Frankie The Ghost

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a fictional short story about a ghost named Frankie

Frankie the headless ghost

Short story by: Kayla Wantland



         Chapter 1: Moving in

It all started a while ago, when me and my husband moved into a new home. We were excited, because we could finally afford a big home. It looked so beautiful, even though it would need some trimming in the front yard. We wondered why the price was so cheap, though. “Honey, look! There’s some old photographs!” My husband shouted looking in the attic of this new home. “Why don’t we look at them, love?” I said, giggling and walking to where he was. I was in the kitchen, making some mac and cheese since the stove was working. 

“Baby!,” I shouted. “Dinner’s ready!” He spun me around, hugged me and picked up the spoon I was using. Right as we were about to dish it up, we both heard footsteps. It didn’t make sense to us because we were the only ones in the house. “It’s probably just some squatter- HEY, THIS IS OUR HOUSE! GET OUT!” he shouted to nothing at all. It didn’t happen again for a few days so we assumed that he was right. 

I left to go shopping to get some more food for the house. It was a hot summer day, so I wanted to get a pool as well even though with the branches, I didn’t think it was possible. As I stood in line with all the groceries in my arms, I saw this old creepy guy staring at me, would not look away. 

Finally, he spoke to me and said, “I saw you and your husband or brother or whoever that is in that house, do you know the story behind it?” He grinned from ear to ear. He had an old creepy face with a southern accent. His teeth were in perfect condition but he had long pointy, bushy eyebrows and grey and white hair. “That’s my husband, we recently moved in a while ago. And no I haven’t and I kind of don’t care for a silly horror scheme.” I told him. “Well, legend has it that there’s a man whose wife was murdered on the property, and legend has it he shot himself in the head and now his ghost still walks around, seeking revenge on anyone who dares to enter that house. Well, it’s just a legend of course.” 

That scared me, so I went as quickly as I could through the line and went straight home. My husband was still at work. He was gonna be home in an hour though, so I had time to take a shower and cook him dinner. As I was showering, I felt like I was being watched or that someone was in the shower with me. I turned around and saw a handprint on the shower door. 

“Hey beautiful! I’m home! Care if I join you?” He said with a smirk on his face. “Sure, honey. Hey, by the way, look at that handprint on the door!” I said while pointing to a handprint that clearly was not mine. “Ha, you did that to prank me, huh?” He winked at me and we showered. Finally, it was time for dinner. Sitting down, drying off in our night outfit we knew that dinner was done. I made him some tuna casserole. It was good by the way. 

“Wow, darling, you made this really good! Don’t worry honey, I will cook for you tomorrow. You’ve been working your butt off lately, so I think it’s time to treat my wife with some massages and a whole day off.” I blushed and smiled widely and accepted. “He hasn’t done that in a long time, since before we were married” I think to myself. 

The next day comes and I wake up and he’s not in bed with me. So I thought he was at work. I went to the living room and started cleaning. I got a bit spooked because I started hearing the same walking again. “Hello?” I yelled. It got louder and then out of nowhere my husband jumped out of the corner and screamed, “BOO! I GOT YOU! HAHAHA” I smacked his arm and said, “YOU TURD” while smiling and feeling my pulse. But then, with my husband right next to me, I hear it again. “Well that ain’t me this time!” he said. He grabbed a samurai sword that he got a while back because he’s a big fan of anime and grabbed my arm and we headed to where the footsteps were. But no one was there. “Okay, fine!” I shouted. “I’ll buy a camera and see who keeps hiding!” My husband agrees and we locked the door to the attic and another room that kept having footsteps in it as well. 


Chapter 2: Seeing Frankie


 I saved up enough money to get a security camera so I can see who this guy is who we keep hearing. Sure enough, the next night we were laying in bed and heard footsteps coming from the other room. We also heard a woman scream as well. We jumped out of bed and checked our camera. 

 “What the hell is that?!” My husband shouted. “He doesn’t even have a head! How can he walk?” We didn’t see the woman, but after we saw Frankie, which I nicknamed him because he seemed to be like a Frankie type of guy, things started happening. Doors were being slammed shut, glasses were broken and even me and my husband’s wedding photo had disappeared. 

 We finally said enough is enough and we got my pastor to come over and pray over the house. He said that me and my husband were being haunted by a guy seeking revenge after his suicide from his wife’s murder. The legend was true for me and my husband. Frankie still pops up from time to time not not enough anymore.


Submitted: June 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 KaylaRose-999. All rights reserved.

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88 fingers

That was a good ghost story. I actually have friends who are ghost investigators.

Thu, June 10th, 2021 7:05pm

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