Thara's Land

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Thara’s Land


It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply. Feeling everything very deeply isn’t a problem but maintaining a proper balance between them without losing one's consciousness is a great challenge. 


One such both blessed and cursed feeling is the past of Thara. 


In one of the top floors of the well known Lovedale University,in the mighty Architecture classroom, a girl named Thara used to study. She is a pretty looking, tongue - tied girl. She only used to speak with the neighbouring one. She appeared to be studious and very much conscious about her studies, where the faculties became her Messiah. Writings of faculties (notes) are collected from all the corners, brought together by the devotees (Toppers) and rush to the xerox centres so that their teachings can spread far and wide to meet the curriculum demands of the holy war, that is the semester end exam. She only appeared to be this kind of student but she really isn’t one. She is more of a who cares kind of attitude girl with a studious look on her face. But one thing I must say here, She isn’t a normal girl just like everyone else. She is an artist. Yes, an artist who can understand one's feelings and just try to help them with heart and soul. 


In the same classroom Vasudev used to sit near the window and used to enjoy the feeling of wind on his face where a light music (Like the BGM of Jessie’s Land) used to play in his heart. Vasudev was more of a never listened to class kind of guy but still used to maintain a cumulative of above 7 CGPA in all the semesters just by studying overnight before the exams. He used to be a topper in his school and an above average studious guy in his intermediate too. He chose architecture out of his own interest but later the architecture pissed him off. He had very few but trustworthy friends (including two females) on whom he can always rely on. 


Years have passed. One after another. First year, second year. It all happened during the third year. Despite being in the same class it took both of them two years just to introduce themselves and start saying Hi, when and wherever they had eye to eye contact. 


Sooner or Later, a field visit was organised by the department of Architecture to the place called Kumily Arch Dam near the border of two states Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Between the time period of commencement of Fifth semester and the field visit, many things had happened between Vasu and Thara. 


The feelings of both Vasu and Thara are written in their perspective.


(SCENE: In the railway station of their college town. It was night 2200 hrs. All the students of the Architecture department assembled near the railway station to depart for Kumily. After the briefing of the accompanying professor everyone was set to board the train. Even though the tickets were reserved together for everyone, seats were scattered all along the compartments of the train along with the strangers. Vasu (wearing a dark blue coloured track pant and a light coloured T - shirt) sees Thara (wearing a black jean with an yellow coloured top along with a red coloured hair band which was binding her freely moving loose hairs which were tapping their foot steps in accordance to the rhythms of the wind) coming near him. He just felt like a flower(Thara) carrying nectar (carrying herself). But he also felt like If a cat asks for honey(her love), will the flower give it? She didn't even utter a word to Vasu but simply boarded into the same compartment where Vasu was in. After settling her things with the seat and her luggage she came in search of Vasu who was in the same compartment. They both had a small chit chat and went ahead to their respective berths to get some rest).


During the same time another couple named Aditya and Leela had boarded into the same compartment. Fortunately or unfortunately despite being in the same compartment, their berths were apart from each other. Leela’s berth was opposite Vasu's and Aditya’s berth was opposite Thara's. 


(Here is the conversation between Vasudev and Leela)


(Vasudev’s bag had a tag mentioning his name and native which was still on the berth itself. Leela noticed it and started the conversation.)


Leela: Are you Mr.Vasudev?


Vasudev: It depends on who is asking it.


(Vasudev expecting the stranger girl to introduce herself and Leela understood him and replied).


Leela: I’m leela from the same town. I’m travelling to Kumily along with my bae. Can I ask you a favour?


Vasudev: Nice to meet you, Feel free to ask anything.


Leela: Despite reserving the tickets together, me and my man got separated. Can you just take his berth and let him settle here?


Vasudev: Sure, Not an issue. May I know his berth number?


Leela: Thank you so much, it was very kind of you.


(Parallelly, a conversation between Thara and Aditya took place. The conversation between them is given below).


