Uyay'kholisa: An African Love Triangle

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poem about a female trapped in a love triangle and filled with confusion on who to choose to became her lover. This poem was co-written and features Lerato Morei and Sibusiso Madi.

Christian Tripp) 

we were calmly chilling near the nile river at sunset, the horizon eradicated our doubtful feelings of regret. you held my chest with your feminine fingers, started caressing your boobs - you're were turned on, I figured. steadily rolled a blunt, with no vika. I was proud of you, so I quickly started finessing your figure. your anatomy effortlessly created calamities, and to be honest - me not passionately having sex with you, would be a tragedy. 
ngiya'kholisa - cause your vagina is truly an unspoken, untouched fallacy. 
is the sound I articulated when I realised your vaginal glands are a fantasy.... 

(Lerato Morei) 

I wonder what will happen after this but I choose to live in the moment. 
My love for him filled the void I had but I could worship my lust for you because it carries so much power in me
I felt tears falling from my eyes and from that I knew my body can’t take it anymore, longs for your touch
I long to scream out your name as you feast on me.
I’m lost in the way you stare at me, I know you want this too.
 I kissed him last night with your image on my mind
I see you coming my way, what could you want?
You kiss me before you say anything, your kiss is a description of a job well done.
We take it to your room and the first stroke leaves my voice weakened
Every stroke is perfection but I am now getting visions of him.
What have I done, I question myself?
The last stroke sends a sensational pleasure all over my body and you watch me grip these sheets as you now take it slower and I smile in anticipation of what will happen next.

(Sibusiso Madi) 

A pen and a paper at my disposal,
I told my father about you last night
and he said a letter is better than a text message.
That's when the 70s vibe gently hugged
my eye sight and drastically decreased the Saturation.
My finger tips start to choke the living ink out of this pen,
I know we've never been intimate
but they yearn to run around the contours of your curves
Like waters in the nile,
Trains on the rail,
And lotion on my skin whenever I feel pale.
I think of you often.
The sight of your lips, The soft tunes of your unmastered voice
 And your hypnotic glare, one can swear that
You're a descended of Madusa's bloodline.
I barely exercise but my thoughts are always in a race,
I don't know if doctors can heal a love sick person,
I know my image pops like a notification in your thoughts,
I just hope I'm the only one. 

Uyay'khohlisa, An African Love Triangle. 

Submitted: June 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Kutlwano Christian-Tripp Moloi. All rights reserved.

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