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EVP and UFOs : 6/4/2021


June 4, 2021


I’m just going to ramble a little bit here, bring things up to date. Not too much new really happening with my ongoing situation with this entity attachment, the one that calls herself Crystal. She’s still going heavy with her identity mind game. This is where she makes claims about herself, about her identity, but then she’ll keep switching it up, contradicting herself. She’s been doing this since my situation began back in 2015, but she definitely seems to be going heavy with it these days. 

  Mainly it’s the same two claims right now. One minute she’ll be claiming to be a spirit of human origin. But then the next minute she’ll claim to be some kind of extraterrestrial from another dimension. Just this afternoon as I was getting out of my car, I heard her voice say something about how they are “the first extraterrestrials to arrive on Earth.”  Yet, tonight I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear her talking about something that happened back when she was in high school or such. It’s back-and-forth between these claims and statements... from a human perspective to extraterrestrial themed statements.

As I’ve previously said, I take her claims with a grain of salt pretty much as a defense mechanism at this point. However, I can’t just out right dismiss these claims about there being some kind  of alien from another dimension connection here. I mean there’s a lot of talk about UFOs these days and I see it quite often in various news outlets. It seems like there’s definitely some kind of phenomenon out there, we just don’t know what it is and on my end, I don’t know if the UFO phenomenon is in anyway tied into these voices entities.  I do wonder about that.

  It was just last week that Crystal said to me “your own Central Intelligence Agency doesn’t even suspect that the voices are the extraterrestrials” or something along those lines. No, I can’t dismiss this outright. Who am I to say if it’s true or not? There is also something else that comes to mind, something that I was told that was shared with me a few years ago by an individual that was also going through this same kind of attachment situation involving intruding voices.This was back sometime in 2016 or 2017. 

  I met an individual online who also began hearing very intruding voices after being involved with EVP recording and using a Spirit Box. I corresponded quite extensively with this individual and right from the start it was clear to me that we were experiencing the same exact phenomenon. However, this individual did experience something I did not. One day back then, while the voices were harassing her, they told her to go outside at a certain time and look up to the sky and that they would reveal themselves and also to record it. What was captured on recording here was a UFO, I saw the video myself and this is what I personally believe it to have been. On the video, it zoomed by extremely fast, but in slow motion you could definitely see a solid object there and it didn’t look like any kind of aircraft that I know of. To the best of my recollection, it looked like a dark onyx stretched out rhombus shaped craft. It’s hard to describe, but there was definitely geometric features to it. But I do not recall seeing any wings whatsoever.

  Since this all began for me back in 2015, I’ve seen many other cases of this phenomenon and I’ve met and corresponded with many individuals, yet the UFO incident in this particular case is something that always stayed with me, stayed in my memory. I think it’s a possible connection between EVP/ ITC, or other forms of trans-dimensional communication, and the UFO phenomenon. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a ufologist, but I’ve read up on the subject a bit, especially these past few years. I believe that the UFO phenomenon is very real. And I also believe personally that there’s a very good chance that the phenomenon itself is dimensional in nature. These objects that are seen in the sky may very well not be nuts and bolts spacecraft from another world in our own physical universe. They may be coming from someplace beyond this physical universe in which we all live. These are heavy questions and big mysteries.

What I’m trying to say here is that when I hear Crystal talking about UFOs and claiming that she is a being from another dimension, that she’s not of human origin, but that her origins are different.... alien I suppose you could say, on the one hand, just as a defense mechanism....I take what I hear from her with a grain of salt because I know that she likes to mess with my head by switching her stories and claims around. However, I also can’t dismiss this outright either because what she is saying with these statements at times..... I think touches upon matters that are potentially very real and serious and that are being discussed these days on a larger scale.

Just this  afternoon, I heard her again say something about there being “something above the Earth.” This is something that she says quite often. Sometimes she will elaborate on this further, but the comment usually starts the same.....”there’s something above the Earth.” Today it was something along the lines of “there’s something above the Earth that makes this telepathic communication possible”....and then I lost it from there. But she’ll often make these comments and they begin “there’s something above the Earth.” 

These days, my life just seems very strange to me sometimes. At times it seems even quite absurd in regards to all of this. On the one hand, I’m here on this blog talking about how I’m stressed out a lot of the time these days dealing with worldly matters, but then I’ve also got this mysterious, otherworldly, paranormal (if you will) situation occurring as well. It’s like my mind is being pulled in different directions at times, back-and-forth ....back-and-forth and sometimes these two aspects of my life collide and I’m just hit with a sense of absurdity. 

  By this, I don’t mean something humorous, I mean absurd in a more philosophical sense.... like desperately seeking answers to questions in my life and hitting a brick wall, or reaching for something that will always be beyond my grasp. Well, I know that I can’t provide many answers here on this blog, I just talk about the things that I experience, the things that I hear from this entity attachment.... the things that I observe her doing, her methods and her tactics. I’ve got observations, just not many answers. And since the main theme of this blog is focusing on a particular danger involved with EVP recording, I would say that this is another example of the danger.....being hit with a tidal wave of confusion and an utter sense of mystery.

This whole experience has taught me quite a bit I feel, and it has changed me in many ways. I feel that it has opened my eyes to many bigger broader things. However, I suppose that there’s a downside to that as well. I look back on how my life was before the events of 2015 and while I was always interested in the paranormal and mysterious things, they were just that, interest of mine.... they were not things that directly had an impact on my life.  Today, these things do have a direct impact upon my day to day life. Sometimes I wonder how my life would have been if I only had other interest back then, something completely opposite from this, something like sports or such. 

I confess that my mind was always curious about the paranormal and mysterious things, but when I sought to experience these things directly, that’s when the stuff hit the fan so to speak. So, just getting back to discussing the dangers, I would say that there’s definitely a point where you’re crossing a line when you try to experience these things directly, in an active way as opposed to just reading about them or researching them in non-direct ways. As I’ve written about many times here on this blog, there is no interesting story regarding why I decided to start recording for EVP in 2015, other than that I was interested in the paranormal on and off throughout my life and at that time, I just decided to go active with it. That’s the key thing there, I decided to go active with it. As a result of that decision to go active, I was now entering new territory. On the one hand, I would experience things that prior to then I was only reading about. Yet, on the other hand I was also opening myself up to very real dangers. In conclusion, I feel that it’s no small thing to take that leap from being interested in something and reading about it, to actively trying to experience it directly. After all, what we’re talking about here is the unknown.



EVP Recording and Hijacked Clairaudience




 May 5, 2021


Well, I haven’t posted anything on this blog in a while, so I thought I would just post an update of this mysterious situation I’ve been dealing with since 2015. Not much is changed recently I’d say. This entity attachment, the one that I hear as a female voice and that tells me that her name is Crystal, is still present, and she is still very much attached to my life I would say. I’m still hearing her voice and perceiving her presence in a direct physical way on a day-to-day basis. 

  As I have written about here on my blog, back in the early days of this situation, back in 2015 and 2016, there were more entities around me, more voices that I was hearing. This female voice...Crystal, she’s been here the whole time. I’ve been hearing her voice since February of 2015. She was a voice that was very present on my EVP recordings while I was doing sessions that winter. She wasn’t calling  herself Crystal back then, she wouldn’t start doing that until sometime in 2017 I would say. However, her voice sounds exactly the same now as it did when I first began hearing it on my EVP recordings during the winter of 2015. So in regards to Crystal, I was hearing her voice on my recordings before I started hearing it outside of the recordings through this hijacked clairaudience (as I often refer to it). It’s really just her voice that I’m hearing these days. Over time the number of separate and distinct voices that I’ve heard has dwindled down in number. Back in the beginning of this attachment situation, in the spring of 2015, I was hearing multiple voices....dozens it seemed like, on any given day. 

