Larry Slade is Full of It: Act 3, Scene 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jane gets up the courage to enlist the ultimate ally in her quest to save her dad. That ally? Her estranged mom.



ALEX: You guys seriously wasted a lot of money on gas. I could’ve just come out this weekend.


JANE: No. We have to do this now. 


ALEX: Okay… Who are you and what--


JANE: Cliche. 


ALEX: It fits! And who are you?


CHARLIE: Hey, I’m just the janitor. 


ALEX: Do you have a crush on this boy, Jane?


JANE: Stop it! Both of you. She’s going to come out any minute. 


ALEX: This isn’t a good idea. 


JANE: What else can we do? 


CHARLIE: Maybe we should focus on what we’re gonna say. 


ALEX: So Mom, hi after ten years, do you want to drive an hour to get yelled at by your ex-husband?


CHARLIE: She has a point. 


JANE: She’ll want to see him. She still loves him. 


ALEX: How do you know that?


JANE: She does. 


ALEX: So what, you’ve been talking to her or something?

JANE: No. 


ALEX: Visiting her secretly?


JANE: No! He said it was useless. He said she was “total batshit.” I listened. 


ALEX: Seriously? Jesus, Jane. 


Mother enters. She approaches JANE. ALEX looks away. CHARLIE gives them space. 


MOTHER: You’re pretty… those eyes… Pardon me, my dear. Have we met? My brain’s funny.


JANE: Mom, I’m… you’re my mom. 


MOTHER: Your mother? You? No, no, no. I’m in no mood for that sort of thing. 


JANE: Mom, don’t you recognize me?


MOTHER: Now, you just shut your mouth! I’m done listening to you! You...dirty trick!


JANE: Mom, please calm down. 


MOTHER: You’re not my daughter!


ALEX crosses to them and hugs them violently. 


MOTHER: Let go of me!


ALEX: Shhh…. Sh….


After a painful length of time, MOTHER calms down. 


ALEX: That’s right…It’s good. 


MOTHER: What...why…


ALEX: Sh… We’ll explain in the car. 


MOTHER: The car? Am I allowed?


JANE: Yes, mom. They let you have day passes. 


ALEX: How do you know that?


JANE: Don’t confuse her more, Alex. 


MOTHER: Well, if you’re my daughters, and you say it’s okay…


JANE: It is. 


MOTHER: Okay, but can I ask a question?


JANE: Whatever you want, Mom?


MOTHER: Would someone please tell me what’s going on?


JANE: You’ll see. Let’s go. 

End Scene.

Submitted: June 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Tony Chiba. All rights reserved.

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