The Devils Backbone Encounter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A true story of a child of the night that went to Devils Backbone area at midnight to see one of the strangest encounters of their life!

I guess I should start my story by stating that I am a full practicing Witch so that you can understand the many supernatural encounters I have had over my lifetime were pretty common, but on this one occasion, while I was visiting my favorite camping area at Canyon Lake Park near the Devils Backbone area, I had an encounter of so many ghosts and apparitions, it was a bit overwhelming for me to experience on that faithful night.

Devils Backbone has many sightings of Supernatural activity that were witnessed by many people who saw eerie lights, local deceased farmers and spirits wondering the woods at night. There are also several accounts of people hearing Calvary horses and seeing Native American apparitions from the area, but my encounter was a very unique one that I haven't heard of before of the region, so I'm wondering if other people had the same experience I had on that faithful night back in 2008.  I don't remember the exact date but it was sometime near the middle of August when I decided to take a much needed vacation while taking a break from Witchcraft and try to be a normal human being, for at least a day lol!

I choose that faithful weekend because there was a threat of severe weather so I knew there would hardly be anyone at the park.  As I registered with the park ranger lady, she was kind and said there were only 4 other guests brave enough, or crazy enough to be in this 1000+ acre park and to be careful while I was here because of the threat of severe weather.

I really enjoyed being out that day on the lake with my kayak and rowed it across to grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant that was part of the Marina of the lake.  Even though there were threats of severe weather, it only lightly rained off and on throughout the day, so I stayed relatively dry; Although maybe a little water logged at times from the rain and swimming I did throughout the day.

It was so nice to take a break from my "24" hour Witchcraft life and I was secretly wondering if maybe I should just try to live like a normal human being from now on, to focus on the living and not the supernatural aspects of my life.  I felt battle worn from the life I was living in and this vacation was something I really needed in my life to get some type of normalcy to it, if just for a day.

Well as night fell in the region, I placed my kayak back on land to swim a little more and decided around midnight to head up to camp area 5 since it was the highest area of the park and had beautiful views of the stars to see while I was watching my movie from my portable battery operating DVD player.

By then the rain stopped, and it was  becoming partly cloudy so I thought it would be a good ideal to see a movie under the stars, and enjoy the night I hope would never end.  As I was heading to the highest part of the park, I noticed that there were deer feeding at night and they became very skittish as I passed them by while walking to the lone park table I was going to watch my movie at.  What made  me feel uncomfortable about these deer, is that they did not seem to be afraid of me, but of something that was approaching our area and then they came!

I was determined to be a happy camper that night and not a witch so I purposely ignored all the warning signs of an approaching Supernatural experience that was about to unfold around me.  So I kept thinking myself "Not tonight, I'm going to watch my movie!"

As I was heading to the lone stone table that I was going to view my movie at, I kept having visions of that stupid Blair Witch movie, and kind of regretted that I was making fun of Evil earlier in the day, I know I can be a little arrogant towards the Supernatural at times, but that is probably caused by the many years of fights and encounters I had with them, I Suppose I just got a little battle worn over the years, so my apologies, lol.

At any rate, I climbed on the table and started to watch the movie I brought with me titled "The Lady in the Water" which seemed appropriate since I was in the water the whole day, lol.  Well as I was sitting on this "Sacrificial Table" and yes, I know it was only a stone park table, but I kept having visions of it being a sacrificial table for some odd reason, and then, they came!

It was subtle at first, I saw movement from the corner of my eyes while watching my movie so I quickly turned my DVD player off to see what was approaching me and to keep from attracting attention to myself while these things drew closer!  At first it was just a few entities that came by me, but then there was over a hundred of them that walked right past me while I sat as still as I could.  Well, needless to say, these apparitions had my full attention by now and I was trying to understand why they were gathering in the area I was at?

None of these ghostly entities seemed to ever been human before, but had human form, and even though I couldn't see their faces, they seemed human like but it was difficult to tell exactly what they were because they were all wearing medieval masks to cover their faces that hid their identity!  These mask were very European looking and had a very Celtic/Pagan look about them, from beautifual Venetian masks to very primitive looking ones that were disturbing.