  Crystal was present and she was always one of the main voices, always one of the main tormentors, but she was just one voice among many at that time, though I did recognize even back then that she seemed to be one of the main instigators of this whole situation. Yes, overtime the number of voices has diminished. For at least the past two years I would say, maybe even a little longer, it’s really just been crystal that I’ve been hearing on a day today basis, though occasionally I would still hear other voices. The difference is that these other voices didn’t stick around. Crystals voice has always sounded the same as I said, and her voice is distinctly female, she sounds like a young woman in her late teens or in her 20s. On occasion I would hear a voice that was distinctly mail, so I knew right away it was a different voice. Then at times, I would hear another female voice but it just sounded different from Crystal, it didn’t sound like Crystal at all. I can tell because I know Crystal‘s voice, I know it very well. It is very much a true statement that I’ve been hearing Crystal‘s voice to 1° or another every single day since the spring of 2015. Not one single day has gone bye where I have not perceived the presence of her voice. So needless to say, I am very familiar with how her voice sounds. So, I can usually tell right away when I hear a different voice that it’s not Crystal. For a while it seem like these other voices would stop by or pop in and throw a few comments at me, but then they would leave. These other voices were no longer sticking around from day today, yet Crystal remained. So, on the one hand I’m glad that I’m not hearing as many voices, but on the other hand as I’ve said, crystals always been one of the main tormentors in my situation, one of them most intrusive voices.

  It seems that recently, I haven’t been hearing any of these other voices at all. There may have been a couple of incidents a few weeks back. Actually I am recalling a night several weeks ago when I heard a male voice shout directly into one of my ears as I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep. So, it seems like these other voices, these other entities can still show up on occasion, it’s just that such incidents becoming less and less frequent. Yet Crystal remains and she’s as intrusive as ever. I can still sense that she’s constantly around me chattering away. Sometimes it has an external voice, sometimes it’s more of an internal voice, and sometimes it seems more telepathic, it’s like she’s speaking to me in thoughts. It’s strange, and it’s hard to describe but having perceived the voices in these many different ways, I can pick up on these variations and how I’m perceiving them, even slight variations. Sometimes it’s just like she’s tapped into my thought stream, she’s conversing with me via  thoughts. Other times however, I hear her very much as an external voice coming from the outside. And it’s still the case as I’ve often described here on my blog,  that if I’m in an environment where there’s a study background sound, such as running fan or an air conditioner, or something like that, that this steady sound seems to amplify her voice.

This was a major aspect during the beginning of my attachment situation. Back during the spring of 2015, it was the case where many ordinary everyday sounds were spewing voices or morphing into voices.  It was nightmarish and surreal all in one. If I was taking a shower I’d hear voices coming through the sound of the running water. If I was driving in my car, I would hear voices speaking through the sound of the engine.  If I was driving with the window down, I would hear voices speaking through the sound of the rushing wind, and I can go on and on ...there were so many everyday sounds that these voices were coming in through with much greater volume. The thing with this though, it’s not that I was hearing the voices just through these certain sounds, it was that these certain sounds were amplifying the voices. For example, earlier on in my situation, and still to this day to some degree, when I was at home during the summer reading a book say.... and I had my air conditioning going,  I’d hear the voices, especially Crystal‘s voice, speaking much louder through the sound of the air conditioner. Sometimes I would simply find this too annoying and I would get up and shut off the air conditioner for a while just so that I could bring degree peace back to my environment. However, this didn’t take away the voices at all.... all it did was weaken the strength of the voices. If I eliminated the source of the steady background sound in my immediate environment, the voices would still be there, only they wouldn’t sound nearly as loud and menacing anymore. 

  To compensate for this, they would often come in real close and start speaking directly into my ears. There were many occasions when I even felt a slight breath hitting one of my earlobes when these voices got in real close, and usually it was Crystal‘s voice. I’m still hearing this voice louder through some of these background sounds on occasion, but it’s not anywhere near as bad and nightmarish as it was in 2015.

Over the years since this all started, I’ve met many other people and seen many other accounts that are similar to my own in that these people started to hear intrusive voices after engaging in some kind of spirit communication activity. I’ve met others who started hearing voices after doing EVP recording like I was, after using a Spirit Box, after using a Ouija Board, after doing Automatic Writing or using a Pendulum as a means of communication. I’ve seen accounts where all of these various means of spirit communication were involved. However, it’s been my observation that this phenomenon of everyday sounds spewing voices, or morphing into voices is something that is more commonly found in the cases involving EVP recording and Spirit Boxes. I don’t know why this is, it’s just something I’ve picked up on as being a common characteristic of these EVP and Spirit Box related cases, where in many cases involving things like a Ouija Board or Automatic Writing, while the voices are still very much there, this phenomenon involving background sounds is not nearly quite as prevalent.

  So, this is still occurring to this day, but as I said, it’s not as severe now compared to how it was in 2015. I can’t remember the last time when I shut off my air conditioner or left a particular environment just to get away from the voices coming in over a certain background sound. It’s been quite a while. And I would say that I don’t hear them coming through nearly as many background sounds now. Things like fans and air conditioners and running engines though sometimes yes, I can still hear them quite strongly. It doesn’t get to me nearly as much these days as it once did either. However, there are still occasions every now and again where I’ll hear Crystal‘s voice much louder like this, coming in through a background sound and it just gives me that unsettling feeling that has become so familiar to me by now.

  Mainly though, I get that unsettling feeling from two things that Crystal does on a fairly regular basis. One is when she uses that shouting tactic of hers, where I’ll be lying in bed trying to fall asleep in she’ll shout directly in my face, or right into one of my ears. I have not been experiencing these shouts nearly as much this year, as I was in the past. However, when I do experience them, sometimes they are much stronger, much more powerful than I remember them being previously. 

It was just the other night, when I had an incident where I was lying in bed at night and Crystal shouted into one of my ears. What was different about this one is that she shouted out an entire statement. On this occasion, she was shouting and saying something all at once. I can’t remember what it was that she said, because it still happened very quickly and I was hit instantly with that unsettling feeling which became my focus. However, I could tell that this one was different. Usually when I experience the shouts, it's very quick and it just seems like a single word ...like “Hey!” or something like that. I never had the impression that the motive behind these shouts was to convey a message to me. The voices could just speak in their regular tone for that. These shouts seem more intended to startle the hell out of me and cause me trouble when I’m trying to fall asleep.  

  Hearing this disembodied voice shouting right up to one of my ears, making a full statement, did hit me with that unsettling feeling I confess. To some degree it’s feeling of fear, but it’s more just a feeling of being slapped with the reality of the situation. As I’ve often stated, even though I know for certain that this situation is really happening, that Crystal and these other voices that I’ve heard are external to me  (they are not hallucinations or creations of my own mind, just as a kind of means to cope with it), I still try and carry on with my life I suppose, with the mindset that it’s not happening, that I have to focus on down to earth things or such. However, when I experience  these intense incidents like I did the other night with this shout, it’s just the cold harsh reality of the situation slapping me in the face ....and it can be quite unsettling. I’m going to wrap things up here, but I’ll come back to this soon. Well it’s true that there hasn’t been all that much new really happening over the course of the past few months, but there’s been quite a few strange and intense incidents involving Crystal. 


May 6, 2021

  I’m just going to pick up where I left off yesterday. As I was saying, it’s been a while since I posted anything on this blog, so I just want to bring things up to date. In a way, this blog is a kind of journal for me, where I keep a record of my experiences in regards to this attachment situation and where I just throw out some of my personal thoughts and speculations about it. Before this entity attachment situation began in 2015, I never kept a journal in my life as far as I can remember. And I didn’t start keeping a journal until about a year into this situation. But I felt motivated to start to record what was happening in my life as a result of all of this. I especially became motivated once I started meeting many others who are also going through the same kind of experience after they had been doing such a things as EVP recording or using a Spirit Box, or any other means of spirit communication really. I’ve seen many accounts involving many different methods of spirit communication. In all of these accounts, these individuals did not have a history of hearing intrusive voices like this, the voices arrived after they had been engaged in some kind of spirit communication activity. Earlier on in my situation, during the darkest days you could say, I didn’t know about any other cases. I had never heard of this happening to anyone else. When I first started recording for EVP, I had never come across a case where somebody started hearing the EVP voices outside of the recordings like this. The further along I went with recording, and the more reading up I did on the topic, I did come across mention of people developing clairaudience as a result of this kind of activity. However, when I came across mention of clairaudience in this regards, it was usually spoken about as if it was I kind of gift, some kind of positive development. My own experience with the voices was no kind of positive experience at all, and my ability to hear them I have never regarded as a gift. 

