"Paranormal Apocalypse season 7 episode 1 New world order"

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*Carl coughed several times as his eyes adjusted to the room. Sweat was dripping from his forehead. He blinked several times a man he had never seen before was standing right beside him wearing a trench coat and a pair of jeans. “Well hello chuck.

Glad to see that you are awake. You were out for several hours. You had all of us quite worried we thought you were dead that would be terrible.” “I bet for you it would be.” Chuck said. “Yes well now that I know you are ok it’s time to talk your group was pretty big about sixty people.

 It was hard to track you all down luckily for us your men slipped up. *Chuck got chills* “What did you do?” “I didn’t do anything. Your people are alive for the time being. There locked up in cell block 2. “What?” “Don’t you even know where you’re at? You’re in Charleston South Carolina locked away in “Old city Jail.”

“Sigh you and you’re group are well let’s say a social experiment. “A social experiment?”

*Chuck said out loud.* “Yes. You see we were going to let you all go back to where you came from but then we found out you live near a really good community one well guarded and protected by walls and barbed wire. Stuff that we could use so we are taking it and the only thing that will happen to you is well death. I’m sorry but it’s the way the world is now. We are 8 years into the apocalypse after all. Now before I kill you and you’re group it would be terribly rude to not introduce myself.

I am Kramer. And now that that’s out of the way. *Kramer hits a red button that was on the wall.* *A group of about ten men walked into the room and one of the men unchained Chuck and said “March.”

Chuck got marched outside the jail as he reconnected with his group. “Who are these people chuck?” Miranda asked. “I’m not sure.” We got to kill them. Tobin said. “We looked around as about eighty men stormed out of the jail all with guns. *Kramer appeared on a loudspeaker. “Now Chuck you and your people have about a five minute head start to run as far away as you can before my men hunt you down and kill you.

Now my men will kill you all but will take Chuck and Miranda’s body and bring it back to our taxidermist for well fun. Now let the game’s begin may god have mercy on your souls. *Chuck watched in horror as a bell rang and his men had started running away for their life.* a couple men opened fire on Kramer’s men. *Kramer’s men opened fire right back killing about half of the group.* Chuck ran as fast as he could down a few cobble stoned roads and managed to hid inside of “The Charleston Museum.

He hid in the basement witch was the dungeon. He peaked out one of the little windows that poked out of the back of the building.

He saw several feet marching and in seconds heard the door to the museum blast open and men headed down the steps then shots fired. Miranda opened fire until she was shot and Tobin fought back but got knocked out. Chuck looked around as men he knew died all around him and then he was shot and he fell down to the ground he watched before he fainted Kramer shot Miranda in the head.

He cleaned his gun with her shirt and then walked over to Chuck who was already bleeding out on the ground. “Oh I know this is bad but you will see Miranda again very soon.” *He pointed the gun at Chuck and shot him.* “Thunder roared across the jail. As I blinked my eyes several times.

 “Where am I?” I asked out loud. “A man looked at me and started to run out of the room. A few seconds a man in a trench coat entered the room. “Hello there Dexter you must be confused. You were involved in a little crash with our helicopters. Don’t worry you and you’re group are all alive in different cells.”

“Now introduction time. My name is Kramer I am the leader hear of my group. You and you’re group were transported here. You killed many people we know who you are. Kathleen is a relative. “She tried to kill us.” Dexter said. “I know and you did the same. But she got away as far as I’m concerned. We will find her. But were not worried about her. No we are here for you. You see you and you’re group are survivors and we want to see how far you will go to Survive. All you have to do is accept a little challenge from me and if you win you will be free. “Were not accepting any challenges.” Dexter says. “Ouch ok.

 Well I’m sure one of your other friends here will be happy to accept a challenge from us. Perhaps Tom or Miles. Or you’re old enemy Executer will agree. Either way you are not getting away anytime soon. “Make this shit easy on yourself agree to my terms or suffer.” “No” Dexter said again.

 “Fine.” Kramer grabbed Dexter and shoved him off the chair and grabbed him and picked him up. He shoved him against the window. “You are in Old city jail. You will die here I have no problem making that your reality.

See if I care. However I will break you. Sooner or later you will agree to my terms. You will they all do. Kramer started to shove Dexter towards the back room where there was a cell about the size of a parking spot but had an Iron Maiden inside.

