He Cries for Magic

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I am very excited today, well let me back up a bit.  It started yesterday.  I am babysitting the sweetest little boy again today.  His mom will be dropping him off in about an hour.
We had so much fun yesterday. I'll tell you more later, it looks like they are early.
Knock, knock.  "Mrs.  Bradley, come on in.  Why is Anthony still in the car?  Is there something wrong?"  I could tell by the look on her face there must be a problem.
"I dropped off a quiet little boy to you yesterday morning.  I was told you were great with children.  My Anthony is anything but quiet now.  He woke me up twice last night crying for magic.  He had real tears.  I thought he was having a nightmare.  He said we needed magic in our house. I told him there was no such thing as magic.  He started crying again.  He said you knew all about magic, you knew it was real, Ms. Jane has magic in her house."
Ms. Bradley looked at me with a helpless expression on her face.  I chuckled and started to explain, but...
"You laugh, you think this is funny?  I believe in telling a child the truth and do not want to fill his head with nonsense."
I held up my hands and said.  "Please let me at least defend myself before you hang me.  The fact that you have Anthony with you says there is a hope of compromise here.  I tell you right now there is no compromise in the way I teach children."  Her eyes narrow a bit when I said that.  I knew there was no way to handle this but to do to her what I did to Anthony when he got here yesterday.  I clapped my hands.
I quietly opened one door into the back bedroom.  Oscar was the first to arrive, almost the first he was riding on Sweet Pea at the time.  Sweet Pea slowly approached my guest.  She lowered her head just a bit and allowed Oscar to introduce himself.  Sweet Pea stopped short of stroking distance and lowered her head to the ground.  Oscar scampered out of the room.  He came almost immediately came back in with Grammy, his wife and Peanut, his pet cat.  Bella had started to moo again, so, not wanting to be left out, also ran into the room.  My brood was sitting in front of our guest just looking at her.  Her eyes were getting bigger and bigger.  "Okay, where is Magic"?  I looked around and there he was napping with Wink in Oscar's cat tree.  "Magic come on, front and center."
I looked back at Mrs. Bradley, and she was very busy petting heads and getting kisses.  Oscar's chatting away somehow had captured her heart.  The angry woman that came in the door was gone now.
Magic grabbed Wink and carried him into the room.  Mrs. Bradley started laughing.  "Oh, my.  A raccoon carrying a cat?  What is this?"
"Let me introduce Magic and his pet cat, Wink.  You can't have Magic without a Wink."  We both laughed.
"You see Mrs.  Bradley.  Anthony told me he was not in the mood to be happy yesterday, so I told him that was fine.  He did not have to be happy all the time.  Then I told him there was always magic in laughter.  When Magic came in the room Anthony thought I meant there was a little raccoon in laughter.  I had to explain the difference between believing in magic and a name someone might call themselves.  The fact is that like magic, laughter makes you feel better, no matter what.  Then I told him, if he wanted, anytime he wanted to laugh he could picture Magic and Wink playing.  The memory would bring the magic of the laughter back to him."
All of a sudden the front door opened.  It was Anthony, "I knew you started playing without me.  See, Mom, over there with Wink, that is Magic."
"Yes, Yes, Son, I understand now."  She stayed for a few more minutes, and before she had to go.  I asked her to think about letting Anthony have a pet of his very own.  Part of his loner, quiet, withdrawn nature is coming from being lonesome.  He needs something to call his own.  I also let her know the Chief of Police had started an animal shelter that had some wonderful dogs that were mostly already house-trained.  I had planted the seed.  Now, we will see.
Anthony and Magic along with the rest of the gang played the rest of the day.  It was still too wet from all the rain for the group to play outside.  Anthony got to play the muddy feet police.  I gave him a hat and a badge (an old broach) and gave him two rolls of paper towels.  He stayed in front of the doggy door every time someone went out.  He did his duty well.  I watched this little boy play and giggle all day long.  He was carrying Wink the next time I saw him with Magic following close behind.  They sat down in a chair and Anthony waved at Magic.  "Come on, you can't have Magic without a little Wink."
I laughed out loud.  I asked if he wanted me to turn on the TV.  "Nah, I don't think Magic would like it."  I laughed again.  I was cleaning up after lunch and things had gotten quiet.  I glanced into the bedroom and there Anthony was curled up with Magic right beside him and Wink snuggled in between them.  It gave me an idea.
I waited for the call from Anthony's mom. She was not sure about the shelter and picking out a dog or cat for Anthony.  I suggested she and Anthony take Magic and Wink home with them.  I told her I would give her some instructions on taking care of a raccoon and the kitty box and food necessary for Wink.  She was thrilled.  I waited, so she could tell Anthony.
She got all the stuff loaded in the car and came back to get Magic and Wink.  Anthony was skipping and laughing.  "Jane, I was told to expect the unexpected when I met you.  They were right.  I never expected to believe in magic again.  I do now."
I waved goodbye.  I went back in the house.  I said to myself, I can't imagine, not believing in magic.  I know one thing for sure, there is magic in laughter.

Submitted: June 11, 2021

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Kids and pets: magic indeed.

Fri, June 11th, 2021 12:54pm


Don't tell anyone, but that is where the magic is born.

Fri, June 11th, 2021 8:45am

Suzanne Mays

Another fun story. Do you still have the spitting llama?

Fri, June 11th, 2021 1:47pm


Loverboy lives on the Funny Farm with several characters from my stories.

Fri, June 11th, 2021 8:44am

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