  Now, this doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been any positive developments as a result of all this. There has been many. This whole experience has changed my life in many profound ways. Some of these changes have been positive  I would say, but this came about more as a result of trying to get away from these voices and learning how to look at things...my life...the world, in different perspectives that I may not have done if this situation never happen. In truth, to me it seems like the voices were trying to drag me down back in 2015. It seemed to me like they were trying to destroy me. If anything positive has come out of this, well then I think that’s been the result more of the process of struggling to reclaim my life from these voices, my sense of identity, my sense of sovereignty. They seemed out to wreak as much havoc in my life as they could. I don’t regard this clairaudience as a gift, if only I felt otherwise, but I don’t. 

  Now, it’s true that there have been occasions where I have heard voices that seemed very different from these negative, intruding voices. They seemed different in nature, they seemed to be a part of a different group, or in a completely different category. Some of these voices offered me support and hope and inspiration during some really dark times. I do believe that these voices were from a different element, and I am grateful that I did hear them. Hearing them made me feel like I wasn’t so alone. However, the occasions of hearing these more benevolent voices were by far overshadowed by hearing the negative and intruding voices. The benevolent voices weren’t intrusive, they gave me a message and then they would move on and maybe I would hear from them down the road a bit, but they didn’t stick around that often. They were not intrusive, always speaking to me as the negative voices were. The negative voices always wanted to be heard, they were always chattering, constantly bombarding me day and night. Maybe in some cases clairaudience  can be a gift, but for me it wasn’t. I often referred to it as “hijacked clairaudience” and from my perspective, that’s an accurate description.  

  I had a general idea of what clairaudience was once I started recording for EVP back in 2015, but I didn’t really know much about it at all. I wasn’t looking to develop clairaudience, and I’m still not sure exactly how it happened, though I have some ideas about this. I think for one thing, once I started hearing voices on my recordings and I found that I could communicate with them fairly easily, I really allowed myself to get swept up in the whole experience. Before things took a dark turn, the experience of communicating with these EVP voices seemed very fascinating, and very benevolent in nature.  I’ve often described it as a sense of personal discovery. It felt like I had discovered something unique and was experiencing something that very few people ever get to experience and I confess that this went to my head to o quite a degree. In truth, it blinded me too considerations of any potential dangers. I wasn’t thinking about any possible dangers at all.  In truth, if I had having such suspicions at that particular time, I probably would have felt guilty about it. I probably would have felt guilty about being suspicious of these voices that I was communicating with (at least at first) because initially they gave me little reason to doubt them.....at least this is where my mindset was at that particular time.  Later on, once the negative voices first began to appear on my EVP recordings, the suspicion became inevitable. 

  Anyway, I’m getting off topic here from what I wanted to talk about. It’s easy to do I find when I’m talking about how the situation all began. I was starting to say that this blog has always had special meaning to me because once I started meeting other people that had experienced the same thing after recording EVP or  were engaged in some other form of spirit communication, I knew that what happened to me was not an isolated incident by any means. Since 2015, I’ve researched various materials about spirit/entity  attachment. There’s a lot of material out there about it, but most of what I found didn’t go into specific details about how it could affect a persons life. What I mean here is the specific and minute details of how it can affect pretty much any aspect of your life. For example, how it can affect your sleep routine, how it can affect just trying to get by and make a living in the world, and of course the things that these entities do and say. So I thought that talking about these things in the form of a personal journal would be a means to elaborate upon some of these more specific aspects. Perhaps the reader could better imagine now what an attachment situation looks like and picture themselves in the same position and see how it could affect their own life. 

Once I started finding many other cases of this same phenomenon , there was no doubt in my mind that this was a very real danger associated with these kinds of activities. Perhaps there are numerous dangers, but for me, it’s more than established that developing a condition of hearing intrusive voices is a danger  involved with activities that seek to directly communicatewith beings from realms beyond our own. For me, this is an absolute fact. I didn’t know about this particular danger when I first started recording for a EVP, so when I was stricken with this hijacked clairaudience, it caught me completely by surprise. I was completely blindsided and that made the situation so much worse, because I was so vulnerable to the things that these entities were saying.....their storylines. So, I’ve felt motivated to use this blog as a means of contributing to the awareness of this particular danger. I’ve always looked at EVP itself is essentially a scientific phenomenon. Just on its own, it’s very interesting, and I still find it very interesting and occasionally I’ll still read an article about research into the Electronic  Voice Phenomenon. Yet, research into this field is not without its dangers unfortunately, why should we think it would be otherwise? We are literally talking about the unknown here. And not only that, dimensional communication is not something that is officially recognized and explored by mainstream science in this day in age, at least not to a large degree as far as I’m aware. So we’re dealing with something here that has huge implications, and the scale of it is enormous, but it seems to me that there is more of a kind of grassroots research into it than anything else.  While there are many scientist and specialist who research and experiment in this field, it’s also something that the average person can pursue research into as well. Before I get off topic again, what I’m essentially trying to say is that I don’t intend for this blog to be anti-paranormal research, or anti-any kind of research, it’s just that for me this particular phenomenon of developing this kind of hijacked clairaudience connected with these activities is an established fact. If anything, I feel that it’s a part of the research. It’s happening to people who engage in this kind of activity. Perhaps it is rare, but it does happen and it continues to happen. 

  Just a few months ago I came across another account online from a person who wrote about their experiences with EVP recording. What they wrote practically mirrored my own experience exactly. They started recording because they were interested in this subject. They started to capture EVP‘s within a relatively short amount of time and things began to become intense very quickly. By this I mean that within a short amount of time they weren’t just hearing a few EVP voices on their recordings, they were hearing a lot of voices on the recordings.....and every time practically. Not only were they hearing these voices, but they could communicate with them directly.....and quite easily as time went on.  Suddenly, events begin moving perhaps faster than the mind can process and analyze them.

  Often the experience doesn’t seem dangerous or hostile at first, but it starts to take a turn in that direction and by then a person can be so swept up in it, it can be very difficult to put the voice recorder down and get away from it in time.  I’ve often wondered, what if I stopped recording after this point or that point?  Would I have still developed an attachment situation? At what point did I really cross into the danger zone? This is something that I have thought about quite often. My first major incident of hearing these negative voices speaking to me outside of my EVP recordings occurred one afternoon while I was at work. I had been doing most of my EVP recording sessions at home in the evenings. Yet, this first major incident occurred in the daytime when I was at work and not doing EVP sessions, but working.  I’ve often wondered why this particular incident occurred when and how it did. Of course, I can’t know for sure, but I speculate that they perhaps waited until I was at work in the hopes of crew some kind of maximum dramatic affect. They basically wanted me to freak out and cause a scene for their own amusement. I can absolutely see them setting things up this way, it seems so like their modus operandi. 

