Tina & the World of Winter, Part 3

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A queer fantasy story for all ages. Inspired by Narnia with neopronouns, same-sex romantic love, and no patriarchal bs.

When Tina falls into the World of Winter she meets a chatting squirrel, wise Bears, and a chilly cat being who seems to hold on to a secret. Together they must find a way to overthrow the Queen of Winter before it's too late.

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- But I'm not a queen, Tina said


- Maybe you just need some time, Bear replied


But Ratatosk got anxious,


- But we don't have time, we're going to the palace!


Bear looked at her with worry.


- To the palace? Why?


- Lynx wants her to face the queen.


- Is that so?, Bear said. But she’s just a girl.


- I know, I know, Ratatosk said anxiously. But Lynx, fae saved us! Fae saved all of us!


Bear nodded his head.


- Yes, fae saved us..


- What happened?, TIna asked.


Old Bear leaned back in his chair and said,


- It's a long story. It started when the King of Wolves rebelled against the Queen. That day  we saw the sun shining in the sky for the first time in a long time...


- Yes, yes, we saw it! It was a sign! It was a sign!, Ratatosk chipped in


- Yes, Ratatosk, it was a sign, Old Bear said patiently. But there are many signs and they  can mean many different things.


He continued,


- Many followed the King Of Wolves and refused to obey the Queen. Lynx joined the fight  and fought side by side with the King of Wolves, uniting all of us. For the first time in a very long time, there was hope. The snow melted and the sun shone from a blue sky.


- So what happened?, Tina asked.


- The Queen called on the goblins, and they came from their mines to fight for her. One  night they broke our fortification and took many of us back with them.


And then the Queen sent Ravens with an ultimatum. We either surrendered to her, or our  friends and family would never see the light again.


Tina moaned and leaned closer to Bear.


- We were all so worried, he continued. What should we do? Give up the fight or give up our  loved ones? We met and talked and discussed the options, but couldn’t agree on anything.


Then, in the morning after, Lynx and the King of Wolves were nowhere to be found. We  looked everywhere but no luck. Soon afterward our friends and family came back, and we realized what they’d done. They had gone to the Queen and surrendered to her. Shortly  after that, the Queen forced the wolves to follow her as well, and they did, for fear of what would happen to their King if they didn’t. And since that day we’ve never seen the sun  again.


- Tell her the rest!, Ratatosk peeped.


- Yes, Ratatosk, Bear said patiently, I will tell the rest.


You see, he said to Tina. One day, many moons after they had disappeared, Lynx returned. Fae must have escaped, but no one knows how. No one escapes from the mines. But fae’s never talked about it. But one thing we noticed was how fae’d changed. Fae wasn’t the same Lynx as before, and I’m afraid a part of faer is still in the mines.


Tina felt sad hearing what had happened to Lynx. But Old Bear just said,


- I'm happy fae’s found a friend. Maybe you will help faer find what fae’s lost.


- But Lynx, doesn’t fae have any friends?, Tina asked


Bear laughed,


- No, fae pushed them all away. Only Ratatosk can stand faer, but she is special, you know  that. There’s an old story too, about when she fell from a tree. But you look tired. Maybe you should go to bed. There will be other nights full of stories that will bring more light into  your heart.


Come, you can sleep safely here. Neither ravens nor wolves dare come to my place.


So Tina went to bed and lay down next to Lynx,


- It’s cold, she said


Lynx didn’t reply, but Tina could feel faers flickering tail tickling her legs. She smiled to herself and fell asleep.


In the morning, Old Bear gave them enough supplies to get them on the journey and they set out.


As they walked Tina thought about what Old Bear had told her and she knew she had to do something and help the others. She didn’t know how yet, and she didn’t know what it meant to overthrow the queen and her magic. But she’d decided that she’d do something. She’d be like Lynx. She’d be strong.


They walked for many days, sleeping in empty tree trunks or nesting in the crowns of the gigantic oaks that lined the way. As they went on, it got colder and colder until one day Lynx said,


- We’re almost there.


And fae took them to the palace wall, and they began to climb it. Tina didn’t see any guards, but Lynx had told them the Queen didn’t need any, no one dared to disturb her.


When they came up to the railing, Lynx led them to a hole in the palace wall that seemed to be a deserted tunnel. Tina hesitated for a moment, but when both Ratatosk and Lynx had crawled in, she followed. It was cold and eerily quiet and she had to tell herself to be strong as Lynx, be brave like Lynx, to stop being afraid.


After some time, Tina heard Ratatosk whisper,


- I see a light! We’re almost there!


Lynx looked ahead with gritted teeth and a set face.


- Good, let’s go, fae said.


They crawled through the end of the tunnel and came out in a corridor.


- I know where we are, Lynx whispered. Come, follow me.


Fae began to run, stopping every other meter to make sure no one was around. As they turned a corner, fae halted and pointed to a door on the other side of the corridor.


- That’s her room, fae whispered.


Fae looked Tina in the eyes and said,


- Remember. Remember what you promised me.


Tina nodded, she would do anything for Lynx if fae would help her.


Lynx looked at her one last time, then whispered


- Let’s go.


And fae began to walk towards the door and as fae came closer it opened by itself, as if by magic.


- Lynx.. Ratatosk whispered


But Lynx just kept walking and Tina and Ratatosk followed, not knowing what else to do.


They came into a big hall with tall windows full of ice and white drapery coming down from the ceiling.


And in the middle of the room stood the Queen, smiling at them.


- You came Lynx, she said. And you brought her, just as you were ordered to do.


Submitted: June 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 TheQueerUnicorn. All rights reserved.

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