The Dictator's Daughter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

The spoiled and willful duaghter of a South American dictator loves to inflict pain and torture on the men in her father's prison. She delights in turning her son into a sex toy for the women in her family and their friends



The daughter of a South American dictator, Yolanda loves fast cars and submissive men.She has her mother’s beauty and statuesque body, and her father’s ruthless and demanding personality.She is an accomplished downhill skier, enjoying the winters in Davos Switzerlandat her parents chalet.In college, her coach encouraged her to try out for the Olympics.But that would have required giving up too much time and energy.Instead, she rather spend time partying and fuckng guys.


In addition to skiing, she also was an accomplished kick boxer.Being the oldest daughter, she had access the countless political opponents and criminals her father kept imprisoned and tortured.She, and her two younger sisters would have men brought to the palatial mansion, where they were to fight for their lives against the sisters.


These matches were held in a private outdoor arena completely closed off frompublic view.Before the men appeared in the arena, they were denied food, water and sleep for 24 hours.By the time they were forced into the arena, they could barely stand, much less put up any semblance of fight.The audiences for these matches were the two sisters and their girl friends.Any men that attended, were slaves of the invited women.The women brought them to serve them food and drink and to be foot stools. They were also brought to reinforce their subservient position by way of showing them the consequences of displeasing their mistress.


The oldest sister, Yolanda,stands six feet and weighed 200 lbs.She is heavily muscled, a statuesque amazon.She towers over most of the male prisoners forced to fight her.Her legs are encased in knee-high thick-soled lace-up boots.The leather gloves covering her hands have brass plates facing outward on the fingers presenting a solid metal surface as the sister’s clinched fist smashes into its target.


The hapless prisoner, being kept in the dark, deprived food, water, and sleep is suddenly thrust into the bright sun light, emerges dazed and staggering on his feet.He is immediately faced with the Yolanda’s amazon figure charging at him.He is ready give up.But Yolanda must squeeze her sadistic pleasure out of this poor creature before she is finished.


With a thrust of her boot to the victim’s mid section, she watches her boot connect, and then the victim’s mouth opens wide as the wind is kick out of him and his eyes bulge out.As he curls into a fetal position to protect his stomach, she swings upward with an upper cut, striking him on the nose.She hears the crack of his nose breaking and sees the blood gush out.His head jerks up, and she sees his eyes, filled with terror and fear.Her lips part in a hint of a smile.At the same time her hand reaches down between her legs and presses into her hardening clit and feels moisture gathering between her legs.


In a final act of triumph, she stomps hard on the prisoner’s face, completely crushing his nose and smashing his front teeth.Keeping her foot on his face, she raises her hand in a fist of victory.The women, along with the sisters, loudly cheer and whoop approval.


“Take him and bind him to the frame.”She tells two of her male slaves.One could easily identify her slave by the crimson lip prints planted on their cheeks and forehead.Yolanda was known by her signature crimson lip color and every man she enslaved bore her mark.It was an indelible mark that could never be removed.


Down in the basement of the palace were dungeons and a target range.Here, Yolanda and her sisters practiced their sadistic arts.The prisoner was bound to a steel cross by arms and legs at the far end of the target range.Although she could have her pick of weapons, Yolanda preferred and old Colt single action .45 caliber revolver.It was equipped with latest in bullet technology.The bullets were an updated version of the infamous dumdum bullet.The bullet was 10 small projectiles held together on a base.When the bullet impacted an object, individual projectiles separated, creating a hole twice its original size.The projectiles continue to penetrate the object, shredding it as they pass through.The bullet base also continue to penetrate, deep into the object, helped by the paths that the separate projectiles created.In short, the bullet makes mince meat out of the human body.


Putting on ear protectors and safety goggles, Yolanda took aim at the prisoner bound to the frame 50 feet down the range.What she enjoyed most, was not killing her victims, but making them wish she would kill them.She loved to play with them by injuring them and then leaving them to let nature run its course.It gave great pleasure to watch her victims twitch and moan, and wish for death.She enjoyed the feeling of being in command and that they—her victims—were helpless to stop her.


Resting the barrel of the gun on a specially designed support, Yolanda aims the gun at the prisoner’s left hand.Anticipating the damage she was about to inflict, a surge of energy flowed up from her clitoris to her nipples.She had to pause and get control of her hands that were trembling.She took in a deep breath and slowly squeezed the trigger.


BANG!The gun fired, and in an instant, what had been a recognizable human hand was transformed into bloody pulp that dangled from a human arm.


Yolanda stared at the point where there once was a hand, mouth open,Then, she giggled, clapped her hands in delight and pranced around.It never ceased to amaze her what changes and destruction she could bring about with her gun and fragmenting bullets.It always left feeling exhilarated and wanting more violence.Her nipples were erect and vagina was gushing fluid into her paties.


After a few minutes, Yolanda gained her composure and took hold of the gun again.Now she aimed at the prisoner’s right hand, and holding her breath, she squeezed the trigger.


BANG!Again, the basement echoed with the gun shot. And again, a perfectly serviceable hand, with fingers, and did work, and held objects, was instantly abolished and replaced by a shapeless bloody piece of barely recognizable flesh.


Yolanda had two more targets to aim at on the prisoner.She fired, first at the left knee cap and then at the right knee cap.After each shot, the knee was totally obliterated.His leg, no longer able to support the rest of the body, hung limp, held in place only by the sagging skin.The prisoner, unable to stand, slumped, his arms and legs were twisted unnaturally, held up only by the bonds that tied him to the frame.