However, the key thing here I feel is that they did wait to surprise me with the fact that now I would be able to hear them outside of the recordings. It didn’t happen while I was doing an EVP session, or right after I had been doing EVP sessions.  I’m sure I had done multiple EVP sessions the night before this incident, though they didn’t speak to me outside of the recordings that night, they waited until the next day, well into the afternoon. The key thing  here I believe is that they knew before I did that now I would be able to hear them outside of the recordings. They knew and they waited because they wanted to try and cause a scene, at least that’s my belief. But the main thing here is that they were aware that now I’d be able to hear them without the use of the voice recorder or any equipment and I wasn’t aware of it. So in truth, I don’t know at what point I crossed I the line into the extreme danger zone where I was on a collision course with a terrible attachment situation. For me, during the winter of 2015, doing EVP sessions had become an obsession. I was doing recording sessions practically every night, often for several hours. There’s little doubt in my mind that this was a major contributing factor into why I began hearing these entities outside of the recording sessions. I may not have wanted clairaudience, but I was diving towards it recklessly. I believe that by doing these sessions so often and listening so intensely to these recordings, trying to make out every voice.... down to the faintest ones, did something significant to my hearing, it changed something. So I feel that in this regard, it was very much my own actions that opened up this clairaudience  perception. 

  Is it possible that these entities, at least some of them, did something to bring this is about as well.? Were they “tuning in” to communicate with me as much as I was “tuning in” to them?  I don’t know, but I do believe that they knew well before I did that now my hearing had changed and that they would be able to communicate with me beyond the recording sessions. I wish that I had never  picked up a voice recorder and attempted to capture EVP voices. I wish that I had never gone down that road and I think this is quite understandable given all that’s happened. But just putting that aside for a moment, there were several warning signs, several red flags that were there in the beginning, when I was just starting out with recordings..... that I missed. After things went bad, and after some time is gone by, I was able to look back with  a clearer perspective of how things went down back then. There were definitely some warning signs that I missed. I have discussed them here on my blog previously, but I’ll discuss them again because I think they are very important, these are very important details, the kind of details that I want to talk about on this blog.  So, apologies for going off topic and rambling on in all sorts of different directions here, but I will come back to this particular aspect .....the warning signs that I missed.


May 8, 2021

Just picking up where I left off the other day. I know that I was getting off topic a little bit. As I said, that’s easy to do when I’m talking about how this situation all began for me. However, when it comes to a situation like this, I think that there is value in repeating yourself. Anyway, I was talking about the warning signs that I missed back when I was recording for EVP during the winter 2015. First let me just say that this ties into what I started to discuss before I get caught up in my backstory once again. I came across another account very similar to my own just a few months ago. This is further confirmation for me that this connection between “voices and the EVP voices is very real. 

  It saddens me to see that this continues to happen. So, I will continue to write on this blog to bring attention to this particular danger associated with EVP recording or any other means of spirit communication. I know that it sounds crazy to many people, I understand that. If I came across my own blog ten or fifteen years ago, I don’t know what the hell I would think of it. Yet, the people that I’m trying to reach the most are people who are where I was at back in late 2014 and early 2015. People who are interested in the paranormal or spirituality and are considering doing something active and experimental with this interest I guess you could say. 

  I’ve often said here on this blog, my own reasons for taking up EVP recording back in 2015 aren’t very interesting. I was simply interested in the paranormal, I had been so on and off throughout my life. Yet this time was the first time that I decided to go active with this interest. This was the first time that I decided to go beyond just reading books or watching television shows. Looking back now, I wish I stuck to reading books and watching those television shows. If I had it to do over again, I would not pick up that voice recorder seeking to hear the voices of beings in other realms and to communicate with them. I understand that we are curious by nature, and to this day I am still fascinated by many aspects of paranormal research. Yet, it can go bad sometimes. And in truth, what we are touching upon here is the unknown. I’ve often thought that beliefs about the paranormal and spirituality are like politics and in a way. It’s something that many people have very strong personal beliefs about.  They  can feel very passionate about their beliefs. Sometimes these beliefs collide. Wars have been fought over spiritual beliefs and continue to be fought to this day. Yet, that doesn’t change the fact that behind all of these beliefs, there are many mysteries, many questions that we don’t have the answers to. Maybe we’re not supposed to have the answers, I don’t know. All I know is that actively seeking to communicate directly with other worlds, other realms of existence ....it’s no small thing. It’s a very serious thing. It has changed my life in drastic ways. Sometimes a person‘s experiences can be very profound and positive, and sometimes things can go in the opposite direction. Putting these big questions aside for the time being, I just want to call out what I feel are the warning signs that I missed back in 2015,  and the warning signs that I’ve also seen in other of entity attachment similar to my own. For most of us who experienced this, things began to become very intense very quickly, almost unbelievably intense. Events start happening and escalating so quickly it becomes difficult to process at all mentally. 

  I began recording for EVP in the beginning of January of 2015. On January 17, in the afternoon.... I captured my very first EVPs on recording. I’ll never forget that date and its significance to my life. Within a week I would say of capturing those first EVPs, the situation and had already changed drastically. Within a week I went from hearing a few voices replying to my questions during my sessions, to hearing multiple voices. It was as if my recordings came alive with voices. At first many of the voices were faint, but as I was saying the other day, I would listen to these recordings intensely over and over again and before long it seemed like I could hear them much better. It seemed like something was changing with my hearing. 

  I believe that I got so swept up with what I was experiencing, because what I was experiencing kept becoming more and more intense by the day it seemed. It reached a point where every time I did a recording session I was hearing multiple voices, often the same voices. I even experimented with doing recording sessions in different places and even in different locations I was still hearing the same voices. I’ve seen similar things in other accounts as well. The situation starts developing so quickly that it’s very overwhelming. You must remember that this was before I started to hear any negative or hostile voices. 

  Initially during the first month of my recording, the voices seemed very friendly and benevolent. They seemed just as interested in communicating with me as I was in communicating with them. And I noticed that I was hearing some of the same voices on each recording, so it seemed like I was communicating with a group of beings that were returning each session to communicate with me. However, maybe returning isn’t the right word, perhaps they never left at all. 

  This is another thing that I got wrong back then. I was a novice I admit, and I just felt sense of distance between myself and these beings that I was communicating with. Just the idea of spiritual realms or astral planes or other dimensions, or parallel universes, ....I just pictured something like outer space in my mind and I thought that there was a significant separation between myself and these beings, these voices that I was hearing and communicating with. I thought that I was in one place and that they were in another and that even though I could communicate with them fairly easily, there was a profound separation between us. I was to learn later on the hard way, that this separation between us was not so profound after all..... that these beings were much much closer to me than I realized. 

  As I was saying, during the first month, all of the voices that I was hearing, to me seemed very benevolent in nature. The negative voices didn’t appear on my recordings until the second month, February of 2015. Now to this day, this is still something of a confusing topic for me. I’ve seen many similar accounts like my own that started in the same way. Initially, the voices one is in communication with seem (in general) benevolent in nature for the most part, but then things start to change. To this day, I do not know who I was communicating with exactly, how could I ?So, while I feel that there is a strong case to be made that I was being set up the whole time, walking into a trap essentially and that the benevolent voices that I was hearing in the beginning and the negative voices that I was to hear later on were one in the same, I just don’t know. 

  These two groups, the positive voices and the negative voices ....seemed so different that I didn’t even become suspicious of this till well after I was attacked in the spring of 2015. I mean, I was probably starting to have thoughts, but I still couldn’t picture it fully yet. These two groups just seemed so different that perhaps part of me didn’t want to believe that those friendlier voices were in fact the same voices that would torment me later. I also do not want to cast out a broad net of accusations. I don’t want to say that every EVP voice that I heard during those two months was this hostile element that was planning on attacking me. What if I am wrong about that, my accusations would be false. So, I basically leave it at. After what I’ve experienced and what I’ve seen in many similar accounts, I do believe that there is a very strong possibility that these entities who attach to peoples lives, use a kind of Trojan Horse tactic where they lure a person in with kindness and then turn the tables around on them. 

