The Uninvited Guest

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

hey, I am Umang agarwal, a budding writer from INDIA.
I write about horror stories well some of them are not short.


The change in weather was sudden. It had been a sunny and crisp day. The hot bright sun of April was ponding on the city and its people. And around 7 in the evening there was a brisk change in the atmosphere it grew cool and the cloud began to sediment its light breeze on us and with it began a series of strange events.

Umang returned from his college, very tired. He lives in a PG with two of his friends Yatharth and Aryan. Umang removes his shoes to feel the warm earth beneath him, Yatharth was on 3 days' leave and Aryan was out at that particular time, in the market. Yatharth was getting 3 cups of tea ready for them and it was Umang’s duty to make night dinner and breakfast.

Yatharth entered the sitting room with 3 cups of hot steaming masala tea and cookies, Aryan also came back by the time. The weather out was very cool and angry. They all sipped and ate cookies, Aryan hunger was on the top. “What do we have for dinner, nange?”(Yeah! That’s what they used to call him, it is a long story will tell you later). Aryan asked popping a piece of cookie in his mouth. “Chicken curry”, Uma…nanga replied with a frown and took a sip of his tea. Waah! Yatharth exclaimed with a smile on his face. And there is one more thing. “The house is infested with mice” and something else…

Whole day they hear all scurry noises, sometimes from far close to them. These mice are a real thing to deal with. A LOUD BOOM! What was that, a window? Kitchen dustbin? Some cat falling on the ground? The frown on them grew deeper and deeper. Yatharth was able to see from his position that the front door was wide open. With the gate being open, leaves scattered. Oh my God! This is great new work. “Aryan should always close gates” Yatharth mumbled. He thinks he saw a shadow, just a brisk look at it, then it disappeared. “Must be my imagination” yatharth thought, and ignored it. They all ate chicken curry, watched TV, and went to sleep, except Umang, completing his college presentation.

Umang made a cup of coffee for himself and plugged in the earphones. As he was doing his work listening to music, a sudden shadow appeared on the screen as someone was standing behind him. His music went from strong EDM to just static noise. A sudden fear struck his mind, thanks to all the horror movies he watches. Silly, “Must be yatharth or Aryan watching me work” he thought. He ignored it and again started working. The clock struck at 12:30 in the dead silence of dark night, again noticed a shadow on his screen, this time his heartbeat grew faster, and his fingers went cold and felt as someone was breathing behind his back. Gaining his guts he turned his back, felt relief it was Aryan standing behind him. “Since when you are standing behind me?” Umang asked Aryan. “Since last 2 hours you idiot!” Aryan exclaimed “just a few seconds earlier” why? He asked. Umang struck by fear and thinking who can be it? Or what..? “Nothing just asking” he replied. Both went to sleep, “all three of ‘em”.

Next morning Umang and Aryan went to college, leaving Yatharth all by himself. He went to the market for everyday errands and chores. He purchased some meat, vegetables and some everyday usuries. On way back home he saw someone in the house through a roadside window. Terrified yatharth rushed to the home on 2nd floor whack opened the gates and asked “who’s there?” to come out now or call the police. Nothing happened just a cool feeling all over the room. Yatharth sat to do his studies, and time passed. It was now 3 in the afternoon, made some Maggie for himself. Again felt a very cool breeze of air in the kitchen as there is someone standing right beside him. This time yatharth was struck by the worst of his fears and his throat dried. Standing straight he peeked through his shoulder it was nothing. Something wrong with this place now, “what was it, who was it?” he mumbled and went to the sitting room carrying his Maggie. Slurping hot Maggie but not able to enjoy it, something was bothering him. Ignoring all thoughts, he began his studies.

Later on when Umang and Aryan both came home, yatharth was waiting anxiously for them. “Oh you guys are home,” he said in a deep and sad voice. “What happened to you soni?” Umang asked. Yatharth in confusion replied “well today was not a common day”, strange things happened. Umang in a shaky voice “yes I also had some strange experience last night”. They called Aryan, he went to pee, and they all sat together and told Each other what they are experiencing. Umang and yatharth their thoughts became one but on other hand, Aryan was not digesting any of it. “All bullshit, playing pranks” huh?

Suddenly they heard some noise, from the kitchen. Umang spooked and took a deep breath. “Nange Ki Fatt Gayi,” says Aryan mockingly. He goes to the kitchen and finds nothing, on returning back to the room he saw a boy standing behind yatharth, in a blink gone. Aryan froze and became cold, started sweating. “There was a BOY”, in a shaking voice says Aryan. They all 3 were scared to death. For a time they went out to watch a movie, leaving all worries behind.

