Pokemon Unova Fan Fiction

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Andrew, Cheren, and Bianca go on an adventure in the Unova region.

Table of Contents

(Beginning) Ready?

My patience was being tested. Cheren and I silently stared at the box on his desk. It seemed out of place in his minimalistic bedroom... Read Chapter

(Beginning) Way To Win

"Ember!" Tepig fired several flares at Herdier "Wait!" Ron shouted. Ron was a guy I'd met on Route 1. He gave me a potion. We've been... Read Chapter

(Beginning) Ignorance

"Bianca?" I found Bianca crouched by a tree. "It's been a while." Kenya was fighting a gang of Patrats with Darumaka. I knelt next to Bia... Read Chapter

(Beginning) Challenge

Kenya and I followed Lenora to the gym. Lenora was talking with her husband when we entered the gym. It was a large museum filled with ar... Read Chapter

(Beginning) Of Course

Pansage slashed Herdier. It stumbled backward. "Keep up the pressure, vine whip!" Pansage lashed out with vines, hitting Herdier in t... Read Chapter

(Beginning) Have You Decided?

Cheren seemed off. He greeted Bianca and me as the crowd dispersed. Officer Jenny was talking with Lenora. She took the plasma ma... Read Chapter

(Beginning) Colress

"Go away," Kenya said. Druddigon growled threateningly. The man with the lab coat returned his knocked-out Klang. He scratched his he... Read Chapter

(Beginning) The Thing I Saw

I had vague memories of Bianca and Kenya carrying me, Pignite helped them. They carried me all the way to Castelia City. My mind wand... Read Chapter

(Beginning) The Ruins

The name bounced around in my head. Kyurem, I'd never heard of a pokemon named Kyurem. I'd checked the Pokedex. I'd tried to get ... Read Chapter

(Distance) The Egg

Bianca picked up Snivy. The two of them had been wandering around the cave for at least an hour now. She sat down against the wall, l... Read Chapter

(Distance) Proud

I was the only one upset with Bianca. At least for the stealing of the egg. Kenya apparently had no morals whatsoever, and Nathan was... Read Chapter

(Distance) What Are You After?

"I have to catch another pokemon," Kenya said. "Maybe you can find one on Route 6," Bianca suggested. We'd just arrived in Driftveil ... Read Chapter

(Distance) Pay Attention

Kenya woke up. She rolled over on the ground, slowly remembering what happened. Her head was throbbing. She sat up. Something wet ran... Read Chapter

(Distance) Incredible

The Zoroark was fast. Dewott tried to distract it, but it was intent on chasing down the plasma members. It rushed past me again, knockin... Read Chapter

(Distance) A Chill And A Hat

Bronius sat down on a large root. The other team plasma members stood behind him. Bianca sat near him. Kenya and I hung back, watching. ... Read Chapter

(Distance) Open

Kenya and I crossed the Driftveil Drawbridge together. It was a chilly morning. Fog rested in the air. A few other trainers were trav... Read Chapter

(Evolve) The Nimbasa Tournament

I sat down on Cheren's bed. He was standing in front of the tv, messing with the antennae. "Try changing the channel!" He suggested. ... Read Chapter

(Evolve) Bianca

"You will not leave this house!" Bianca's father shouted. Her mother sat silently at the table. Bianca and her father's plates were u... Read Chapter

(Evolve) Recognize

I immediately recognized her as she stood up. She was a few rows ahead of us. Cerea. A short, stocky blonde girl. Cerea went to the same ... Read Chapter

(Evolve) The Pig's Plight

Musharna was knocked out on impact. She flew across the battlefield, landing hard. I returned her, grimacing. Drilbur burrowe... Read Chapter

(Evolve) Overwhelming

Kenya didn't have a stake in the tournament. She had little interest in the prize. An endorsement from Alder? What would she do with ... Read Chapter

(Evolve) Shared Emotions

Kenya kicked a rock. I took a bite out of my snack bar. We'd wandered out onto Route 5. There was a street band playing a somber song. It... Read Chapter

(Evolve) Let Me Win

"Cheren has earned his Nimbasa gym badge," Alder said. Minutes later, Cheren returned to the waiting room. Bianca patted him on the shoul... Read Chapter

(Evolve) I Didn't Want To

"What are you doing?" Kenya asked. Andrew looked at her. The two of them were outside of the trainer school. Andrew was sitting, seem... Read Chapter

