"Tired Of This Shit"

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

taken from my book, "Our Founded Feelings"

"Tired Of This Shit"


I lived insane

And died a very funny man

Who knew a song

That was not something to laugh at

The jokes I told

Never seemed to make anybody laugh

But I told them well

And by golly, I sure did make myself crack up

My world burned up

And everywhere that I could not go was in flames

Now the world is in a stand-still

And I can't get off these damned pills

That I'm legally required to take

Sure wish I could still get baked

But I gave up the pot long ago

Never to return, to save some dough

Now I'm getting old

And the cards I used to be dealt

Have now come to a fold

There's mold in my heart

My father's not alive to buy me a good ho now

So my world has crumbled down

And my love-life's broken in pieces

No hooker in sight

Living in Hell for a life

I guess nothing changes when you're poor as Hell

And nobody even gives a fuck

Could never return the favor if they did

Cows just get milked like pigs

And all I wanna do is feed fuel to the fire

You were always the laughter

And the love in my life

Now I'm stuck in anger

Because you said goodbye

And all my friends have left me for dead

I cringe at the thought

That one day, even my mind will be gone

And the fire will consume me

And you will burn too

All of you will die

And I won't survive either

I'll break the dam that was built by beavers

And maybe put the fire out

But the burning would just be replaced

By flooding

I wouldn't say the world knew any better

Than to make me suffer for forever

The greedy hands want all my exes

Since they are not coming back to me

And I have no choice but to let them

That fucks me in the head very much

Makes me wanna kill every man I know

But what's the point?

That won't change Jack shit

So now I am pissed

And just can't stand it

My Dr. won't put me on antidepressants

'Cause my other personality's on mood stabilizers

So I have to suffer feeling like shit

Because my other personality is bi-polar

And I'm a shcizophrenic, on antipsychotics

And thee other two personalities

Don't have to take psychmedz

Except one of them takes my medz too

But we don't double dose

It just works for him too

I just wish I were bald

'Cause I'm tired of shaving

But I'm not even man enough to lose my hair

God just must have gave up on me

Or I deserve this


I'm just tired of everybody

Everything in life just breaks

And not everything can be replaced

Because some things become instinct

Because I'm thee only one who still wants them

Yeah right

"Fukin' bullshit"

I know what it is

It's all just a conspiracy

Because I owe it to everybody to suffer for them

That's what it is

A fucked up world

That I still have to depend on

To get by

Because I still don't wanna die

If that's selfish of me, "so be it"

"I'm just tired of this shit"


06-10-'21 #1

D. L. Cannon

Submitted: June 12, 2021

© Copyright 2021 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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