Princess Amanda And Prince Jaskin

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Princess Amanda and Prince Jaskin


Dedicated to all the women who are looking for true love. Don’t give up. You are not alone. Sometimes love may be where you least expect it to be. It could be a person you never thought would be the one.Chapter 1: The evil king’s son

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There once was a girl, who everyone knew. She had the gift of curves and a gift of beauty with all of hers. She sat in her palace, hoping one day she’ll find a man so true. That man came, but it wasn’t prince charming. No, he was never the king. He was a villain in disguise. Sent by the evil king to make him his wife.

“My King, at last!” she cried. “Hello, my darling” he gave her a smile so evil but yet so stunning. She had long brown hair, and everyone loved her no matter where she went. She was so beautiful in fact, that this guy had fallen for her. He was known as “Prince Jaskin”, son of the most powerful king far away.

 “How are you, my lady?” “I’m wonderful now that you’re here” she smiled. She had never met someone so handsome and so kind before. He grinned, took her hand, and kissed it. “What a lovely day it is to be here with you, may I ask your name, handsome one?” “Call me Jaskin” he replied, his eyes sparkling with attraction. He was sent to make her an evil wife, but something changed in his heart when he saw her in that beautiful, flowing gown and her green eyes. 

 “Jaskin? My mother once told me about a Jaskin but that was a long time ago. Come on inside, I’ll show you around!” With a smile on his face, he accepts. “So this is where I sleep, I know, there are so many rooms. I don’t know why, but my mother said that we need to have these many rooms.” “Well, I can see how many days you have been waiting for me, madam” as he points to a spot in the room where there are thousands of marked lines representing all the days she has spent waiting for Prince Jaskin. They were right on time for the royal ball. “Care to join me, my lady?” “I’d love to!” He takes her by the hand and spins her around as the band is playing a romantic song. “I never thought you’d look so beautiful,” he proclaimed as he smiled at her. As he is smiling, there is a look of love in his eyes. Something that he has never felt before. 

 Right as he was about to kiss her, Jaskin’s father burst through the door asking what was taking him so long. “Where in the blazing blisters have you been?! Get back home! You have no right to be talking with the princess!” “Yes, father. Coming now.” “I never got to ask your name,” he said. “What shall I call you by?” “Princess Amanda'' she whispered. “I think you should get going before your father beheads you” she said as he was leaving. “Goodbye, Princess Amanda” “Goodbye, Jaskin.” 

 “What do you think you are doing?!” Jaskin’s father shouted. “You’re not supposed to have a dance with her!” “Father, she is beautiful.” he replied. “She has curves! Let some other unlucky slimer be hers!” his father shouted with concern and disgust. His father despised Princess Amanda “I thought you said to make her my wife so we can rule all the land?” “That was before I saw her. Now, go to your room.” 

 “What will I have to do to be with her?” he thought to himself as he lay down on his bed. “I know just what to do! When father is asleep, I will sneak out of my window and meet her silently.” As day turned to night, he got ready to sneak out. His father lay passed out on the couch. He made a run for it. He gathered a rope, tied it to his balcony and climbed down it. Finally, he reached Princess Amanda. “Amanda!” he whispered. “Jaskin! What are you doing here so late?” she laughed and smiled as he hugged her. “My lady, I had to come and see you. I wanted to apologise for my father,” “He is not usually like that with princesses. May I ask where your father is?” “Well, my father was beheaded by an evil king a long, long time ago.” “So I only have my mother and the royal family.” “I’m very sorry to hear that” he replied. “Thank you. He was a great king. His legacy lives on.” 

 They talked and talked for hours until Prince Jaskin had to leave because night turned into morning. “Well, my lady, looks like the sun is starting to come up. Good thing father doesn’t wake up until a few more hours.” “Goodbye, Jaskin. I wish you luck on your journey home. Mother would be waking up soon, too.” “Goodbye, Princess” Jaskin whispered and kissed her hand. Her mother wakes up after he leaves the palace. “Goodmorning Amanda, how did my little princess sleep?” “It was an amazing dream, mother! I dreamed of you and father again. I miss him.” She said with a sad look on her face. “I miss him too, my ladybug. He would be so happy for you. Who was that handsome man I saw you dancing with at the ball?” she asked. “That was a guy from far away, but he heard of me and had to see me. I forgot his name. Sorry, mother.” But she knew that she wanted him and knew his name. “That’s okay, sweetheart. Just be careful. There are princes out there who will hurt you and pretend like they are kind. Be knowledgeable with who you talk to.” “Yes, mother. I am aware.” 

 Days passes, and Prince Jaskin realises he’s in love with her. He is planning to ask her hand in marriage, but he realises she will have to ask her brother for her hand. He knew that her brother was very wealthy and very handsome. He had a wife and 5 children. While the princess was a year younger enough to be able to have children in the kingdom. He would be known as the wealthiest of all the land.

Chapter 2: The Marriageize93tTB24_VA0Of126PApmTBA6iUjU5w5-JLibF

“I have to marry her,” he said to himself. He went to see her brother to ask to take her hand in marriage. So Prince Jaskin traveled far across the land and finally reached the princess’s brother. “May I ask for your sister’s hand in marriage?” He asked, kindly. “Yes, only if you promise not to harm her.” The brother replied truthfully. 

 So they arrange for the wedding and Prince Jaskin finally married Princess Amanda and they moved far away from Jaskin’s father and became king and queen of a land far away from him.


Submitted: June 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 KaylaRose-999. All rights reserved.

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Thats a fun story so far. The princess' 'gift of curves definately have that villain entranced. Thanks for sharing.

Sat, June 12th, 2021 12:28pm

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