Omega is a lone wolf trying to make his way through life whiling trying to find a pack.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 “OWWWWWWWWWWW” the Wolf howls to the full moon. It climbed on top of the mountain to thank God. Spending 20 minutes giv... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

It was light out, I was awake but just wanted to lie there until I felt it was time to hunt or scavenge, for food and water. All of a sud... Read Chapter

chapter 3

It’s been 3 weeks. My leg has healed. I’ve been eating a ton of berries and fish and also making sure I have plenty of water, so I ha... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Omega kept walking towards the stream. He picked up on a scent of a bear. Same bear in the cave. He swears it was around the stream. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

I fell asleep on top of the cliff; not safe. My only ally 7, would she get in trouble? I’ll talk to her about me and the pack. I need w... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

I was in the middle of eating fish when I hear a bear growling. I look up and the bear was running towards me. I dodged it really fast an... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

I’m pushing this boulder. It’s getting easier. I’m stronger, faster, more agile. Is it time?, Time to take my place. Am I as strong... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

14 moons later, Omega is caught training in the woods by Beta 7. “That’s pretty good Omega” “7 what are you doing here?... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

I wake up. I walk to the stream. Maybe I shouldn’t be in plain sight today. How do I take on 7 wolves. I must join them. Maybe this is ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

“Bite down! 7 bite down!” “I’m trying to father.” Said Omega The deer got away. It was just Omega and his father. His f... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

“Wake up. Wake up. Wake up!” yelled Beta 7 Beta 7 wounded up and then swatted Omega’s face. “OW, what happened?” ... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Omega spots Beta 7 at the stream. He walks up to her and licks her face. “We almost got killed yesterday. We have to be more safe.... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

I walk through the forest trying to make out a scent of a prey. I got one. Where is it? I sniff the air and ground. I move forward. I hit... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

“Come here fucking squirrel.” “Hehehehehehe” The squirrel runs fast but Omega is faster. He is about 60 meters away. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

I wake up on the cliff. I howl and pray. Then I head to the stream. I lap up water. My enemies are dead. Today I will have a pack. Today ... Read Chapter

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