They came home back by 11:10 all sleepy, everyone loosens up got comfortable and Umang made some coffee for them. While making coffee, it was a sudden silence in-home and Umang felt a sudden rise in his heartbeat his sweats started dripping down his chin, he froze again but this time he started hearing a small giggle coming from his corner side. He just left everything and rushed to their room where Aryan and yatharth were waiting for coffee. Umang feeling all drowsy, saws that boy “Oh God” he mumbled. All paralyzed not able to move a single muscle of the body just laying down, seeing the small boy creeping and staring directly in his eyes. Umang felt helpless seeing everything, was traumatizing him from inside. Later he found that he was in “sleep paralyzes”.

 Sleep paralysis is a state, during waking up or falling asleep, in which a person is aware but unable to move or speak. During an episode, one may hallucinate (hear, feel, or see things that are not there), which often results in fear. Episodes generally last less than a couple of minutes.

But was it really a sleep paralyzes or reality? Yatharth and Aryan know nothing about this experience of Umang. Now things began to change in, obviously not a good manner.

One day in the evening they were just sitting and talking, suddenly a cold breeze flew in, a warm day. Yatharth and Umang noticed a shadow in their room and heard small words like, “wanna play”, “come” etc. Umang and yatharth were terrified as hell, but Aryan was without any the movement was sitting still as he has been possessed, WHAT?

Well Aryan was not “possessed”, just scared to death so he went still due to fear. They ate and slept in distress.

The following week they started feeling uneasy and unwell, always had a feeling of suffocation. They do have a visitor in a long time, Vipul Sharma. “Are, pandat” says Umang and yatharth on seeing him. Vipul was a good friend of theirs, Aryan was not with them he went home for some work, and he will be there for the next 4 days. Umang and yatharth both thought of telling Vipul about their strange experience. “Waah! I am going back home” says Vipul in fear. But they convinced him to stay with them for few days. Later on, Vipul was tired he dozed off. Yatharth and Umang both were studying doing their college work while Vipul was sleeping, it has been 20 minutes only. Vipul in his deep sleep saw a boy standing right in front of his bed and is calling his name “Vipul”, approached him, “this is my house now” says the ghost boy. Umang’s coffee mug fall and suddenly broke Vipul's sleep, what dream was it, felt so real. Vipul deep breathing saw Umang going into the kitchen, and asked if he can bring a glass of water for him. 10 minutes passed in silence but Umang didn’t come back from the kitchen, “Umang?” shouted Vipul in a rather terrifying voice. Umang went to the sleeping room, “What happened?”

“You came in the room and went into the kitchen, didn’t you? I saw…”

“No, bro I’ve been studying past 2 hours. Never left it for a second. I am not joking, I swear.”

“But, but I saw someone walking into the kitchen. I swear I did.”

“You must be hallucinating” yatharth scoffed. But he was getting bothered something is going on here.

They talked to a priest, “Vipul’s father” he suggested we have certain ‘ceremonies and rituals’.

We listened to him, and he talked to a grand priest for our ceremonies. After this, the strange activities stopped, and all 4 of them were again back to their happy life routine. They lived normally for a month and so. But this time when things begin to change they changed in a negative and sinister way.

They now started to see apparition or shadow. Their things were dragged, when they close window or gates after some time they see them opened. Sometimes there were even scratch marks on the body of 4 friends.  This spirit or uninvited guest was getting stronger and sinister day by day, feeding on their fear.

They left this house for a week in rue that it will help them lose the haunting but it didn’t help at all. They were still haunted in a hotel room. “WHAT!” The light flickered and they heard footsteps around them. Ornaments and hotel objects moved from there place. When they slept usually heard someone knocking there door. They were scared as hell (hell was brought to them).

Putting stone on their will, they came back to the place where it all started happening their “home sweet home.” When they reached home yatharth along with Aryan and Vipul went to the market for some important work leaving Umang al alone to open the house. It was all black just a thin light coming from the window, house was stinking like rotten meat “Ufff, what is this smell” Umang mumbled. The light switch at such a wrong place. In no other house have I ever had to cross the entire room to get it. He reached the middle of the room where he froze to death.

Who is this boy? What is he doing here? playing with his toys in my room, (the room was clearly visible from halfway across the hall). the house was locked. How did he even get here? He was a 7-year-old boy, traumatize through his head, bleeding from his mouth, huge cut on his neck. It was a very disgusting look of a boy.

Umang stood still, his heart pounding. He was alone what will he do now? As he took his phone out to call his friends, the boy crawled towards him upside down, and his toys disappeared in thin air, leaving Umang jittery. What was that? Hallucinations? He quickly drew out the curtain and switch to open the light. All three were back from the market when they found Umang in a shocked and frozen stat lying down on the floor shivering out of cold and fear. Vipul rushed to the kitchen and brought a glass of water. While Aryan and yatharth were struggling to bring Umang back in consciousness. After a while when he woke up, “Saw a boy playing with his toys, bleeding on my floor, gutted and his part of the head was gone like it was exploded” Umang said in a shaky voice. He was very afraid and his throat was dry, gulping his saliva to wet it.