(Drive) Rival

"Catch it!" Cheren shouted. He ran through the trees, keeping the Scraggy in his sights. Andrew was behind him, trying to keep up. Th... Read Chapter

(Drive) You Gotta Win

"Catch it!" Cheren shouted. He ran through the trees, keeping the Scraggy in his sights. Andrew was behind him, trying to keep up. Th... Read Chapter

(Drive) Andrew V Cheren

"I want you to promise me." Mother said. Her Golett paced behind her. She gestured to the couch and I sat. "You know you're adopt... Read Chapter

(Drive) Apotheosis

Cheren hated to lose. He always had. "You have to be on top!" Cheren's dad demanded. He pointed at Cheren from across the dinner ... Read Chapter

(Drive) Unova's Champion

"Amazing." Nathan stepped onto the battlefield and returned Klingklang. Cheren met him halfway. ... Read Chapter

(Drive) There, Always

Andrew sat down on Cheren's bed. Cheren stood in front of his dad's old tv, fiddling with the antennae. "Try changing the channel!" C... Read Chapter

(Drive) Return To Driftveil

Bianca was talking with her dad. Kenya and I watched from the other side of the pokemon center. "How long do we have to wait?" Kenya ... Read Chapter

(Cataclysm) Link

Zinzolin refused to answer any of my questions. I was taken belowdecks and dragged to a dimly lit cell. I noticed a few of the other ... Read Chapter

(Cataclysm) The Monster In The Chasm

Zera gazed at the town wall. Her green hair was flat on her back. The sun slowly vanished behind the wall. Soon it would be dark. ... Read Chapter

(Cataclysm) Victims

Zera had grown used to her life. She'd lived in the facility for a few years now. Her favorite activity was painting on the walls of ... Read Chapter

(Cataclysm) All The Way

Colress zipped up the bag and set it down on his desk. He was in his office. A small room consisting of a desk and a few bookshelves. ... Read Chapter

(Cataclysm) Taking Over

The frigate landed in the middle of Mistralton City. Colress was the first to climb off. Skyla was the only one, standing a few feet ... Read Chapter

(Cataclysm) Fight

"What do we do?" Cerea asked. I shrugged, helpless. The six of us had hidden in the poke mart while Neo Plasma wreaked havoc outside.... Read Chapter

(Cataclysm) Thunder And Lightning

"What a buffoon." Colress scowled. A group of trainers had gathered around Zinzolin. The link was among them. "Looks like your plan i... Read Chapter

(Cataclysm) Clay, Driftveil's Gym Leader

"Who do you think you are?" One of the Black Empoleon thugs yelled. A girl with brown hair was standing opposite of them, her Pignite... Read Chapter

(Cataclysm) Irreparable

Shouting. Someone was shouting. The floor rumbled. Clay and Nurse Joy were pulling me. Emboar appeared, easily picking me up.... Read Chapter

(Reprieve) One More Time

I dreamt of ice. I saw her again, the woman with green hair. Somehow, she felt familiar. She curled up in the space before me, shiver... Read Chapter

(Reprieve) If You Say So

Clay watched them leave. Andrew glanced over his shoulder as he stepped outside. At that moment, Clay suddenly thought of Hilda. ... Read Chapter

(Reprieve) Reflection Of Feeling

Druddigon was knocked out. Kenya was buried under a layer of snow. She grunted, getting up. She spotted Bianca nearby, recovering. An... Read Chapter

(Reprieve) I'll Be Outside

"That's nice," Cheren grunted. He took two of Bianca's pieces. She had about three left. "Geez," Bianca groaned. The three of us sat ... Read Chapter

(Reprieve) Skyla Isn't Well

"Heat crash!" Emboar slammed into Druddigon, knocking it back. Druddigon stumbled, but recovered quickly. That ones tough! "I... Read Chapter

(Reprieve) Bianca's Challenge

“Its got to be around here somewhere,” Kenya said. The two of us had wandered out of Mistralton city. We had a trail out into the... Read Chapter

(Reprieve) Suspicion And Clarity

The Cobalion limped into the cave. Kenya and I watched from a distance. "Well?" I asked. Kenya leaned against a tree, eying t... Read Chapter

(Reprieve) Be The Change

"I'm gonna be the strongest trainer there ever will be!" Skyla declared. Her grandfather smiled down at her. The two of them... Read Chapter

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