Chapter 5: {The Azkaban Assault}{Part B}

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Right as the vigorous virile Vampire, Suzerain Lars Azkaban was about to run through his Daughter to get to Pharaoh to puncture him with his European Longsword, the Child is turning around as rapidly as he can to parry the Blade with his Excalibur Blade, despite the struggle for the Vampire is nine times stronger than he is…







Pharaoh- *sustaining the miniature Vampire on his Back* *stalemating Blades with Suzerain Lars Azkaban* *in his Mind* “...This guy is so strong!!!!! He is shoving me back with no problem!!!!!” *glancing for a terrified Rylee* *in his mind* “I cannot even grab my other Blade, I have to hold on to her!!!!!!!” *irritated sigh*








Pharaoh is spitting Blue Flames for the Suzerain with potency, however the masculine Vampire can swat the Flames as he is Slashing Pharaoh in the torso.







Tyler is smashing for the ground by an elbow as the Marchioness is Flash Stepping behind him to stomp his Face into the ground as she is Kicking him across the ground...






Marchioness Adrielle Azkaban- *Flash Stepping overhead Tyler* “I am the most brisk Azkaban you will know, and my Speed is supreme!!!” *Kicking Tyler across the ground*






As Tyler is attempting to regain his balance, the Marchioness is behind him, elbowing him in the nape as he is vomiting Blood, collapsing to the ground.








The Suzerain has grabbed Pharaoh by his cranium, hurling him for the ground as he seizing O'Rylee around her miniature throat as she is dropping her Backpack, gasping to Breath.







Suzerain Lars Azkaban- *holding O'Rylee by the throat* *Talking to his Vampires* “Let us depart, I have what I came for!!!!” *staring into O'Rylee’s terrified Eyes* “I see your Mother when I stare at you...Just another reason to BURN you!!!!!!!!!!!! Expunge all traces!!!! I will savor ALL your shrieks as you Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!” *Teleporting Via Mist*







The entire Cell are knocked out on the ground, spitting Blood and crawling in anguish as the Vampires are Teleporting elsewhere Via Mist…







Star is Dashing up not an extended length succeeding this, in absolute confusion…







Star Lyons- “What happened…?”







Jackie- *Healing her injuries* “We got jumped, by those Vampires!!!!!”








Shae- *standing up to her Feet* *comforting her wounded Arm* “They took Rylee too!!!!!!”








Tyler- *comforting his Rib Cage* “That one Vampire was way too quick!!!!! Tenigo was not even that fast; I could hardly see her!!!!!”





Sabrina- *applying Healing Gel* “Forget about it...We still need to finish this Assignment...Jackie can Heal us as we Walk, but we still have-”







Shae- “-What about Rylee?!”







Jackie- *Healing Pharaoh’s injuries* “Si...She need us, our ayuda…”






Sabrina- *applying Healing Gel on Tyler’s injuries* “First, I do not understand Spanish, so please just speak English, and her problem has nothing to do with us. We do not know her, or owe her anything; we should have no problem with those Vampires, so please can we leave it be? All they came for was that runaway, and me personally, I do not want to miss out on Credit or Die for some runaway that I hardly know. I do have remorse for her situation, but this Assignment is much more important. There is a War, and this Information is tied to it, did you forget about that? We cannot be-”







Pharaoh- *standing up to his Feet* “-Shut up!!!!!!!!!!! You sound just like a love child...A bastard...” *turning for Jackie* “Thank you for the Healing…” *Talking to Star* “She did seem petrified, but worse than that I got my ass whoop, so either way I am locating this guy, and whooping his ass now.” *Walking for the backpack on the ground* “She might have been panicky, but she was not stupid...She left this behind for us...The Tomes...I can acquire new Abilities...She was, and is valuable, Sabrina…” *searching the Tome Books*






Pharaoh is examining a distinctive Tome Book that is Written as…





{Holy Aura}






Shae- *peeking over Pharaoh’s Shoulder* “What Language is that…?”


You see, all Tome Books are Written in Theologian Language, but on the condition that One can Read the Language, they will gain an understanding...






Jackie- *peeking over Pharaoh’s Shoulder* “Can you Read it, Pharaoh…?”







Tyler- *snatching the Tome Book from Pharaoh* “I can Read it...The Subtitle is Holy Aura!!!!!! The Power to surround One in the Stellar Auras…”





Pharaoh- *snatching the Tome Book back from Tyler* “...Deflection comes with it...Holy Aura Armor too….There is Jet Propulsion with the Aura...This shit would be confiscated...Only the Kingdom would have this-”


Tyler- *snatching the Tome Book back from Pharaoh again* “-....Hey, he is right!!!!!!!! Sacred Energy Generation does come with it too!!!!! This Tome is so sweet!!!!!!! Look, there is-”






A sudden yellowish gleaming Aura is exploding around the two striplings, consuming them as it is combining with them, settling with another blinding explosion as the boys are radiating steaming Golden Aura...The Tome has since burned to Golden dust…






Tyler- *inspecting the Holy Aura spiraling around him* “Whoa...This Aura…” *glancing for Pharaoh* “...You have it too...This Aura is so Godlike…”






Pharaoh- *inspecting the Holy Aura spiraling around him* “It must be Installing to our Signatures...This Power could be enough…” *tossing the backpack to Shae* “Hold on to that…” *Talking to Star* “What is our plan…? I can Sense Rye Rye...She is by Oswego City right now, right by the Borderline…”





Star- *pondering the situation* “...That is convenient...We could rescue her, and then continue the Assignment...I say we rescue her…”







Shae- *placing the backpack on her Shoulder* “Me too!!!!! He was threatening to murder her!!!!!!!!! We have to rescue her!!!!! She is our Comrade!!!!!!”





Jackie- *agreeing nod* “Estoy de acuerdo!!!! Podia sentir sus emociones!!!!! She was as spooked as I was when I resided in New Mexico...Nunca senti tanto miedo…”






Sabrina- *shaking her Head in disagreement* “This is so stupid, and unethical...As if we are heroes or something!!!! We are not heroes, we are Soldiers!!!!”





Pharaoh- *Walking for the Direction to Oswego City* *Talking to Sabrina* “You are a tool. I am who I am...Not a Soldier...Not an Abilitist...I am just Pharaoh…”


The Cell are trailing behind Pharaoh, on the progress to the Azkaban Hideout as Sabrina is proceeding behind them with vexation…

Rylee has been chained to a Stake, humming in depression…






O’Rylee- *humming with distress* *in her Mind* “...i am not escaping this the minimum, i eventually got to see dekalb city...even if i did not make friends…” *reminiscing the Cell* “They were nice...I miss them...I wish that I was able to have known them for longer; they made me...content...They gave me Hope...this is oppressive…” *glancing up for her chained up Wrists* “will i get to see my Mum again…? Hope…” *glancing down for her Pendant around her Neck* “Hope was my Mum’s dearest Word...Hope…”






...This will be Continued!!!!!!!


In The Revelation!!!!!

This was a Century prior to the Main Storyline...

Submitted: July 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nyesha. All rights reserved.


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