(Men shall always be men, that suits well in this situation too, Aditya willingly started a conversation with Thara here).


Aditya: Hi. I’m Aditya.


Thara: Hi. Thara here.


Aditya: Nice to meet you.


(Thara just smiles. Later, plugs in her earplugs and starts listening to music just to avoid an unnecessary conversation).


(Aditya feels like being ignored and he opens up his phone and starts texting with the known people).


(Aditya’s phone rings (his ringtone was a famous Tamil melancholic song named Thalli Pogathey, composed by ARR) he finds it to be Leela and answers her call). 


Leela: Hey Aadhi. Can you just come over here along with your luggage?


Aditya: I wish to come over and sit next to you, holding your hands and cuddling your hairs and just sleep on your lap like a baby. But do you think I have an empty berth over there?


Leela: Yep. I have spoken with a guy named Vasudev here. He shall be taking your berth.


Aditya: Sounds good. I shall be there just in a flash.


Leela: I shall be missing your presence and vibes until then. Come soon Aadhi. I shall be waiting for you. 


(Aditya in low voice note)


Aditya: I too miss your vibes Leela. I just miss you like I miss my darling (mom) everyday while staying in the hostel.


(Leela in broken voice and tearful face)


Leela: Love you Aadhi.


(End of telephonic conversation).


(Thara listened to his words and assumed it to be his girl and started the conversation).


Thara: Why don’t you introduce me to Leela if she is in the same compartment.


Aditya: Sure, why not?


(Aditya calls Leela and asks her to come to his berth for a moment).


(Leela seeks excuses from Vasudev and moves her legs towards Aditya’s berth).


(Leela and Aditya both see their faces and they both hug each other in the most divine romantic way).


Leela: What's up Aadhi?

(Aditya introduces Thara to Leela, but Leela feels strange and she starts to murmur in a low note).


Thara: Hey Leela. Do not worry. I just wanted to see you as I heard his conversation with you. Actually I asked Mr.Aditya to introduce me to you. I thought of coming to you myself but Mr.Aditya just called you here.


Leela: Nice to meet you Thara.


(Thara smiles and starts a conversation with Leela).


Thara: So who is going to come here?


 Leela: Well. He is a college student named Vasudev.


Thara: (In shock) What? Is he coming here?


Leela: Do you know him?


Thara: Yes I do. He is one of my friends. Actually he is more than that.


Leela: Then that is even more great. You both can have a nice chat.


Thara: I do like to have a nice chat with him, but I do not think this is good for now.


Aditya: Do you like him?


Thara: No idea.


Aditya: Would it be a problem if he occupies this berth?


Thara: I do feel safe when he is around me but I do not think it would be a good idea for now.

Anyways I shall pretend to be slept before he shifts here. Leela thanks for coming over here just for me. It was very kind of you.


Leela: Aadhi I do not think you should be coming with me. Just stay here and accompany Thara. I shall stay there.


Aditya: Are you sure Leela? 


Leela: Yes. Just take care of Thara.


Thara: Leela, thank you very much. 


Leela: You need not thank me Thara.


If falling in love is either unexpected or expected but having trust in them is mandatory, and doubting their commitment is vulnerability. Presenting them in the best way is “Relationship”. (Aditya and Leela had this kind of Relationship). 


(Leela bids goodbye to both Thara and Aditya and goes back to her Berth).


(Here is the parallel conversation between Thara and Aditya and Leela and Vasudev).


(Parallel conversation between Leela and Vasudev)


Leela: Hey Vasudev. You can stay here only.


Vasudev: What happened Leela? Any problem with your guy.


Leela: No not at all. There is a reason behind it, Vasudev.


Vasudev: Ok. I don’t want to get into your personal things. By the way, you can just call me Vasu.


Leela: Sure Vasu. 


Leela: Can I ask you something Vasu?


(Conversation between Thara and Aditya)


Thara: Thanks Mr.Aditya.


Aditya: You need not thank me.


Thara: Ok. Mr. Aditya.


