skipped out of the room.  I thought that was a good solution.  Grandmother was running from the pantry to the kitchen table.  Back and forth until all the ingredients were ready.  She turned the oven on and proceeded to get ready for the party.
I took my sister to our bedroom.  "I think we best stay out of Grandmother's way right now."  I thought it might be a good time to just take a nap.  My sister pointed and giggled.  I followed her finger and spotted Sally Ann.  She had recaptured her mouse.  I called her and let her follow me as I opened the front door.  I opened the screen and let them both out.  I was pleased with myself and proceeded to lay down with my sister to take our naps.  I had no idea my grandmother was cooking and still trying to find the mouse.
Knock, knock.  The knock at the door woke me up.  I ran to the door and opened to let in Billy's grandmother also known as "The Town Crier" and Becky's grandmother, also known as "Guess What I Know" in along with Billy and Becky.  Just as I was about to close the door, Sally Ann, came back through the front door with the mouse still in her mouth.  I think it was the scream everyone did at the same time that alerted my grandmother that something was happening.
Grandmother came running into the room with flour on her face and in her hair.  "What is going on in here?  Oh, Ladies.  You are a bit early?"
"We are so sorry, Dear.  I am afraid we just let a mouse into your house."
I jumped up and ran, snatching Sally Ann as I went.  She held on tight to her mouse.  I popped her out the front door and shut it.  "Ladies, Grandmother and I promise not to tell anyone who you invited to this party.  It will be our secret."  I saw a smile coming across my grandmother's face.
I put both my hands on my hips and announced to everyone, "It was just Mickey Mouse, he was not invited to this party." I waited to see the reaction.
Everyone laughed.  The grandmother's joined one another into the kitchen.  The kids along with my sister proceeded to have a wonderful birthday party for Donald Duck.  I was reminded by Billy to make the cat let Mickey Mouse go or Donald Duck would not like it.  We children made it our mission to do just that.  We went to the backyard and finally found Sally Ann.  We found a toy mouse stuffed with catnip.  She dropped Mickey Mouse and made the trade.  Mickey ran off, we assumed to do another cartoon.  It was a delightful day.

Submitted: June 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Texasjane. All rights reserved.

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Darshan Thakur

i didnt get the ending !.....can you explain me ......it's a request !!

Fri, June 11th, 2021 3:27pm


I am so sorry. My grandmother was upset because the cat, Sally Ann had brought a mouse into the house. She was even more upset that two of the other ladies would find out she had a mouse in her house. That is why I named the mouse Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse was one of Donald Duck's best friends in cartoons. As children, we could not allow Sally Ann to kill Mickey Mouse, so we exchanged the real mouse for a toy one stuffed with catnip. I hope this helps. June 9th is Donald Duck's birthday. I celebrated it every year when I was a kid.

Fri, June 11th, 2021 8:50am

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