The story of a depressed boy's friendship

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

It's a true story of a depressed boy's friendship, a friendship that lasted only a year!

A boy whose name I can't tell, so in this story we call him Ethan!

Ethan was 15 and he was depressed, even he wanted to die!

he liked to play a multiplayer game.

one day as always he was playing that game and he meets a girl, whose name I can't tell,

so in this story, we call her Anne!

so, they meet and they became friends, and They were getting closer day by day, one day Anne told Ethan,

that she wanted to be his best friend, and then they became best friends!

they were so happy to have a best friend!

everything was going well, after 10 months, she began to ignore him, and he kept trying to talk to her

but she didn't respond!

after about 1 month she came and said 

"I'm sorry for all of that, please forgive me" and she told him that her sister had forced her not to speak with Ethan.

and then Ethan forgave her!

and then, about a month later, she started ignoring him again!

and this time when he objected, there was a heated debate!

and then she said "I want to end our friendship"

and then she ends their friendship!

and Ethan was disappointed!

about two weeks later somehow Ethan approached Anne and said

"I'm sorry and please forgive me" but Anne didn't forgive him and she said,

"We can't be friends again"

and after this, she was gone!

then some weeks later again he approached her, and again said that "I'm sorry and please forgive me"

but once again she did not accept his apology, and because of that, he became very disappointed!

and because of all of this, he became depressed badly, he even started thinking about suicide every single night!

but until today, he says that she's not a cheater, she just got some misunderstanding!

Submitted: June 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 azfar anxari. All rights reserved.

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