Lost World, new world

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Jenna, one of the last surviving humans ... a planetary disease ... what to do?



Jenna sat on a rock for a moment and looked about, across hundreds of miles of uninhabited, mountainous wilderness.

The only clothing she had now was what she was wearing, the reddish-orange track pants and top, an aquamarine shawl, and a pair of boots. She had a few other personal possessions back at the camp, but not much.She had to leave the city in a hurry.

The Disease had wiped out most everybody, including those who were responsible for creating it ( even they, thinking they could be made immune to it, lost contol of it and died horribly - a fitting stroke of justice).

Jenna's family, friends and associates had been fortunate though, her uncle intelligent and resourceful, and they fled the city by air in the early stages.  

They had food for about six months, various plant seeds, some small food animals and rudimentary shelter and other necessities, including enough weaponry and ammunition to fend off a small army.

The twitter of some small bird nearby gave her a spark of hope.

A cool, fresh breeze stirred her long auburn hair and she clutched the shawl about her more closely.

"Why didn't they do what our ancestors had done?" she thought.

The solutions were there, and well known thousands of year ago - on home planet Earth - including sending out ships to colonize other planets and expand humanity across space.

"So, now what?" she thought.

"Start all over again. Create anew".

The spirit of Man cannot die.


The End


Submitted: June 12, 2021

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I liked that spark of hope at the end, that even when it all seems lost there's still that determination to keep going and not give up. Great story.

Sat, July 10th, 2021 2:45am


Thanks Archia. Glad you liked that. James

Sat, April 16th, 2022 4:03am

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