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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A native from Trebišov City named Jude Lowenstain is an author of Jewish origin. During the family's emigration to America and Israel, the Judes mother decided to stay in Trebišov. Jude accepted it willingly and they visited their loved ones occasionally. A graduated pharmacist, works in the medical field. Despite the focus of her profession, on her birthday, she decided to move to the field of literature for a while and write a story about her very close friend. This debut story is called Veronika, which is also the real name of the main protagonist of the story. It is a short story, but it tells about real conditions that occur in our society, which is more than enough, but often no one knows about them. Jude would like to dedicate this story to people who no longer see a way out of their current situation. Jude is the mother of one daughter and leads an orderly family life alongside her husband. She maintains family traditions and Jewish customs in the household, but is no different from other women. During her university studies, she demonstrated fashion and worked as a model for over two years. Her exotic appearance also contributed to this. This time she tried to contribute to the world of literature with her first short story written according to real events.



The real story





If I had to write some kind of story during my lifetime, it would have to be about things that happened in our real world, based on things that actually happened. I’d never lean towards stories based on imagination, that is fantasy genres.So after some consideration, I decided to try to write about what really happened, what directly affects me and in a sense what marked me for many years. The main ?protagonist ?of this story named Veronika is my long-time friend so I know a lot of things from her life.I want to tell the world about a woman who loves her family and her children, who were at the time, suffering as much as she was. I will try to depict some of the moments from her life, when she had stopped believing that there is good and love in this world. Every woman knows how her selflessness can turn into slavery y and imaginary imprisonment between people who loved her at first or at least pretended to love her.This story is my debut and I have no ambition to ever write again or become an acclaimed writer. Maybe I won't write any story again after Veronika. I am 32 years old and I am jewish. Almost all of my family emigrated right after the revolution, some to America and others to Israel under the Return Act. My mother and I stayed in Slovakia due to great worries and uncertainty about what our future could bring for us somewhere in the distant world. Mom refused to emigrate, so my father left us.When we stayed home alone, I was still only a child and I didn't understand what it meant to be jewish. Every christmas i asked my mom why we had such a weird star on our curtain. Or why every day we light one candle on a candlestick during the Hanukkah holiday, which mom called a menorah (seven - armed candlestick - a symbol of the Jewish faith).

My knowledge deepened when i started high school when my mom introduced me to the whole situation and the truth about us. At the time I didn't feel strange or different than my classmates and friends. I did not attach any special importance to it either. I am jewish and that’s it. We have only slightly different customs and commandments.I currently correspond with many friends from America and also from Israel. This year while writing this story, I planned to fly to Israel for a week to see my friends, but due to the corona virus crisis, this plan failed.I had to come to terms with this situation and postpone my plan, until the global pandemic disappears. I was born on Eastern Slovakia and I intend to stay here. I have no plans to go live in a different country. The name Jude was given to me by my parents after my grandmother. I used our surname Lowestain as a maiden name and my mother and I were the last here in Slovakia, who had such a surname. After the emigration of all of my family members, such a surname didn’t appear here in eastern Slovakia at all. Of course, after my wedding I changed my last name, but since I want to remain anonymous, I won’t reveal it. As I already mentioned at the beginning, I have no other writing ambitions, I have only felt for a long time that I had to speak or rather write a story about my very good friend named Veronika. And i decided to call this book or rather a short story after her- a story based on real events. Maybe this story will appeal to several women with a similar fate and give them the strength to overcome their current state, which could be called hopelessness, despair or in a sense, slavery. I offer you a view of the world of women who, despite their love and devotion, find themselves in hell itself. So the main protagonist of the story is my friend Veronika.Slim brunette with long hair, with a childish facial expression, a very pretty woman of medium height and a woman with a loving nature. Her heart has so much love that she can supply the whole world with kind words. But her loving soul was swept away by hell itself to the bottom of a boiling cauldron. So dear readers, I present to you my first book – Veronika. Veronika was only seventeen years old when, in addition to high school, she worked in a shopping center in Michalovce. This step was necessary as her parents were unemployed. The main cause of their difficulties and decline was their sudden deteriorating health. Veronika also went to work during the week after school in the afternoon and on weekends. The money that she earned went mainly to the household and living for her and her parents. She could seldomly afford to buy something more beautiful and better for herself. Her youth was marked by fatigue from work and loneliness. As the only child of her parents, she always wanted to have siblings, but the parents could not have other children, so she remained an only child. As her best friend, I always tried to support her when she needed it the most in her life. I was her weeping willow, but also a sister she never really had. Her bitter destiny touched me so much that I decided to write a short but concise story about her secret and unrequited love. With her permission, I will describe the event, which took place only recently after so many years of suffering and the search for Leny. The day for which some people would be willing to die for, has come. Veronika spent one day and one night with her past and her unfulfilled love, which she lost many years ago. Perhaps for some, her emotional outburst and subsequent behavior would mean infidelity, betrayal, or audacity towards a partner with whom she should lead a moral and orderly married life. But this story is a reflection of the real motivations that people who are very emotionally based have. They often move in our vicinity, but we don’t notice them at all or we simply overlook them. But before we start criticizing and alienating them, we should look at ourselves and think about how we would handle the situation. If our feelings are sincere and cannot be completely controlled, it is possible that we will get a little out of the way and only then will we look around and torment ourselves with remorse. It is up to each of us to decide how we will deal with such a thing.




