Revenge of the Manungulis

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A horror show is playing out in the backwoods, where a sinister presence looms.

Cryptic sightings, strange disappearances. The forest hides a dark foreboding mystery.

Some folks in rural Littlebrook blame Bigfoot for their troubles, while others believe there's an evil, sadistic serial killer lurking in the shadows.

After naive eighteen year old Cole Varlin loses his entire family, he's left baffled, until he meets a bizarre stranger with a secret agenda.

Fearing his brother has been abducted by ruthless mountain thugs, he sets out on a month long frightening trek through vast untamed wilderness.

Terrified of the unknown, he won't be making the perilous journey alone. He has mentally unstable survivalist, Albert Boggs, as his guide.

The three-hundred pound gun crazy giant is hell-bent on plowing his way through any situation to get Cole to the finish line, to his brother, but there's a catch. Cole is the ransom. He's a trade-off for something tormented Albert desperately needs back; his lost soul.

Will Cole survive the harrowing ordeal to free his brother or will he become another missing person on the list?

Is Albert the Littlebrook serial killer or just an innocent guy caught in an insane predicament?

What does the end of the line hold in store for either of them?

How many more will have to die before the morbid details become unburied truths?

A tale of gore, insanity, mystery, courage, laughs and tears, guaranteed to make you question, is it safe to go hiking alone in the woods?

Table of Contents

Summer 1970

      Prologue   Summer 1970 In a quiet forest at the break of dawn, a d... Read Chapter

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Revenge of the Manungulis

Would you dare to face your worst fears to save someone you love, even if it means heading into the remote wilderness with a half crazed hairy-man hell bent on revenge? That's what naive teenager Cole Varlin did to find his missing brother.