Midnight Thoughts of You

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Midnight Thoughts of You was a poem I made literally in the middle of the night in cold, rainy weather. This poem is dedicated to a good friend of mine who I fondly see as a flower, a rose in particular. I've posted this poem on my Instagram page and safe to say, she loved it.

To my dear friend,







Midnight Thoughts Of You


When I think of you,

A flower emerges from the depths of my mind,

a flower flourishing from the cracks of a cold wall.

Bright red, a pleasant contrast to the greys of society,

you thrive growing up towards the sun.

At times when the sun shies, your petals whither,

but the thunderstorm that comes forth makes your petals fall,

makes your flaws visible, but you rise from the storm.


When I think of you,

I could hear airplanes soaring in the skies,

loud with a huge presence, you drown the voices of the crowd.

You fly high above the clouds, reaching heights one could imagine,

you soar and dance with the stars of Andromedea,

with engines burning with flames of your midnight oil.

Sometimes the thunderclouds defeat your ferocious blades

but the turbulence is not the last nor first, you rode.


When I think of you,

The aroma of a foreign air hits me with mystery,

making me run for a mile with a fervour

of wandering and exploring the story of you.

You wear a cologne of an exotic land, a land indescribable,

making me wander your rose laden maze for miles on end.

You are an adventure so mystifying, so gratifying,

when I reach your door of heart, it was satisfying.


When I think of you,

I picture a book, so thick with pages yet to be filled,

imagine the stories it could hold, immeasurable.

Your pages bound with a hardcover of royal jade,

carefully woven to protect what’s dear, sacred to your writer,

your genre is a novelty, your chronicle on holy ground,

it’d be a sin to commit sacrilege upon it.

A page-turner is what you are, with little quirks of silliness,

and hints of bright laughter, definitely you are a best seller.


When I think of you,

I am reminded of how much love I poured into this poem,

words thought out carefully, pieced together thoroughly.

To surmise your very existence, my mind pondered with memories,

shuffled through archives of my mind palace, seeking for lost words.

Many nights have seen my mumblings, ramblings,

of utter nonsense as I keep hitting keys, swimming through the English lexicon,

all for a piece only one may reach.

Though not so perfect, love is endless as it is unconditional,

so is our friendship, may forevermore be eternal.






Submitted: June 12, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Aleyson. All rights reserved.

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Aleyson this is a wonderful poem and in your second language. Your friend 'Rose' must be a very special person to inspire such a loving tribute.

I see you are open to read requests, I'd like to hear your thoughts on 'For why this sudden rush of green?'

I wish you all the best with you poetry and music. I also enjoy playing the piano for fun, for my family and for my friends.

Sat, June 12th, 2021 4:40pm


Thank you, Pantaleon

Wed, June 16th, 2021 9:42am

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