Feeling flushed and moisture collecting between her legs, and her nipples rock hard, she walked the 50 feet to the bound prisoner.Lifting his drooping head, she looked him in his half closed eyes.Then, leaning forward, she pressed her lips against his forehead and press her lips firmly against his skin.When she moved away, on the prisoner’s forehead was a crimson lip print.With her thumb, Yolanda gave the print a hard rub to see if it would smudge.Satisfied the print wouldnever come off, she quickly turned on her heels and walked away. 




Yolanda had a son by one of her slaves.Yolanda, like the black widow spider, once procreation was completed the slave had served his purpose.He was gotten rid of in the customary manner Yolanda dispensed with superfluousmales.


The son was now 15 years old.He had been brought up the way all males in the family were.He was submissive to all women.


On his 15th birthday, Yolanda ordered him to her room and told him to undress and lied face down on the bed. Grabbing a wrist and twisting it into a reverse prayer position, she clamped a heavy handcuff on the to wrist.She did the same with his other wrist.The boy cried out in fear.


“You are now 15.”His mother responded.“You are going to have the strength of a man soon.This makes you dangerous to women, and therefore you must be controlled.”


As she was uttering these words, Yolanda clamped a second set of heavy manacles on the boy’s ankles.He cried out MAMMA!Then grabbing the ankle cuffs, Yolanda bent his legs up towards the wrist cuffs as far as she could without breaking his legs.She secured the wrist and ankle cuffs with a one-foot length of chain and padlocked the two ends together.


Ignoring her son’s pleas, with one hand, she forced his mouth open and with the other hand she inserted a combination feeding tube and a gag into the open mouth.The feeding tube was a small flexible plastic tube that extended past the tongue and into the throat.Impaled on the tube and surrounding it like a donut was a substance, that when in contact with saliva, expanded to twice its size and became stone hard.The gag covered the mouth and was coated with a super skin glue.The combination of the skin glue and the hardening material surrounding the feeding tube guaranteed that her son could not make any intelligible sound.


“Before I put on the isolation helmet, let tell you what will happen.Your gag can be fitted with different size dildos.You will first be given to women members of our immediate family to be used for their enjoyment.Your aunt is the first to get you.She has two teen-age daughters who will use you to get experience fucking.I’m sure your aunt will also use you.Because the hood I’m going to lock you into will total deprive you of all sounds as well as sight, you won’t know who you are servicing.Also, after a month of sensory depravation, you will be insane and won’t care where you are or what you are doing.You will be a vegetable.You will be fed, of course, and everything will be done to keep your body working and in good shape.So you don’t have to worry about medical care or exercise.That’s all taken care of.It’s just your mind that will be destroyed.But since you will never be free of your restraints, you don’t need to worry about that either. These restraints are one-way restraints.That is, they onlylock.They cannot be unlocked.You probably have lots of questions, especially why, but since your mouth is now sealed for good, you won’t be able to ask them.Too bad.”


Finishing her speech, Yolanda brought a very thick white leather hood.The boy could see that it was perhaps six-inches thick, filled with noise dampening material. In the front of the hood was a cutout that fit over the opening in the gag for dildo extensions and through which food could be passed.


She slipped the hood over her son’s face.As she did, she looked into his eyes and saw the same terror she had seen in her prisoner victims before the moment of destruction.And even though this was her son, she felt the same thrill of power that she felt when demolishing one of her prisoners.She felt the moisture forming in her vagina and her nipples hardening.She pressed her thighs together and clenched her jaw as she savored the warmth flooding over her. 


The hood had a collar that encircled the boy’s throat and had a steel center that when closed around the neck, acted as a strict posture collar forcing the head to till backwards and the jaw jutting forward. 


Once the helmet was secured, Yolanda drew the lacing tight, forcing the helmet to conform to the head.Once the laces were tied, a zipper covered the lacing and ended at the base of the neck with a sturdy, large pull tab that slipped over a hasp sewn with strong leather stitching into the helmet.Taking a special lock, Yolanda slipped the shank through the hasp, preventing attempts to unzip the helmet.What made the lock special was an electronic key.The lock itself was not electronic but could only be locked and unlocked with the one and only electronic key.The design ensured that only Yolanda could remove the helmet.


As she inserted the key into the lock, Yolanda wondered when she might see her son again and whether she would ever remove the helmet while he was alive.After she passed him on to her aunt, she lose would direct control over his body.She would necessarily know to whom is body would be passed after her sister passed him on to another family member or friend.It could be years before her son found his way back to her.And if he should die distant relative or friend of a relative, she might not ever know.


This thought lingered Yolanda’s mind for an instant.But it quickly vanished ant replaced by a warm glow of gratification.She looked down at the body of her son, whose as adorned bubble-like hood and who could not be recognized any more,she smiled a satisfied smile.


Her task complete, Yolanda bent down and pressed her lips on the crown of the helmet, leaving her signature crimson lip print.That way, whomever took possession of his body, they would know that he belonged to her.She rubbed the spot with her thumb to make sure the print could not be removed.She was very happy. 


Lifting her son off the bed—he only weighed 120 lbs.--she carried his hogtied body to a metal steamer trunk and placed him it.She closed the lid and padlocked it.He was ready for shipment.

Submitted: June 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 foggybottom. All rights reserved.

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