Aditya: You need not insert the prefix Mr while calling my name. You can either call me Aditya or Aadhi.


Thara: Sure Aditya.


Aditya: Can I ask you something Thara?


(Both Thara and Vasu agree and just tell them “feel free to ask anything”).


(Both Aditya and Leela ask similar questions to both Thara and Vasu respectively).


(Aditya to Thara)


Aditya: Why don’t you tell more about Vasudev? Well if you wish to tell.


(Leela to Vasu)


Leela: If you wish, Can you tell me about Thara? 


(Parallel conversation between Leela and Vasudev).


(Vasudev gets flabbergasted)


Leela: Yes. You heard me right. I’m asking you about your friend and classmate Thara.


Vasudev: How did you get to know about her?


Leela: My mate’s berth is opposite to Thara’s. In that way I got to know about her.


Vasudev: Sure. Even I wanted to express my heart out with someone whom I do not know.


Leela: Why do you feel like speaking your heart out with a stranger?


Vasudev: Since we both are in the same class, I cannot express my feelings to anyone whom I know. It may affect her character.


Leela: Well you can share it with me. And as you know, I am in a relationship, I can understand you better.


Vasudev: Thanks for sharing your shoulders with me.


Leela: You need not thank me Vasu.


Vasudev: Thara, an ideal girl for whom I fell in love with. It was her character which made me fall in love. 


Leela: Does she know your feelings towards her?


Vasudev: How can I expect a rose to bloom on the tip of a matchstick?


Leela: Why don’t you confess your feelings towards her?


Vasudev: She is treating me like her only best friend. How can I express my feelings towards her if she is treating me like her own brother? And sometimes she even calls me Bro.


Leela: Then what are you gonna do?


Vasudev: I’ve got no clues. I hope Time shall take care of everything.


Leela: For how long have you known her?


(Parallel conversation between Aditya and Leela).


Aditya: Why don’t you tell more about Vasudev? Well if you wish to tell.


Thara: I do not know if this is right or wrong. After seeing the relationship between you and Leela. I would like to speak with you.


Aditya: You can tell me whatever you feel like saying.


Thara: Aditya, he is the one who can make me feel like home. Whenever he is around me I feel secure and I get that comfortness only when I am with him. No one saw me through his eyes.


Aditya: You have a good impression on him.


Thara: And he retained the same.


Aditya: Does he feel the same towards you?


Thara: I cannot comment on his feelings. But he cares a lot for me. 


Aditya: Have you got feelings for him?


Thara: I’m not sure. I just want him to be beside me holding my hands forever.


Aditya: Do you think this is Love?


Thara: Maybe. Even though it is Love, I shall never express my feelings for him. He cares for me like his own sister. How can I express my feelings towards him if he treats me like his own sister?


Aditya: So what are you gonna do?


Thara: I shall surround him with my love, wish for him to be happy and keep an eye on him until I breathe. If something called afterlife exists, then I shall protect him even in the afterlife. 


Aditya: You are a great Lover.


Aditya: Can you tell me where you first met him?


(Parallel conversation between Leela and Vasudev).


Leela: How long have you known her?


Vasudev: I have known her since first year. It almost took me three years just to say Hi to her.


Leela: What made you say Hi for the first time in third year?


Vasudev: Actually our togetherness started with a fight in the lab for a particular seat.


Leela: Started with a fight huh?


Vasudev: Not an actual fight. But it started with an argument for a particular seat in the lab during the test.


Leela: Later who got that seat?


Vasudev: Neither of us. Some other person came and sat in that seat.


Leela: So what made you speak with her again if your first meeting itself was an argument?


Vasudev: I actually felt guilty after arguing with a woman. So I apologized for arguing with her. She apologized too for arguing with me. Likely our conversation began.


Leela: You had the guts to apologize to her directly after an argument.


Vasudev: Nope. I did not have enough courage to speak with her in person. But I gathered enough courage to text her on WhatsApp.


