Ghetto Infused [ft. Kia Flow]

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poem featuring United States writer/poet "Kia Flow". This piece seeks infuse the experiences of growing up in the ghettos of South Africa and America.

[Kia Flow] 

Narrow we see when the walls close in our faith.

When promises dissipate in the worries of your heart

Many have seen the truth before words could form

But society trains our walk

And if the walk ain't right, it's off with your head

For no one listens to your cries

Too busy trying to find the lies and the whys that we pay no attention to what's real

The issue so bigger that this borrow language

Our skins tell stories richer than brown

My block stayed lit with gunshots that make music to our fear 

So we learned to freestyle to its beat

Fear no longer the focal

We are still hopeful 

That the walls will widen, and the loads will lighten 

No longer ashamed or frightened by the unknown, because make things what they are

We originate this existence and our hearts are too big not to know that a blessing is on the horizon 

[Christian Tripp] 

Growing up in the cradle of mankind,
The beauty seen only by the eyes of the blind.


The native land which surpasses the beginning of time.

I grew up in a big township called "Soweto", in the belly of the beast - 
the dreadful ghetto. 

Poverty infested households, 
but a neighbour can still stop and say "hello".

Cops tragically raid our streets searching for Drug fellows, 
black men rape young girls promising them meaningless tomorrows. 

The is future is bright, but the present is so narrow. 
Concrete jungles, no sight of grazing cattles.

I grew up in South Africa,
the motherland!!

Where black people ask for food
from the White Man's hand,
begging for coins inside rusted cans.

While the oppressor has a comfortable
feeding plan.

Submitted: June 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Kutlwano Christian-Tripp Moloi. All rights reserved.

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