I thought this was very strange because I never heard of any European encounters in this region before so I didn't understand why these entities were in this region to begin with, but fortunately for me, as these things passed by me, most of them were either ignoring me or completely oblivious to my presence and they seemed to be more interested to attend some type of celebration they were about to have and didn't seem to care I was in their presence.  That is, except for one entity, that had a definite interest in me, and it seemed mischievous which was unnerving!

While all of this was happening around me I kept feeling all kinds of things crawling over my legs and arms, so I took a chance to turn on my DVD light to convince myself that there were no bugs crawling on me.  Well, when I shined the light on my legs and arms, I found all types of bugs crawling all over me, from silver fish, to walking sticks, and bugs I never seen before, were all over me!  I understood that I am in the forest, but really?

Well that was enough for me to feel like maybe I wasn't welcome there and besides, I didn't want to disturb their function anyway, whatever it was; so I quietly and slowly left the area hoping I wouldn't get attacked and and have to fight my way out, but thankfully I was able to escape and left undetected except for that one lone child like entity that was dressed in a medieval jester's costume and mask.  Oh it was so creepy.  He kept following me, matching me step for step and followed me all the way to my car.  I locked my doors to my car, but I don't know what I was thinking?I'm sure it could have gotten through my door if it wanted to, but I was extremely tired and wanted to get a few hours of sleep before dawn arrived.  I suppose that sounds crazy, but I hope you undetstand, I'm used to apparitions messing with me.

Fortunately for me, I didn't set up my tent equipment earlier in the day because of all the rain and the ground was too wet for me to pitch my tent, so I could leave the area anytime I wanted to, without losing any of my equipment, but since I was so tired I needed to sleep a little before leaving the area and that was a mistake!  As I was trying to sleep in my car I kept seeing that Jester ghost constantly jumping up and down outside because it was too little to see me while standing outside so it kept jumping up to show me it was still there looking at me and then hiding.  It almost seemed like it was playing peek a boo, I see you and after about an hour of this game I had enough so I decided to drive home which was over 70 miles away to end this strange night, but that thing somehow followed me to my home and kept jumping outside the window of my house until dawn finally arrived when it mysteriously disappeared!

To this day I still don't understand why this happened?  What were those things and what were they doing there and why did they chose that night to have their strange festival?  I am so angry at myself though, because I should have stayed and found out why they were there?  I was battle worn, and just wanted one night of peace, but it didn't happen that night!  I still don't know what those things were celebrating, but they weren't celebrating any Wiccan Sabbaths that I know of such as: Mabon or Lughnasadh, because it was in mid August when this strange encounter occurred!  Perhaps these entities weren't celebrating any human events at all but some kind of special sabbath in their own time.

The last thing I could think of what might have happened is that there were over a hundred drownings in the lake since it was first formed in the 1950's from the Canyon Lake Corp of Engineers.  Maybe that August night was the day these entities decided to celebrate as an anniversary for all the drownings that occurred there, but I am just speculating?  Still, there were over a hundred entities that night, about the same number of people that drowned in the lake, but I can't explain why they were wearing Venetian masks for their celebration?  I just wonder?  What would have happened if I stayed there with them on their special night?  Would I be drowned so that I can stay with them forever?  I DON'T THINK SO!

I'm not sure, but whatever the explanation was, I have the feeling I will never know what really happened at the lake on that faithful night?  Well that is my story, and I am glad I survived it.  I just wish I had more information on why those things were there?  Sometime in the future I want to go back and conduct an invoking ritual to see if I can establish contact with them so I can fully investigate the "scene of the crime" and find out once and for all, why those things were there in the first place.  If I ever find out what happened, I will let you know, until then; be careful if you ever happen to be walking in the woods by yourself at midnight or "The witching Hour" because you never know what might be coming your way!



Submitted: June 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Philip.ShadowFire. All rights reserved.

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