The Wandering Knight

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

It’s about a knight in purgatory

I'm awake.....

Upon gazing to the ceiling, nothing but the hangings of my comrades...

As I bring them down I look at their faces, their bodies stuffed and cold.

I take an armor piece of each one of them replacing them with mine, carrying their emotions and dreams with me.

I harvest their souls and keep them with me for now.

I look upon this forsaken land, the sun black as it can ever be, I hear the screams of the undead being tortured over and over.

This is purgatory.

Walking back to the shrine, the blacksmith looks at me and replies " Quite odd armor you're wearing doesn't match, I can fix them right up for you".

I gave the man the souls of each one of them.

A blinded nun approaches me, grabs my arm and takes me to a small quarter. She replies "I'm sorry" as she cries tears of blood.

When she left my quarters, nothing but a trail of blood was left. Almost all night all I could hear was her crying till the point she got tired.

The next day I visited the blacksmith. Upon arriving he had a chest, the man said "Put on the armor, upon wearing this you will forever see their demise until it is taken off".

I opened the chest, nothing but a shockwave of green energy exploded, reaching the depths of the tombs of kings.

I look at the armor, smooth as it can ever be fit for a godly knight. Looking over the helmet, I saw that this knight will forever be sad.


The blacksmith replies "wear it and go on now, we will be waiting for you".

I strap my armor on, I grab the helmet and I put it on. My eyes went black, I could see the point of view of how hard my comrades fought until their executions.

The blinded nun grabs my shoulder and shakes me. I woke up from my delusional state. She replies " go on traveler go back to your journey, come back and visit us" .


// Random story, not the perfect spelling or structure but I just wanted to write it

Submitted: June 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 blackroseknight. All rights reserved.

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