Freedom's Timeless Song

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Listen to the song of time, it beacons memories and fantasies and dreams of yesterdays. The cries for freedom smothered under the scorching summer sun in cotton fields down south.


By Al Garcia

Listen to freedom's timeless song, it beacons memories and fantasies and dreams of yesterdays.  The cries for freedom smothered under the scorching summer sun in cotton fields down south. 

Listen to freedom's timeless song.  It is the song of time.  It reveals the innocence, the hatred, the bewilderment, of lost and roaming legions of humanity.  Listen to the silence of the slaughter of freedom, as men hang from blemished trees, lifeless and alone in crowded fields of watching silent men draped in white, with downcast eyes in shame. 

Listen to freedom's timeless song, as blood is spilled on battlefields, with tortured wails of agony and exhaustion emanating from the souls of brother pitted against brother, the north against the south, with each moment drenching the ground in crimson and in tears. 

Listen to the song of time, it tells of clashes and struggles -- Indians slaughtered by settlers, and legendry tales of massacres and slaughters, all endorsing and sanctioning the expanding boundaries of our emerging realm. 

Listen to freedom's timeless song, it tells of flags flying triumphantly above defeated grounds, with echoes of agony and heartache left in its wake, teaching us that no freedom is just obtained or handed out without resistance.  In wars between the states, between families, between colors and even between beliefs, ideas and thoughts, America fought, suffered and won its freedom from all, except itself. 

Today we fly the Stars and Stripes with pride and compassion for the struggles and voices silenced by time -- voices that did not know where their struggle would lead, or what their suffering, their marching, or their protests would ever achieve. 

Today we listen to freedom's timeless song and raise our heads and our voices for the champions of the past.  We hold our hand against our heart to feel the sense of life beneath our human shield to feel the life of those before us. 

We hear the voices silenced by hatred and mistrust, and recall the lives destroyed and enslaved, simply because they were not accepted or simply did not fit into what was then acceptable to a few. 

Listen to freedom's timeless song that tells of lives of innocents dispatched to battle across the globe for causes and objectives not stated or conveyed. 

Our freedom -- it cannot be exported across the world.  It is unique.  Our flag depicts the struggles, the courage and the audacity of our ancestors -- white, brown, black, yellow – a rainbow of humanity -- who questioned, who stood up, who made the choice to walk tall with heads held high, because they heard freedom's timelsss song before it was acceptable or respectable. 

Today, with the debates about building a wall to keep people out, about DACA, and about White Supremacists and Nazi’s in our midst, we should listen more intently to the song of time and bow our heads in awe and wonder at those who gave us the freedoms they never had, but only longed for. 

I am my father’s son, and the son of time itself, making me a part of the wondrous song of time that others will someday hear, and hopefully take the time to listen to as those before them did.  Freedom is not just a legacy, but a celebration of life shared and earned by the melting pot of humanity that makes up America. 

Now, listen to freedom's timeless song and let it inspire you, astound you and amaze you.  Freedom is not just a pledge of allegiance to a flag, a party, or a cause, but a celebration of faith and dedication to principals fought for with blood and sweat and tears.  It is most profound. 

Let the sound of freedom ring, loud and clear for all to hear, even those who never got to see, or taste or feel the harvest of their endeavors.  And this is my wish for today, just to listen to freedom's song, and know that we have passed it forward without diminishing the heart and soul of every life, every word, every hope that has made this country great. 

We are a tapestry of the world that surrounds us.  Let us embrace the legacy we have been given, not hide behind a wall.  Will our wall, like too many others in our history, become a rallying symbol of intolerance and division?  Not if we listen to freedom's timeless song.

Submitted: June 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 A.Garcia. All rights reserved.

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