Lucy the Huntress

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Dark Dreams Publications

This is an event when a world within our world comes once a year in search of a harvest. It happens on a day in May when one man will suffer the cost of being at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Sam is driving home with the windshield wipers working full bore. He had been working 12-hour shifts for the past three weeks when he could not remember if he was coming or going. All he can remember is the dawn when he wiped the sleep from his eyes as he continued to drive with the tires that he just purchased with the spines still on them. Sam clocked the wheel from side to side when he continued to drive as he tried to remember what he said to his supervisor.

What did he say to his supervisor? He did not know what the rain finally let up as he continued to drive through the water that is upon the road. He is almost halfway home when he has to come home to feed his dog that is waiting for so long for him to come home. Sam smiled when the road started to get a little rough when he spent his hard-earned tax dollars for the roads that will never get fixed in his lifetime.

It is a goddamn Ponzi scheme, let me tell you! Shelby Hansell said at the diner when Sam was getting his thermos full of coffee three nights ago before he had to go to work.

They get our money like they get it from their mommies and daddies. They spend the money with no interest of ever paying it back. They blow through the money like selling the golden donkey and it is rinse and repeat, over and over again. It is nothing but politics, plain and true.

“Well, you are right about that.” Sam felt the tires dig into the divots in the road.

“It has been over forty years since they touched this old sonofabitch.”

The truck bumbled on when the road got clearer and clearer when he realized that he is in another county as he continued to drive. He turned down the motor to the windshield wipers when there is a break in the gloom and the early morning sun broke through the clouds. Sam put on his sunglasses since he had been working all night and the light will give him a serious bad migraine if it hits his eyes for as long as necessary. He kept both hands on the wheel of the truck now when the clouds thickened again and he wondered if it is going to rain again. He hoped it did not wash out his blueberry bushes when he drove as he is about close to three quarters of the way home when his front driver’s side tire hit something and the rear driver’s tire followed suit.

“What the fuck was that?” Sam blurted when he lost control of his truck a little when he controlled that as he looked at the rearview mirror at the pink mass that is on the side of the road.

“Wait a minute, what?” He spoke in the cab of the truck when he looked through the windshield as he braked over to the side of the road. He looked through the rear window when he pulled the gearshift into “R” and backed up towards the pink mass that is on the side of the road. He stopped the truck and geared the tranny into Park, getting out and seeing what it is when his heart sank with growing horror to what is there on the side of the road.

What he is looking at is a body of a girl when the rain started to come from the heavens, dripping onto her jacket with her head faced down and nothing that came from her as she lied there like she is…

No…No! Sam looked around the road, seeing nothing but trees and not a single house around.

“Oh shit, oh god.” Sam looked around with his heart thudding in his chest. He paced back and forth on the side of the road with his mind thinking and thinking bitterly when he looked at the body that is lying on the side of the road. He did not want to touch the body when he knelt down as the rain started to fall harder and harder when he grabbed her coat and started to pull her into the tree line. Sam did not want to look into her face when he pulled himself into the darkness of the trees. It is after 8:00 a.m. and there is not another car to be found when darkness is where he goes to.

Sometime later the county sheriff shows up when he sees the truck on the side of the road, running with its hazard lights not on. He knew what was in those woods when he pulled to the side of the road, calling for dispatch that he is on Rory Road as they replied a 10-4 on the police band. He set the mike down on the dashboard when he climbed out of the Ford full-sized truck and shut the door behind him, locking the door behind him when he looked up and down the road as he sucked in air and proceeded to go into the woods where he can meet her.

When County Sheriff Mike Tinsley came into the woods he felt the air around him getting thicker when the rain ceased from existence as the sky became different. The trees around him changed when he knew that he is not on the stage of being on planet Earth anymore when the species of Bird, Frog, and Flora is not specialized and researched by any scientist that has stumbled across this in the woods in the middle of nowhere. The Sheriff went deeper into the woods for that he knew these woods ever since he was a child as he came across the hunters where the sun never shines and the moon never sets.

I am not at home anymore and home is not where I am. Mike Tinsley thought when he did not tell a soul of this place. No one would believe him if he did when he heard the whistle of something over his head from the lungs that produced it. That is when a bolt shot over his shoulder when he ducked as the bolt hit the alien tree that growing out of the dirt that is so dark and rich with nothing that ever grew it with the exception of trees that sucks so little nutrients that it is close to impossible of it being alive and true.

Mike Tinsley came into the clearing where there was a fire that died from the night before with embers still burning in the center of it. Three children appeared that are as old as time where time seemed to cease and nothing mattered but the senses of instinct that is still in their veins. What their names are known are: Issom, Clavoona, and Antill; the three rulers of the past that have no name. Mike Tinsley looked at the three of them when he spoke in the clearing:

 “Where is the person that you took from Mother Earth?” He asked the three when the three of them replied in unison.

“He is the harvest of the year and we are not giving him back.”

“So he is a man.” Mike added in, looking at the three of them.

“He is a man who has a family.”

“He is meat.” The three of them replied in unison still.

“What right do you have to rule over us?”

“You are a violent, narrow-minded race of beings that must be controlled. We do have the keys to end your burdens.” The three of them continued to speak when a forth appeared which Mike Tinsley knew her name. It is Lucy, the Huntress. Mike remembered Lucy the huntress when she died so many years ago when they were children. Mike looked at Lucy and knew she is the same, never changing when her file is the cold case that he had left cold in the file that is under lock and key when he lied to her mother and father when they went into their graves with the unknown truth.

“The man that you seek is now dead, Mr. Tinsley. There is no more to be said.” Lucy looked at Mike and smiled.

“You have gotten old, Mr. Tinsley.”

“And you have not.” Mike replied when he looked at her, being the same as he remembered here when she disappeared into the very same woods thirty years ago.

“Lucy Burnsley is dead. She died when they erased her soul from this body.” Lucy the Huntress smiled when Mike closed his eyes and started to pray.

“You have killed so many so what am I supposed to say?” Mike looked at the four of them with Lucy standing in the front of the three with her bow that is within her hand. She is not wearing a coat around her body when he wore a shirt that is made from the cloth of this world that is foreign in color to Tinsley’s eyes.

“Just say the same thing.” The three rulers of the past said in unison.

“You are the major of your world. We are the makers of this world since it is left in bone and dust.”

“Into the ashes holds a fire that is not doused.” Lucy spoke when the rest of them recited what is said.

“We have another year before we will feed again, Mr. Tinsley.” The three rulers said in unison again.

“We are the makers.” Issom says.

“We are the engineers.” Clavoona says.

“We are the tool masters of paradise.” Antill says.

Mike looked at the four of them when he felt heavy in sleep as his eyes closed when he opened them again, realizing that he is back in the cab of the county sheriff’s cruiser, overlooking at the truck that is still running in front of him on the side of the road.

How in the fuck do they do that? Mike thought when he looked at the tree line to the left of him when he thought about calling in a missing person’s report as he looked at the license plate that is bolted to the truck. He will get the details of the person driving it when that world is closed to planet earth for a year until they have the hunger to feed again. It is just woods and nothing more with no stake and no claim. He called it in when it is 8:37 in the morning on a Tuesday, the 26th of May. Mike Tinsley knew the truth when he culminated another lie in his mind of lies which all he knows.

God, help me. God, forgive me.

Submitted: June 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Adam Steele. All rights reserved.

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A well written science fiction short story, Adam.

Fri, June 11th, 2021 9:30pm


Thanks, Rob73.

Fri, June 11th, 2021 2:32pm

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