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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Random Short Story

I happened to come across someone I knew. I wasn't sure if we were friends. The previous colleague, it would be safe to say. It was brief. We said our greetings, smiled back, and said our goodbyes.
On my way home, memories flashed back. Damn, my crush. 

At home, I started to run through my things and found the post that I wrote about her.

Entry #1
I have the most beautiful view in the office.
I have the clouds here.
Those trees, birds.
My table, papers filing up
And you.

Entry #2
Just the way you sit there
The way you look at your monitor, type on the keyboard
The way you talk, your voice
The way you answer your calls and have conversations with anyone
It makes me stare and smile.

Entry #3
The way you defend your staffs
The way you back things up
The way you get mad when your mouse isn't working, so cute
It melts my heart.

Entry #4
Your smiles, your blinks, your laughs, your stories
The way you stand and walk
Those beautiful ways of yours
are such a beauty
That truly made you so beautiful.

Entry #5
You said, 'Hi.'
Can't remember where was I
You are my favorite drug
That keeps me high.

Entry #6
You waved. That wave can change the world. The wave is so beautiful.

Entry #7
You're the beauty that I watch from afar.

Entry #8
Today, I opened the door for you. I turned, my eyes found yours. They are happy and beautiful. I don't want that moment to end. You are so beautiful.

Entry #9
Today, I heard you laugh so hard. You're happy. It makes me feel good that you're fine.

Entry #10
Today, I hear from your colleagues that you are not okay.
I saw you this afternoon, you truly look sad or just tired? Are you really that sick? Please be okay.

Entry #11
Today, I decided to enter your office and greet you... and the rest.
"Good Morning." I looked at you. Your eyes were sad, you are tired, are you still sick? Or just sleepy?
"Good Morning." You said back. I believe you seemed to glow a bit.
"Are you okay?" I asked you.
"Yeah, I'm good." You answered.
Some of the staff started to tease you. I felt you were feeling uncomfortable.
"Please be okay," I replied and said my goodbyes.
Hope you do get well.

Entry #12
Today, I miss you.

Entry #13
Today, I hope you can hear it. My heart sings.
'You are so beautiful.'

Entry #14
Today, I saw you dancing with your colleagues. It was a practice for your upcoming party. When I passed by and looked at the group, you stand out... as always. 
You danced not as perfectly as the leaders but you were graceful. You can dance. Yes, you can. You are such a beauty. You're so cute. But I wish you could hear my applause.

Entry #15
Today, you reached for me. You touched me for a second. Just a second. And that touch lingers. I can still feel your hands. So cold and calm.

Entry #16
Today, I was given the chance to have you with me in a room. Just the two of us. I'm not really good with conversations. But I don't know, I felt sincere enjoyment just watching you.

Entry #17
Today, I had the best awkward moments with you.

Entry #18
Today, I call you pretty. For the rest of the day, I can't stop smiling. I can still hear your reactions.

Entry #19
Today, you're in a floral dress. So beautiful. Your eyes are round and bright. Your smile is so perfect. I wanna kiss you.

Entry #20
Today, those eyes.
Your eyes were cold.

Entry #21
Today, I always knew we can't force people to choose us.

Entry #22
Thank you for making me your today. Just a part of your today.

Entry #23
Today, I didn't miss you.

And that was the last one. 

When I look back, remembering the things I've done, words I had to say, the posts I made, the letters I wrote to someone I admire; one can say, I was crazy, weird, and maybe stupid.
I knew there's one thing I was sure about. I was living in real emotions.
I was sad. I was excited. I was a fan. I was happy. I was overwhelmed. I was in pain. 
So, I needed to feel that moment. I needed to be like that.
She was one of a kind. She deserved all the best things this world could offer.

Till we meet again.

Submitted: June 12, 2021

© Copyright 2021 juan zilch. All rights reserved.

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