Leela: So your first Hi was on WhatsApp?


Vasudev: Exactly.


Leela: What happened later?


Vasudev: Late night WhatsApp conversations turned out to be late night telephonic conversations. 


Leela: That’s good.


Vasudev: No. That’s really bad. 


Leela: But why?


Vasudev: Those late night conversations made me fall in love with her. If I had expected that I would fall in love beforehand, I would have never started a conversation with her.


Leela: Don’t you want to be in Love?


Vasudev: No it isn’t like that. Love is really beautiful when it is from both the souls. But it is like a bullet through your heart when you are not able to express it.


Leela: I can understand your pain.


Vasudev: Exactly, it is a sweet pain and I love to live with it.


Leela: What if she feels the same towards you?


(Parallel conversation between Thara and Aditya).

Aditya: Can you tell me where you first met him?


Thara: I do not remember where I first saw him. But it all began with an argument between us in the Lab.


Aditya: An argument? How did that argument lead to your feelings?


Thara: He apologized to me on the same day for the silly argument in the lab. Well that was a higher note for a woman.


Aditya: How did it go further?


Thara: Late night WhatsApp texts converted into late night telephonic calls which made me feel closer to my heart.


Thara: He is like a kid to me. But he treats me like his own sister which hurts me.


Aditya: Do you feel sad about that?


Thara: Yes. It hurts me. It hurts me when I get to know that he treats me like his sister and not like his girl. Whenever he is around me or whenever I hear his voice, my heart rate increases on its own. I feel like someone is poking my heart with a fork shed with blood. But it is a very good feeling.


Aditya: I can feel your intensity. What makes you move on?


Thara: As I am taking my breath in here, he is letting his breath out over there.This is the only thing which keeps me saying move on.


Aditya: What if he also feels the same towards you?


(Parallel conversation between Vasudev and Leela)


Leela: What if she feels the same towards you?


Vasudev: I just told you she treats me like her own brother. She never had intimate feelings for me but instead she has brother and friend kind of feelings towards me.


Vasudev: I do not need the forests that give cool breeze, I do not need the ocean that gives water, I do not need this earth to eat or sleep, I do not need any of these necessities, All I need is Thara to be with me holding my hands forever. 


Leela: Before leaving Kumily just propose to her..


Vasudev: I shall try.


(Parallel conversation between Thara and Aditya)


Aditya: What if he also feels the same towards you?


Thara: No way. He treats me like his own sister. He does not have any kind of girl friend feelings towards me.

Thara: Even if I explain what I am, he will not understand, Nobody knows that he is my Love, In the world with his absence I shall not live. If both Thara and Vasu are lies, I shall search for Love and kill it.


Aditya: No matter what happens, you express your feelings for him before you leave Kumily.


Thara: I shall try.


(It was almost midnight 2 am. All four of them decided to take rest)


(Aditya and Leela both closed their eyes and they met in their dreams)


(Both Thara and Vasu plugged in their earplugs)


(Vasu just listened to some romantic peppy numbers whereas Thara just opened the door, sat there listening to her favourite song of AR Rahman on loop and felt the cool breeze on her face). 


(Thara recited his name for the eyes which forgot to sleep, hopng that he shall come in her dream.)


(It was almost 5.45 am in the morning, Leela woke up and woke Aditya too)


(Leela just searched for Thara and found her near the door. She went near her to just wish her a Very Good morning)


(Aditya came searching for Leela near the door. Both Thara and leela wished Aditya a very good morning)


(It was around 6.30 am in the morning, the train had reached the Kumily Junction. Both Thara and Vasudev bid goodbye to Aditya and Leela and they moved away)


(After checking in a lodge, everyone got freshened up and moved on to local bus to reach to Kumily Arch dam)


(Kumily is a beautiful hill station which is also known as Cardamom hills. Both Tiger Reserve and Arch dam add additional beauty to these Cardamom hills.The speciality about this Arch Dam is beyond the walls of the Dam there are beautiful waterfalls which are in the Inverted U shape from Bird’s eye view.) 