“No the problem, bro we are together,” Vipul said with a note of relief to Umang. After having dinner they all went to sleep except Umang who was still thinking what actually was it? It took him a long time to fall asleep. Sometime during the middle of the night, his eyes flew open. He could see the door of his room wide open and light-emitting through it. Why was the door open? And what was that light? A shadow slowly began to be formed – right at the center of the doorframe. It was a shadow of a small boy same shadow – so familiar. Umang’s heart was pounding heavily. He was wet with fear and perspiration and his nightwear stuck to him. What was happening in his life? And then, like the candle burning off with a dying flicker, it was all gone. He was sitting upon his bed, staring at the faded vision, seeing everyone sleeping. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief and looked at the shining needle of the wall clock. It was half-past three in the morning crickets were chirping outside, all he was able to hear was his breathing the clock ticking, and crickets creepy chirping in the dead silence of the morning, with not a single soul on the move.

He realized that he was facing the wall and not the door. He had slept facing the door but somehow woken up in exactly opposite direction. How? He was not a sleepwalker. Had he been dreaming, or had he witnessed some strange spectacle?

Something is not right here, in this apartment. It was eerie. They couldn’t continue to live in it. I will discuss it with them in the morning. He didn’t sleep in the fear of again waking up.

The next day all went to college leaving home alone. On their return Aryan was not feeling energetic, everyone else went to a movie. He switched on the kettle and went for a shower. As he steps out of the bathroom in his bathing robe, he heard a soft sound of metal rubbing against the surface. Instead of going into the room he directly entered the kitchen. It was empty and very cold. Why was it cold? The kitchen is always the hottest place in a house. He rubbed his arms and exhaled deeply. His breath instantaneously turned into smoke as in peak winters. Panic began to invade his senses. In fear, he quickly picked his Mug, dropped sugar, put tea bag, and as he was going to pour hot water. He watched aghast that the kettle moved in its own and fell down on the floor with a crash. “Something sinister really wants us out” Aryan cried.

Oww! What the Fu….” Aryan screamed burning his legs with hot scalding water. Burns were so severe he started bleeding, but somehow managed to stop it and apply ointment. There were bloodstains on the floor. As he was crying in pain, “hello” a cold air blew in his ear. It was a very scary childish voice. His heart started racing and his body started shaking in fear. He looked around to locate the source of the voice but nothing was found. In a rush he wore his jeans put on a shirt and rush out of the house, waiting. He took out his phone and call them.

 When he discussed it with his friends, “We should leave this house and go to our home” Umang said in a worried tone. Everyone convinced, packed their belongings, and left the house early morning. After reaching their own house, this time they lived peacefully for some time. But it was getting difficult for them to go to college from their home. So after some time, they were back again in that apartment. Was it a god plan, them to meet again in that same place?

So here they are back again in that hellhole. Things seemed to be normal but they weren’t. All were back to their routine, home to college and college to home. It goes like this for few months.

It was chilled midnight of January, Umang was making dinner when he heard a soft noise, “help me” coming from their bedroom. It was a very soft and sophisticated sound. Umang rushed to the room and looked it was nothing. He ignored and thought everything was alright, went into the kitchen, and started cutting vegetables for the masala gravy he was making. Suddenly the kitchen went silent (a creepy silence), a mug falls down scaring Umang to death. He was able to hear someone breathing just behind him. While picking that mug he notices a movement along his side, cold Umang started shivering out of fear and choked his throat. Rushed out of the kitchen and saw everyone “dead.”

Umang freezes and went into hyperventilating shock. “Aaaaagh! He woke up on his bed, looking at the wall clock with blurry vision it was 15 minutes past 1 in the morning. Waking up everyone in the room. Did he again experience sleep paralysis? A dream? Or a warning?  He knew it was not a good spirit, he was getting death notes.

These 4 friends were not in their brains by now, they did everything to cope with this thing but nothing happened.

They didn’t sleep, early in the morning what they observed, “CUTS” says yatharth. They bled on their bedsheets during the night, terrified and foolish they were. Made a plan to have an Ouija session.

They went to an antique store and purchased an Ouija board. Was that night going to turn deadly or everything was going to end for good?

All burns candles put them around the board switch off the lights and sat around it. They started the session it was going just fine, no response. Then suddenly, their T.V. turned on and showed them playing left them shocked and sudden movement struck when Vipul took his finger off the planchette (it is said that once started, you must not put your hand or finger off the board while communicating) it is a rule. They certainly didn’t know about it. Their whole house started to shake, as in a large earthquake things were smashing onto each other. The glass of the window burst exploded penetrating Umang’s back. The boy in all his senses was standing in front of them just staring at them with black bleeding eyes, gutted from head to toes, all screamed out of disgust and utmost fear(it was a scream coming out of their will). Umang was already half-dead bleeding on the floor, Yatharth and Vipul were injured they bled vigorously through their head losing conciseness. Aryan started to feel the burns of his legs spreading all over his body, “aaaaaaaahhhhhh” screaming and crying out of pain.

Did they just open a gateway to hell?

Submitted: June 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 umang agarwal. All rights reserved.

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