An Iron Maiden is a medieval torture device where you were placed in a small box that most of the time had spikes that would impale you and make you stay there for days and most had spikes going directly into your eyes as well. This one had no spikes. “We don’t want to kill you that’s not the goal as of now.” Kramer said as he shoved Dexter inside and locked him in.

He opened a small hatch where Dexter could get some fresh air at least. “Now sit in here and I will be back. In the meantime I think I will speak with Jeremy or Nadine.” Kramer said as he marched out of the room. “Kramer needs to die.” Dexter said. Jeremy was forced out of a cell by a man with two tattoo’s and chains. He made Jeremy sit down in a stool next to a desk and handcuffed him. The man slammed the door shut. A few moments Kramer walked into the room. “Ah Jeremy I understand you betrayed Dexter and got back with him.

You are a survivor. Now I want to ask how faithful are you to Dexter?” “I would die for him.” Jeremy said. “Touching. Hmm you might but first allow me to introduce myself I am Kramer and welcome to South Carolina. You and your group could very well make it out alive wouldn’t that be great? All I need from you is to make Dexter agree to my terms while you stay here do what I say that’s it. “That’s it? Do as you say be your puppet?” Jeremy says. “Not my puppet.” But it’s in all of your best interests I am a very dangerous man I am in fact the worst person you can imagine.”

“I’ve seen worse you’re nothing.” Jeremy says. *Kramer was getting upset at the moment two people gave him trouble he was used to getting his way.* “Ok fine if you want to play it that way. Maybe I’ll speak with Executer. “Go right ahead like we will even listen to him.

“Dexter forgave him and I’m sure you did too He helped save you after all. With Kathleen. Look I’m not sure why you people are so difficult but Dexter will break and agree to me and you will all follow in line behind him and die if you don’t.

 I will have fun torturing you Jeremy but until that day I am afraid we have nothing left to discuss. The man with the tattoo’s returned and took Jeremy back to his cell.

 As Kramer laughed. “Now we will try Executer. Kramer walked over to Executer’s cell and opened the door. “Jesus it’s hot as hell in here.” Executer said. “What’s a fella got to do to get some water around here?” “Agree to listen to me.” Kramer said. As Nessie growled. “That’s a nice Crocodile you have there.” Kramer said. “Look bad guy to bad guy I need your help. I know you can’t like Dexter that much but I know you do know him pretty well what will it take to break him? I need him to know I am a dangerous man. People often think in times of survival they will do anything.

 We’ll I am the “anything” and I am the most feared person alive to date. I need Dexter to realize he needs to listen to me and not cross me. He needs to understand I am the danger I am the consequence I am the grim reaper. I hold all of the cards to his demise to all of yours. I need one simple thing I need you to make him understand. Can you do this for me?” Kramer asks Executer. And in exchange you will live like a king.”

 “Can I have a moment?” Executer asks. “Of course five minutes and I will be back.” Kramer says. As Executer shakes his head. *Growl.* Nessie says. “That’s right Nessie I think we may have a new friend. After all these people look way worse than Dexter.

Dexter is a fool and will get everyone killed. Well not us. As soon as Kramer returns I will accept his request we will make Dexter suffer. Nessie we are back in the game.”






*CHURCH BELLS RING* the dead will rise and all will suffer. The Demons are watching this city will get to you.” An old lady says laughing hysterically.

 “My name is Kramer I am the most dangerous person alive. My group are known as “Sinister Reapers” we hunt and kill humans for sport. Dexter and Hope ridge are our next targets. “I’m feeling like being a villain is the only thing I’m good at.

I tried to be good it didn’t work well.” Executer said. *Nessie growls and attacks two people killing them.* Where does your loyalty lie with Dexter? Jeremy is trapped in an abandoned building.

 *Jeremy takes out an evp recorder and says “Demon who am I being hunted bye?” The EVP responds back “Lavinia Fisher” *Jeremy gets thrown at the banister and falls down three sets of stairs.*

 *Nadine grabs a sword and swings it at Executer* “Oh honey you’ll need to try harder than that.”

 *Dexter is trapped inside of the Iron Maiden. “Help get me out.” Dexter let me introduce you to the rack and the guillotine.

Miles has already been introduced to the gallows.” Hahaha. Kramer says smiling. “SHOWTIME”


Paranormal Apocalypse season 7.”

Submitted: June 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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