(All students are lined up near the dam followed by a briefing of the accompanying professor. It almost took around four hours to completely understand the Architecture of the Kumily Arch Dam. Later students were set free to move around and explore the dam. Vasu’s (wearing a black cotton jean with baby pink coloured shirt where the sleeves were folded up to one inch below the elbow with black coloured casual shoes) eyes were searching for Thara. While looking from left to right his eyes just stopped at the point where his eyes found a girl wearing a Grey coloured T shirt and sky blue coloured dotted Palazzo Pants with black coloured sandals. Her hair was let loose with a red coloured hair band along with a black coloured sling bag hanging on her right shoulder, a black coloured watch on her left hand and a ring in her right Index finger. His eyes find it to be Thara and he approaches her.)


(Conversation between Thara and Vasu)


Vasudev: Hey Thara. 


Thara: Hey Vasu. How did you feel about the dam’s architecture?


Vasudev: I didn’t even bother to listen to the lecture before. Well you can tell me how you feel about this Dam’s architecture. 


Thara: Same here. 


(Vasudev and Thara both laughs and move towards the bridge)


(They both stand at the middle of the bridge and view the Waterfalls. There was a dead silence for minutes together. Later Vasu breaks the silence and starts the conversation)


Vasu: Hey Thara. How do you feel?


Thara: I just feel divine standing next to you and viewing the beautiful waterfalls.


Vasudev: Is it? I feel like holding your hands Thara. Can I hold them?


(Thara lifts both the hands of Vasu and feels his warmth. She looked into his eyes and they expressed their feelings through their eyes. Both Vasu and Thara felt the divine love between their souls but their tongues hid it by not confessing their feelings.)


(They both were standing face to face looking into each other's eyes, with waterfalls falling on beside them. Neither of them wanted to break their eye contact. They both wanted to hold their hands together and look into their eyes forever just like today.)


(Vasu put his left hand on Thara’s shoulder whereas Thara laid her head down on Vasu’s left shoulder and they both continued to view the falls together with an eternal silence.)


(After few moments Vasu started the conversation but their position was the same)


Vasudev: You just make me feel like home Thara.


Thara: Whenever you are around me I feel secure Vasu.


Vasudev: Would you be there for me forever Thara?


Thara: This is the wrong question to ask Vasu. (Thara in low note) No matter what happens I shall always be there for you as your other half, as your  best friend and a well wisher.


Vasudev: Thank you Thara. 


Thara: And I expect the same from you Vasu.


Vasudev: (Vasudev in low note) No matter what happens I shall always be there for you Thara. You can count on me. 


Thara: Thank you Vasu. Thank you for everything. 


(Both Thara and Vasu wanted to confess their feelings towards each other but failed to do so.)


(Vasu being not able to control his feelings for her left Thara there and moved along with other boys to hide his feelings).


(Thara being not able to control her tears just left Vasu and moved towards the end of the bridge and started staring at the falls and cried her heart out).


(The same night, everyone left Kumily and boarded the train to return back to college) 


(After a few days, Vasu started to suppress his feelings for Thara. He overcame his feelings for her and concentrated on his career.)


Thara would rather light candles than curse the darkness and her glow has warmed Vasu.


(Thara just wanted Vasu to be on her side always. She let her feelings for Vasu develop and suffered with pain all alone in darkness.)


Like the water in the coconut, Thara stored Vasu in her heart which is coated with an hardshell called Possessive Love. 


Thara is blessed enough to have Vasu on her side as a well wisher, but cursed enough to not  to have him as her man. 


She killed her own happiness at such a young age by loving someone more than herself.


Love is like a beautiful blossom that withers away. Love is like a mirage that disappears.


At the End


Thara was a 20 year old girl crying her heart out silly, in pain, but what to do.. Some people, some men like Vasu, they did not go away from her, from her being, from her soul. 


Submitted: June 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Rubesh. All rights reserved.

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