  However, I won’t say that I believe every voices that I heard during those two months was in on the scheming. I just don’t know, and I leave it at that. How it all ties into my topic of discussion here is that in these cases, not only does the communication often become very intense almost unbelievably quickly, but it can seem so positive and benevolent in nature at first that it can blind you to  any dangers just lurking over the horizon. In truth, I probably would’ve felt guilty if I started having suspicions of the voices that I was communicating with back in January of 2015. At that time, they gave me no reason to be suspicious. I know it sounds naïve, but again this is a very unique and profound experience and it can really affect a person in a significant way. 

  Things started progressing so quickly that I also responded to this by doing more and more EVP sessions. And this is something that I’ve seen in many other cases as well. In itself, this is something of a trap and to a degree, it’s a trap of one’s own making. I’ve often wondered if I would have been stricken with this attachment situation if I had only paced things out more, and not dove headfirst into all of this and essentially become obsessed with doing these EVP sessions. What if I only did sessions once or twice a month, would I have still been attacked by these intruding entities.....such as Crystal?  I don’t have the answer. I suspect that if all of these voices weren’t out to set a trap for me, then at least there probably was some element present, or observing things that had ill intentions towards me. 

  In the years since this all started for me, I’ve seen only too well how committed Crystal is to remaining a presence in my life. I’m not exactly sure of her motivations, I’ve speculated on that in previous articles and I probably will again. She is still very much committed to continuing this attachment situation. So, I think it’s very possible that Crystal, or and some of the other intruding entities that were around back then would have waited patiently, biding their time no matter how long it took. Yet, I just don’t know. I think that allowing all of this to become an obsession for me so quickly..... sent me hurtling into the danger zone. Doing recording sessions practically every night and listening to these recordings over and over again so intensely definitely caused a change with me to occur rapidly I feel.  If I did open up a clairaudience perception, (and I very much believe that’s what happened) then this is when it most likely occurred. I was straining my hearing to hear into other realms. So, I don’t know what would’ve happened if I paced things out more, but I can say for sure that going off the deep end with it would probably make an attachment situation much more likely to occur.

  Now I’m not saying that the communication becoming intense on its own is always a sign of an impending psychic attack or spiritual attack. I’m just saying that this is how it went down on my own situation and that’s what I’ve seen in many similar accounts as well. So for me, looking back now I see that as a red flag that I missed. If someone is just starting out doing sessions and things become very intense very quickly and it seems very positive and benevolent in nature initially, this could motivate them to do even more sessions on a regular basis.....opening them up to the danger to a much larger degree. Perhaps it’s not across-the-board, but I do believe that the communication becoming almost unbelievably intense very quickly is sometimes a sign that danger lies ahead. So, one thinking about taking up this pursuit should take that into consideration.

Well, this is turning into a rather long blog post here. Again, once I start touching upon the events that started this attachment situation, I can start rambling about this  I confess. So I’m going to end this post here, but there were other warning signs that I will discuss again in a follow up post.  

June 2, 2021



Well I may have spoke a little too soon in my previous blog post where I said that this entity attachment, the one that I hear as a female voice and that goes by the name Crystal, hasn’t been attacking me at night recently. For the past two nights I’ve experienced what I consider an attack. As I said in the previous post, every night I’m experiencing some degree of disturbance from her. However, I don’t always classify this as an outright attack. On some nights when I get into bed, I’ll just hear her voice chattering away and I will feel the physical sensations to a degree, but they’re not that intense. I’m so used to it by now that certain levels of this does not prevent me from falling asleep like it once did. However, there are other occasions when her chattering and the physical sensations are much more intense, things are much more escalated and I get the impression that it’s very intentional, that she’s intentionally doing this to try and deprive me of sleep. I was saying in my previous blog post the other day that I had not experienced one of these nightly attacks for a few weeks and I took this as a good sign. However, I experienced an attack last night and the night before. These attacks weren’t all that terrible, but things were escalated and as I said... it’s really the impression that I get where I can tell that Crystal is putting in some extra effort here to cause me a disturbance and trouble when I’m trying to fall asleep.

  I had also mentioned in my previous post that I’ve been going without taking any sleep-aid recently. This is no small thing in my situation because sleep-aid has been something that I’ve been very reliant upon going back to the early days, back in 2015. Occasionally, I might have gone a night or two without it here and there, but for the most part I’ve been taking it on a nightly basis since 2015. This was not something that I was happy about, but I felt that I simply didn’t have a choice, that I needed to sleep and that I simply couldn’t take any chances. 

  Earlier on in my situation, I was losing a lot of sleep because of all that I was experiencing. It would be a common occurrence where I would lose an entire night of sleep quite often or half a night of sleep. This is the result of what I was talking about in my previous blog post ....where I mentioned that a big difference between us and these attaching entities is that require sleep, we need to rest...we need downtime. As far as I have observed, these entities do not. When they set out to harass a person, they can keep going with it around the clock to an extreme degree. So, this really derailed the hell out of my sleep routine earlier on. The only thing that I had to rely on was taking a sleep-aid practically every night. This wasn’t always effective, but it was effective a lot of the time, and at least it was something that I had.

This eventually took its toll on me as I’ve described quite often in my writing. I’ve often compared taking this sleep-aid so much to doing shots at night before you go to bed. It was a very common thing for me to wake up in the morning feeling like I was experiencing a minor hangover, like my mind was in a haze. It seemed like the sleep-aid hadn’t completely worn off. Earlier on in my situation, I would take some sleep-aid before I went to bed and then if I was still having a particularly rough time falling asleep, I would get out of bed and take more. Sometimes I might get out of bed two or three times in one night to take more sleep-aid because I was very desperate to get as much sleep as I could. I knew that if these entities caused me to lose an entire night of sleep, that I would be hurting in the next day. Sometimes I’d be taking sleep-aid up until two or three in the morning and I’d have to wake up and go to work the next day. 

  There were many occasions when I felt like I was in a fog in the morning ....like the sleep-aid was still kicking in. I was trying to get up and get going, but the sleep-aid was still trying to put me to sleep. It carried its own problems with it, but as I said.... it’s all I had. I think this is something that’s related to me in particular in a sense. As I mentioned in previous blog post here, I’ve met many others since 2015 who are also dealing with the same kind of attachment situation. Some of them have these kinds of problems at night trying to fall asleep, some of them don’t. Some of them have developed ways to adapt to the situation and find something that helps them to fall asleep. Some of the others I know mentioned that they can listen to music when they’re falling asleep or have the television on to try and drown out the presence of the voices. This kind of thing never works for me. I’m a very light sleeper, I need things to be as quiet as possible to fall asleep easily. So all this time I felt like the sleep-aid was really all I had to turn to even though I knew it wasn’t exactly healthy for me to take it this much and that it brought on its own problems. 

  Earlier this year I tried to go without it, a little experiment of sorts, just to see what would happen. Unfortunately I was not successful in breaking free of it. I think I went one or two nights without any, experienced an escalated attack and I decided to go back to the sleep-aid for now and try this again later, such as during the winter when things are a bit more quiet at my job. However, recently things have been very busy at work. It’s just a busy time of year for me, as it always is, but this year is a bit more hectic than usual. 

  The pandemic situation caused the boom in the industry that I work in....so yes, things have been a lot busier and a lot more hectic. At times I’ve been so exhausted at night that I just crawled into bed and fell asleep, like I had completely forgotten about taking any sleep-aid. I did this for a few days straight and I realized one day recently and thought to myself....”hey I haven’t been taking any sleep-aid and it’s actually been going quite well”.  Then something with Crystal happened and I took it again for a night or two. I began to notice a difference in the morning with how I felt when I had taken the sleep-aid the night before and when I didn’t. I found that if I had not taken sleep-aid the night before, it was easier for me to get out of bed and get out and get going. I’ve been waking up early a lot these days to go take care of some work related issues before I head into the office. So I’ve noticed how I’ve felt in the morning since I’ve been waking up earlier. I noticed that if I had taken sleep-aid the night before, then it was more difficult for me to wake up early and get going. In fact, there were some mornings recently when I simply couldn’t do it. I had something that I wanted to go take care of before I had to be in the office, but I just couldn’t do it. I still felt too much like my mind was in a haze.

