Taming a Killer

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the first book in 'the Souls of the Elite Billionaires' series.

The head of the Rossi family is a psychopath. But Mark Rossi is good at hiding this fact from his family. They only see it as a violent and nervous tendency. He is a wealthy man and selfish to the third degree. When he reaches his boiling point, Mark comes up with a plan to get his sons killed. He hires a boy that can blend into the school to do the dirty deed. After all, Mark doesn't want to be a killer. He's a coward, but nobody has to know this.

Mark convinces his wife to send the boys away to a boarding school to kill two birds with one stone. Having time with his wife and avoiding having to see his children ever again.

The children are still naiive and even though Gabriel gets a warning of his father's dangerous tendencies, doesn't take the opportunity to tell his mum about the occurrence, and it gets hidden under the rug.

At the boarding school, the boys are met with a lot of disdain and hate. When word gets around that they are the children of the wealthiest man in Britain, they begin to manipulate their friendships with the boys to get an in. Even rich boys and girls are greedy for more wealth.

So the Rossi boys have to sift through all the bad cookies to find the ones that are trying to hurt them while avoiding death at the same time.

Table of Contents

Shaken Foundation

Jump into the story! Aria has to tell her children bad news, and Gabriel takes matters into his own hands to find out information.
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I'm telling you, my dad is a psychopath!

Mr Rossi let's slip the kind of man he is deep down.
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the price of a life

when you can buy a life with money
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the First Attempt

flying and the first sight of the school. Gabriel tastes the lake.
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