Echoing Sounds

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

After a long day in the office, a glass of whiskey and some calming music is the perfect remedy. However, something always gets in the way oh a relaxing end to the day.

The glass clinked as I poured whiskey into a circular glass, setting the crystal vase down. I took a sip with a soft sigh and walked over to the table that my record player sat. It took great precision to place the needle on the exact song that I wanted to listen to but after a moment, classical music filled the space around me.


I took another sip and shut my eyes to let the sounds of the symphony envelop me in its warm tones. The piano hugged me gently. The clarinets lifted my legs off of the ground. The flutes fluttered between my clothes and my skin.


I found myself humming gently to the music and raised the glass to my lips to take another sip. Just what I needed after a long day in the office.


Suddenly, I was thrust out of my sweet embrace by the sound of clanking metal coming from downstairs. I knew exactly what had fallen the second I heard the crash, but I was so startled that my glass of whiskey fell out of my hand and shattered across the hardwood floor. 


I sucked in a quick breath and looked over at the basement door cautiously, swallowing a hard lump down my throat. What the hell could have caused that? Great, something else I have to deal with.


Although I was hesitant, I opened the door to walk down the stairs cautiously. I could still barely hear the classical song playing from above me, the instruments trying to grab a hold of me once more.


Replacing the beautiful song above me were the old creaks of the stairs. They cried under my feet, tired of being stepped on. 


I hesitated once again as I was about to peer around the wall between the stairwell and the open basement. I didn’t even realize I had been holding my breath until I finally gazed around the corner and let out a slow breath.


My eyes landed on a girl that was cowering in the corner with a piece of cloth tied tightly around her mouth. She jolted her eyes towards me and whimpered against the cloth and shifted, the chains around her wrists rattling. Beside her was a metal cart that she had knocked over, presumably to get the keys off of it. But instead, she had just made them skid across the floor further away from her.


I picked up the keys to the chains binding her and walked over to her slowly. “Oh now, now,” I scolded, shaking my head as I got closer. 


She cowered further away from me and her whimpers grew louder. “There is no reason to be scared,” I assured her and knelt down to stroke her hair gently. However, in fact, there was a reason for her to be scared. She knew the rules. She was to be quiet and obedient. She broke those rules, and now she would have to pay the consequences. 


The corner of my lip turned upward slightly at the opportunity to punish her so early on. 


Her hair was matted but it still glimmered in the slightest yet most beautiful way in the dull sunlight shining through the curtains that covered the small windows lining the ceiling. 


She froze in place, just gazing up at me with fear on her face. Oh how the fear made her eyes even brighter. They were as green as the trees outside but without that fear, they would have been as dull as an olive. She was gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. And she was all mine.


My thoughts suddenly raced excitedly with all of the potential ideas running through my head. Which thought would cross that finish line? Which idea would I play out first? That is yet to be determined. There are so many options.


I clicked my tongue at her to scold her again and cupped my hand around her chin to rub her skin ever so slightly before offering her a slight smile. “Be a good girl and stay quiet for me,” I demanded, keeping that sweet tone in my voice before standing back up straight and heading upstairs once more.


As I ascended, she began to cry and shriek through her gag but instead of going back down to scold her once more, I smirked at the sweet sound of her cries. I locked the basement door behind me and poured myself another glass of whiskey. Her screams carried out through the closed door so I turned the volume up on my record player, drowning out the sound.

Submitted: June 12, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Mystical Obscurities. All rights reserved.

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