  So, I figured that this was a good time to see how long I could make it without taking any. I’ve been trying not to take it on most nights recently. For the most part, I’d say that things have been going rather well, however there has been some issues. I noticed that when I don’t take sleep-aid, I tend to linger in that state where I am half-asleep and half-awake for a bit longer. It’s never a guarantee, but I think that this is something that the sleep-aid helps prevent from happening quite often. 

  When I take the sleep-aid, it’s more like I’m waiting to fall asleep, ....still waiting to fall asleep, and then I’m just out like a light, knocked out essentially. When I don’t take the sleep-aid, I just tend to linger in that in-between zone for a while. As I mentioned before, when I am really in that in-between zone, that state between being awake and being asleep, I lose all sense of time sometimes. I am partly asleep, yet I’m still awake enough to realize that I’m not fully asleep and I just don’t know what time it is or how long I’ve been lingering there in this state. Sometimes it seems like only a short time, sometimes it seems like hours. Sometimes it seems like I fall asleep and then a little while later I partially wake up, but not completely and I’m just lingering there in that in-between zone for a while before I fall back asleep again. It’s very strange. For the last two nights, I hadn’t taken any sleep-aid and it was when I was lingering in that in-between zone that I experienced these attacks.

  Two nights ago it occurred when I was in that in- between state, and this was one of those instances where it seemed like I had fallen asleep but had partially woken back up, yet not completely. It might be that Crystal intentionally waited until I was almost asleep and then started escalating her harassment. That’s pretty much how it seemed to me these past two nights. The other night I noticed that all of a sudden the physical sensations became quite intense and her voice became stronger and she was talking very closely, like she was right up in my face. That night, just in my thoughts I was begging with her to leave me alone and let me sleep and it seemed like she eventually stopped. 

 Then it happened again last night, also when I was in that in-between zone. Once again, it seemed like I had fallen asleep and then was brought back to the point where I was partially awake, lingering in that state for quite a while. Last night’s attack was a little more intense than the previous night. The physical sensations were quite intense and I remember experiencing a few shout attacks. This is the tactic that I’ve described quite often, where Crystal will shout very intensely right in my face or right up to one of my ears. She didn’t hit me with too many shouts last night. If my memory serves me correctly, it was only two or three. It seems like she uses these shouts these days just when she’s attacking like this, where in the past it was at times and almost nightly occurrence. 

  At one point last night during the attack, I remember Crystal saying quite clearly “I am a different species.” I definitely heard this from her, there’s no mistaking it. I believe that this is connected to what I had been writing in my other blog post this past week, where I was describing how Crystal was going strong with playing her identity mind game with me recently. This is where she will make claims about herself, about her identity, and as I was saying, she can sound very convincing, but then she’ll switch it around and contradict herself. 

  The two main claims that she’s been making about herself recently are that she’s a spirit of human origin, and she’ll often talk to me about when she was a high school student in the early 1980s. And again, the way she talks about this sounds very convincing. She doesn’t miss a beat when she’s telling a story. It really seems like she’s retelling a very vivid memory of hers. However, then she’ll switch it up and I’ll start hearing her talk about being of a different species, she’ll start talking about extraterrestrials and other worlds and other dimensions. In other words, one minute she’s claiming to be of human origin, the next minute she’s claiming to be of non-human origin.  And as I stated previously, I just threw my hands up in the air in frustration because I can’t really gauge her with this. I can’t even say that she sounds more convincing with one of these claims over the other. In my opinion, she sounds equally convincing with both.

I was saying the other day in my previous post that sometimes she’ll just use the term “astral being” to describe herself and that I actually like this term and I use it myself. I feel that this works for me because I do believe personally that this is what she is. I do believe that she is a sentient being that is residing on an astral plane, or astral  dimension.  In my opinion this term astral being can include beings that are of human origin, such as spirits who were once human and lived on Earth.  Yet, it can also include beings that or not of human origin. Perhaps some of them once lived in a physical form on another world somewhere in our universe. Perhaps some lived on some other world in another dimension or a parallel universe. And perhaps some never lived in a physical form at all, at least not as we tend to think of it. Perhaps some existed as pure energy throughout their entire existence. Yet, all of these different kinds of sentient intelligent beings could perhaps be called astral beings. It’s my own personal belief that this term can apply to all of these things. So, even though I’ve stated that I threw my hands up in frustration even trying to hold to a personal belief about Crystal’s true identity and origin, classifying her as an astral being is the closest that I can come to this, at least for now.

  Well, I have experience two night attacks in a row now. It seems that the fact that I’m lingering in the in-between state at night has made me a bit more vulnerable, as it often has. However, I’m going to try and keep going without the sleep-aid for now and see what happens. Yes, I’ve had two unpleasant incidents so far with this, but if I stick it out for a little while longer, perhaps the reward will be worth it. I guess I’ll never know unless I try and that is what I think it really comes down to.


Hearing Voices Entities: Astral Body Intrusions

May 31, 2021


  It’s Memorial Day here, the weather is much nicer than it was for the past two days. I was off from work today and it was just one of those days when I felt utterly drained of energy. This is very common these days it seems, on my days off from work . I think it’s a combination of things, but mainly just that things have been hectic at work. My sleep routine isn’t that great these days. Yet, I will say that this is not really so much because of Crystal right now. More it’s just that I’ve been waking up early a lot to take care of some work issues before I go into the office. Every night when I go to bed, Crystal‘s voice is still there and I feel the physical sensations to a degree, but I have not experienced an outright attack from her in a few weeks. This is where things escalate and where it’s very obvious that she’s putting in a lot of extra effort to cause a disturbance and prevent me from falling asleep. I still pick up on her presence every night, and she still seems rather indifferent about this, but yes ....she hasn’t been harassing me too much at night these days. Also, I’ve been going quite a bit without taking any sleep-aid at night. I think that right now, since things are more hectic at work, I don’t have to take it because I’m a bit more exhausted by the end of the day anyway and I fall asleep quicker on my own. I’ve been trying not to take it because I think I noticed a difference when I wake up in the morning when I am taking it the night before and when I did not take it. When I take some sleep-aid at night, I observe that if I try to wake up a little early to go out and take care of something for work, I have a much harder time dragging myself out of bed. I am more in a haze you could say. If I hadn’t taken any sleep-aid the night before, then I can muster the energy much easier. So, I’m going to go with this for a while and see where it takes me. Maybe I’ll finally be able to get away from relying on a sleep-aid so much. Of course there’s always the possibility that when this busy season comes to an end at work that Crystal will start acting up more at night and I will once again feel that I simply have to take it. That might happen, but for now I’m just gonna see how long I can go without it and see how things play out. It’s definitely worth trying to get away from my reliance on it.

 I just want to mention a couple of comments that I heard from Crystal last night. I believe one of these comments was connected to what I had been writing about in my previous blog post here this week. I wrote those two blog post where I basically gave an example of how Crystal is always going back-and-forth with claims about her identity. As I stated, sometimes Crystal will assume one identity, such as being a spirit of human origin, yet another time she will assume a different identity and claim that she is something else entirely. I described how this has been a little frustrating for me and that I have simply given up on even trying to establish one primary belief or opinion about who she really is. I know that she is very real, and yet her identity remains a mystery to me.

  Last night, once again I went outside to smoke a cigarette and I heard her make a statement to me pertaining to this. For some reason she makes a lot of these kinds of comments when I’m outside smoking. Or at least it seems like that to me these days. So I was outside smoking a cigarette last night and I heard her say something like “I suppose that for humans, some astral beings would be considered extraterrestrials.” So here she was once again assuming the identity of some kind of being of non-human origin I feel. She mentioned the term “astral being”and this is a term that I hear her mention all the time. Actually it’s a term I’ve kind of adopted myself as well.

Sometimes, Crystal will claim to be of human origin,  sometimes of angelic origin, sometimes of alien origin, and sometimes she simply refers to her self as an astral  being. I find this term works well for me because in my opinion, I believe that it could include a number of different things. I do personally believe in an afterlife and in the spirit world. Even though I’ve stated repeatedly that I do not know if Crystal is a spirit that was once human and lived on Earth, there have been other experiences since my situation began in 2015 where I felt that I was communicating with beings who were in fact spirits of human origin. Can I be 100% certain about this? No I cannot be. But this is just my personal opinion about these experiences. However, this doesn’t mean that all of the voices that I’ve heard since I began hearing them outside of my recordings in 2015 were are of the same origin. To be honest,  just for myself ....I would say that I have the opinion that it’s been a mix, a bit of a variety between hearing spirits  who were of human origin like myself and of beings that are not of human origin. This is just a personal impression that I have after reflecting upon many of my own experiences. This opinion is subject to change in the future, but this is my opinion about it right now.

  I personally believe that when we depart from this physical life here on Earth,  that we enter spiritual dimensions, or and astral dimensions. However, I personally believe that these astral dimensions could be where many different kinds of beings reside, some who once lived upon the Earth, and some who did not. 

I believe that this term “astral being” can include these different things, that’s why I like to use it myself. I suppose you could say that if I had an opinion about Crystal‘s identity at all, it would be that she is an astral being.  Of course this still leaves some questions open, but it is a term I think that can be used to describe my opinion about her nature....at least as much of an opinion that I currently have.

So here she was last night saying something like.........”I suppose that  humans would regard  some astral beings as extraterrestrials.” I’m not sure if that was her exact statement word for word, but it was something like that. You may ask how I could not remember these statements from her word for word? Well, let me just say that I think this is because there’s simply so much coming at me all the time from her, that I do not retain it all and nor do I try to. I’m not hearing her voice all the time, though I think often when I’m not, it’s because I have placed my focus on something else, it’s not because she’s not there chattering away. To me it seems like there’s still a constant stream of chatter or communication coming from her and it’s just a question of whether or not I’m hearing it. So there’s simply too much for me to always recall for it word for word sometimes. 

  It may not seem like it on the surface, but I believe that this was just Crystal flip-flopping back-and-forth once again, playing the old identity game. As I was saying in my blog post yesterday, I feel a bit of frustration about this, because I simply wish that we could move past this point. I said that I was willing to establish a real dialogue with Crystal in the hopes of sorting out the situation and hopefully improving it for the both of us, but that I need to feel that she’s being truthful with me. Yet, this is not something that I am feeling right now I’m sorry to say. How can I feel like she’s being truthful with me when she’s switching her claims around about her own identity. At the very least she could stick to one story about this. I mean there is an answer to this question right? So, I am of the opinion that I should still regard her claims and comments about her identity with a grain of salt and not place meaning in any of it. I think that this is the best position to take. It’s just that I feel a bit frustrated that we are still at this point, that we haven’t moved past this, that she is still playing these kinds of mind games with me.

  A bit later last night, I also heard her make another statement that I want to talk about here. I was just thinking something in my mind and I forget exactly what it was about, other than I was thinking something like “doesn’t it drive her crazy being in my presence all the time? Wouldn’t she want to leave every once in a while?” This was just in my thoughts, but I heard her voice reply to my thoughts (as I often do).  I heard her say something like “I can’t leave your astral field.”  I remember wondering how far does my astral field extend and I heard a reply from her ....”just a few inches.”  

  This brought to mind previous statements that I heard Crystal make. One thing that I’ve heard her saying for a number of years now on occasion is that she is “inside of my astral body.” Last night she used the term astral field instead of astral body, but I believe she was talking about the same thing. So this is actually something that I have been hearing her say for quite a long time now. To be honest it’s one of those statements from her that gets me thinking and with this statement, I think that there’s a very real possibility that she’s telling me the truth here. I’m not sure if she cannot leave my astral field, but I do believe that it is very possible that she is inside of my astral field most of the time. This is something that I can envision and it seems to fit with my experiences.

  It does seem to me like she’s always within my immediate vicinity. Sometimes when I hear her voice in an external manner, it might seem like it’s coming from across the room or down the hallway or something like that. Yet that just might be the effect of her manipulating sound waves to communicate with me or such. As I’ve written about previously, there are occasions where the communication seems more internal, sometimes it’s like an inner voice, and sometimes it even seems like it’s more inserted thoughts, or a telepathic communication rather than hearing a voice directly. So, I confess that this one has me thinking, though I’m not going to let it cause me any distress or anything like that.  It’s just kind of like the shoe fits here essentially. 

 This afternoon I was lying down for a little bit. As I stated earlier, I was feeling a bit exhausted today. So this afternoon I crawled into bed, deciding if I fell asleep for a while ...great....and if not, then that’s fine to. I just felt like resting for a while. I was in that state of being half asleep and half awake (or that in-between zone as I often refer to it) and I remember feeling some strange physical sensations. I knew it was Crystal and I remember thinking to myself....”what are you doing?”Crystal replied to this thought and I heard her voice say “draining your astral energy.”

This is something that I hear her say all the time. She’s been saying this one for years as well. Yet, when I heard it today, it got me thinking about what she said last night about being inside my astral field. I know there’s some material out there about the astral body. I confess that I don’t know much about it. I’ve seen discussed in various books and articles on the internet, but I’ve never really researched it thoroughly. Maybe this is something that I should look into. If this is a true statement from Crystal here, that she is in fact inside of my astral field, how did she get inside of my astral field to begin with? I’ll kick some thoughts around about this in a follow up blog post.


Truth or Mind Games

May 30, 2021


 Well it’s the weekend and what a miserable weekend it is. By this I mean the weather, the weather has been miserable here for the past two days. This would normally have been my day off from work, but since it’s a holiday weekend, I went into the office for a few hours today, though I’m not really sure that I needed to ....things were very quiet. This holiday weekend is usually a very busy weekend where I work, but this year the weather just put a damper on it. I don’t mind at all, things have been hectic enough there recently so I rather enjoyed the quiet. At least I’ll have tomorrow off. I’m definitely not going into work tomorrow ....we are closed.

  I just wanted to to follow up on what I was discussing in my last blog post, the one that I made yesterday. I was talking about a comment that I heard Crystal say yesterday afternoon. I heard her makes a comment.... “your own Central Intelligence Agency doesn’t even suspect that the voices are the extraterrestrials.”  As I was saying in my last blog post, on the one hand I take this kind of comment from Crystal with a grain of salt, and I went on to say that this is actually a kind of defense mechanism that I’ve gained since the early days of my attachment situation. When I hear her make comments like this, generally my first reaction is to not place any meaning in it, to regard it with suspicion because one of her main tactics since all this began has been to mess with my head with various forms of psychological mind games. Most of these mind games involved things that she was saying to me.......the content of the what she was saying.  

  As I mentioned, earlier in my situation, the content of what these voices were speaking was a little more personal, it was more directed at me. However, these days I’m really only hearing Crystal’s voice still on a day-to-day basis and she’s scaled back on playing these mind games that are centered around me. Occasionally she still will, but in place I’ll hear her make these kinds of mysterious statements that are referring to much broader things, things that go well beyond me, such as extraterrestrials and UFOs and beings from other dimensions and worlds and.....well she says all sorts of things. So, as I was saying ....just as a kind of defense mechanism, I don’t place much meaning in the statements that I hear from her. However, I also was talking about how I don’t outright dismiss what she said to me yesterday either because if nothing else, it’s plainly clear to me that there is something mysterious going on here. 

  When Crystal is talking to me about extraterrestrials and UFOs, I don’t know if she’s telling me the truth, or even a small bit of truth, I simply don’t know. I know that in the past she has used deception and manipulation and exaggeration to an extreme degree, so I always have to be on guard about this. However, I’m not ruling out the possibility that sometimes her statements contain a bit of truth. Just with this statement about extraterrestrials yesterday, well this is not a topic that I can dismiss outright. There’s been some strange happenings in the news over the course of the past few years. There have been a number of  UFO incidents involving the military and it seems like more and more these days I’m seeing mention of these kinds of things on the news networks. It seems like this subject is no longer quite so out there on the fringes. There’s been some very real occurrences that we just don’t have explanations for, explanations other than that there is in fact some thing mysteriously going on here. So, I find myself in the same kind of position here with Crystal. On the one hand, I know that she uses deception that’s a deliberate tactic, but on the other I cannot deny her existence, that she’s real, that this is all really happening and that it is very mysterious.

  I also mentioned yesterday that (at least for now) I’ve given up on even trying to establish a set belief about what’s going on here, and about who Crystal is. I feel this way because she doesn’t stick to one story, to one claim. One day she’ll claim to be a spirit of human origin for example, but then the next day she might be claiming to be something else. And it’s not just this that’s the problem for me with trying to establish a belief about it, it’s that she’s equally convincing in a way....with each of these claims. When she speaks about being of human origin, and she speaks from a human point of view, she can sound very convincing. As I mentioned, at times I find myself wanting to believe her with this because at least with this claim, she’s talking about things that I can at least wrap my head around. However, when she’s claiming to be something other than of human origin, she can also sound equally convincing, and even more than just how she sounds or what she is saying about it.  It’s just an impression I pick up from her, a vibe that yes, she seems very different. Let me just say it’s all very complicated and confusing and I know that I’m failing  here in trying to sort it all out in any effective manner.

  Last night, I had another incident that is a prime example of these back-and-forth claims from Crystal. It was probably around eight or nine at night. I was watching a movie, then I went outside to smoke a cigarette. It was raining heavily, but I simply don’t like to smoke inside of my apartment, so I’ll still go outside in the rain. While I was out there having a cigarette, I heard her say something along the lines of ...”there is no doubt that you are speaking with someone who was in high school in 1983”...or she said something like that. She said a little more this time, so I didn’t retain it all word for word. She said something about being an English major and then she mentioned the year 1978 and said something about that. In other words, she was back to speaking from a human perspective and telling me something about herself when she was living on the Earth. Here she wasn’t saying anything about aliens or UFOs or anything like that. She had flipped the story back around once again. 

  I’m not surprised by this, this literally happens all the time, but it is a little frustrating. As I was saying previously, gaining this ability to become very indifferent to the content of what I have heard these voices saying, especially Crystal, has greatly improved things in my situation I feel. I would even go so far as to say it’s been a game changer. It hasn’t ended the situation, but I would say that it was pivotal in changing the situation so that things began improving instead of getting worse. If I could go back in time and ask myself how things were going in April 2015, I would say something along the lines of...”it’s just getting worse and worse by the day.” However, if I asked myself the same question a year later, I would’ve probably said ...”at least things are starting to get better now with time.” Becoming indifferent to what I was hearing the voices saying was a big part in making this happen I feel. 

  Something else that I find has brought about even more improvement in my situation is letting go of any lingering animosity towards these entities, especially Crystal. By this, I mean animosity on a personal level, like holding a personal grudge. Even though I am all too aware that my own actions during the winter of 2015 had brought about this situation, well that didn’t make me feel any less bitter about it. I can understand Crystal wanting to teach me a lesson about poking my nose in where didn’t belong, but I felt that she went way too far. I felt it what she was doing was out right sadistic. So, for the first few years of this attachment situation, I carried around quite a bit of bitterness towards these entity attachments, and again.... especially Crystal.....as she has always been the main one. 

  However, back in 2019 something came over me where I just let go of this lingering bitterness. Earlier on, Crystal would bring me to the point of anger quite frequently. Sometimes, I would literally start cursing at her out loud, especially if she was disrupting me while I was trying to fall asleep, which she seemed to do quite a lot. However, these days she hardly ever brings me to the point where I’m angry like that. It’s true that in my opinion, I don’t believe she’s as hostile as she once was towards me. Yet, she is still very intrusive and to me she seems very indifferent still about being so intrusive. So, I would still expect that she’d make me quite angry every now and again, but she doesn’t anymore and I think this is mainly because of the different mindset that I took back in 2019,  where I just let go of the bitterness and the anger. I am still very much appalled  by the things that these entity attachments do, by their methods of harassing someone. I certainly understand why I felt better about it. Yet, back in 2019, I realized that being bitter about it was simply playing into their hands. More likely than not, it was actually what they wanted. I realized that being bitter about it wasn’t hurting them in anyway, it wasn’t an effective means of fighting back, all that it was doing was filling me with these negative emotions. Perhaps I always knew this to be true, it’s just that the realization really hit me back in 2019, that for a better way to oppose them was to be the opposite of them. They seemed filled with anger and bitterness, well then I would try to be the opposite. I would oppose them by being the opposite and doing the opposite. So, I just let go of the bitterness, I’m surprised that I was able to do this  so easily, but that’s how it went down. I do not hate Crystal. I don’t understand what her motivations are, but I don’t hate her, and I don’t want revenge. A far better outcome to the situation I feel would be if she changed, if she stopped seeking to harm others. I would be much happier with seeing her change rather than getting some kind of revenge against her.

  However, with this mindset that I have about it now, things can still get a little complicated when it comes to how I deal with the things that I hear her saying to me. I essentially do take it all with a grain of salt as a kind of defense mechanism, but I have to be careful that I’m not dismissing her comments too coldly, if that’s a good way to put it and I’m not sure about that. 

  As I said, I would rather see her change than get any kind of payback. So I realized that if this is my hope, then perhaps I shouldn’t be quite so dismissive of her comments across-the-board. If she were trying to change, even in the slightest degree initially, then I would expect that she would start speaking at least a bit more truthfully to me. So on the one hand, I am willing to communicate with her if we’re being truthful with each other.  The problem is that I simply don’t know when she’s being truthful, or if she’s ever being truthful.  All I know is that she deceived me a whole lot  in the past. Basically, what I’m saying is that I don’t want to just dismiss her comments out of a kind of cold indifference, but I still feel compelled to be indifferent about it and understandably so I think. I suppose it boils down to ...that I am ready and willing to communicate with Crystal in a truthful manner in the hopes of bringing about further improvement to the situation. In order to do this, I suppose that I would have to be willing to give her the benefit of the doubt sometimes with what she is saying to me. However, I’m just not seeing any consistent signs from her that she’s given up on using deception to such a large degree. Just these two contradictory statements that she made within the past two days are a perfect example of this. One day she’s talking about aliens and the next day she’s telling me about when she was in high school back in the early 1980s. What am I to make of this? What am I to do? 

  Well I guess the best thing to do is to try and remain indifferent to her statements. It’s better to be cautious. Until I see some clear sign of her changing, some sign that she’s not intentionally trying to simply mess with my head with her statements, then I should stick with not placing much value in her comments. I just want to say though that I wish things were different, I guess that’s what I’m trying to say with all of this. I don’t know who Crystal is and I don’t know where she comes from, but I’ve always said here in my writings that she has a story, she’s an individual with her own  personality and she has her own story. I just don’t know what her story is, because she obscures it from me.

So, I wanted to just write another post about this, even though I know I’m rambling here, I just want to say that while on the one hand I wanted to show this as a clear example of the kind of mind games that these entity attachments use on a person, to some degree I’m just feeling a little disappointment that things are still this way with myself and Crystal. I don’t know if the situation can change, maybe she is of very different origins and this is all a part of something that is well beyond my understanding. Perhaps it’s naïve to even hope that we could establish any kind of real dialogue where we were being truthful with each other and working towards sorting things out. I don’t know, and that’s what’s so frustrating about it sometimes, and when I hear these contradictory comments from her....always going back and forth back and forth, well it’s simply does add to the sense of frustration.








Submitted: June 14, 2021

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