L?eny stood on the shore of a rocky beach, watching thoughtlessly the water level, which was rippled by a stronger wind. It was October 2020 and autumn was already fully manifested. There was no living soul anywhere around. It was Sunday, not Leny's favorite day. After a long wait, he began to die of uncertainty as to whether his dream would come true. He thought that he might have to wait a few hours. He stepped forward and began to walk slowly on the gravel surface along the water. He felt something strange in his stomach. It could be compared to the feeling he had with his first love, which he couldn't even remember. Oh, Leny ...! He has already been divorced for five years, is in his forties and is currently in a long-term relationship. The day he had been waiting for so long, has finally arrived. He doubted at times that he could do it, and considered the impact it would have on his conscience and commitment to fidelity. But, he felt he had to take that risk. After all, it is nothing at all, just a meeting in nature by the water. Perhaps it will not be so difficult given his peaceful nature. As he walked slowly over the small stones, he felt calmer. Staying by the water always calms him down, so he had to walk many times during the working days to regenerate himself mentally. The sad past of an unhappy marriage made him a bit of a man of prejudice. However, they all disappeared once in one evening, when he was contacted by a long-time colleague from the shopping center where he worked as a member of SBS in 2005. At that time, he had been married to his now ex-wife for a year. It is true that they were quite in a hurry to get married, as he was convinced at the time that he had met the right one. However, he did not notice one of the eyes that often watched him. Eyes full of hope and hidden love. Beautiful dark eyes that showed signals of sympathy, astonishment, attraction and love.Blinded, Leny falls into disaster, and although he already has two beautiful daughters from his first marriage, the marriage did end in disaster. The wife succumbed to alcohol, and after eight years of cohabitation,they divorced, which did not surprise Leny's vicinity at all. Leny looks very good for his age, maybe even ten years younger. He doesn't even drink, which is reflected in his youthful appearance. When Veronika first mentioned him to me, she was only seventeen years old and worked alongside the school as a cashier in a shopping center. Her life was already a pain in those days. Luck was never on her side, not even in Leny’s case. She was always looking forward to work because she always knew exactly when Leny would be there. She watched him on successful interventions if a daredevil was found who was brave enough to decide to steal something. But Leny only noticed her occasionally and gave her only a momentary smile. Her girlish love remained unfulfilled. On an ordinary Monday, Leny came to see Veronika and addressed her for the first time:


"Miss, hello. Today, we are ordered to randomly inspect employee’s lockers. It is ordered by our director. Please can you open your locker and show me your stuff? ”


Veronika lost her speech ... but with joy in her heart that Leny had finally addressed her and looked her straight in the eye, she opened her locker. She picked out a small bag from it and put everything on the table in the SBS room.


"Here you go, that's all I have here today. Did something happen? Why do you have to control us? ” She was smiling at Leny as she was putting her things away. Lenny didn't react much, only returned the smile and added:


"It's all right, thank you for your cooperation. No, nothing happened and you can go back to the cash register. "

Veronika put her things in her locker and returned to the cash register. She was in a kind of trance all day. Her work went hand in hand, and she had a strange smile on her face that the girls in love had before their near adulthood. Finally …




An unsuccessful marriage marked her, from which two healthy children arose. A boy and a girl. A similar fate befell many girls, or rather women, who were very desirable. Pretty women are unlucky, and in the very short time after the wedding, tyrants, ruthless, violent or inattentive primitives become out of their dream princes. I could philosophize about this phenomenon on another hundred pages, but I do not want to dissect this matter in a short story. Shortly after her thirties, Veronika regretted the day she married her husband. Somehow she found herself one day with her children at her mother-in-law's. And on that day, her hell began. Veronika didn't expect anything like that, she hadn't noticed a single hint before. After losing both of her parents, she became more and more introverted. Days began to flow that no longer brought her joy, not even the smallest things could bring her joy. No one in the immediate family said a single kind word to her. Nobody told her anymore that they loved her. No one gave her hope anymore for a nice and happy life. After many phone calls and occasional meetings with Veronika, I began to write down some obscene scenes and conversations between her and her mother-in-law and her husband. Here in Trebišov there is a home district, where basically everyone knows everyone. Rumors spread at rocket speed. Veronika sometimes wrote me a message on Facebook even at night, when she felt very mentally unstable. I had to support her at least this way, because it was clear to me that it was only a step towards disaster. Only responsibilities, the limitations in the house of her mother-in-law’s, insults and humiliation became part of her daily life. I present you one of our many Facebook conversations that took place between me and Veronika at one o'clock in the morning.


Veronika: "Jude, I can't do this anymore. The old hag is cursing at me at one o'clock in the morning that I shouldn't go out in the yard during the day. According to her, I go to the yard only to be seen by other neighbors, just for them to see how hot I am. and my husband just locked himself in a room and didn't stand up for me at all. When I went to him and asked him what he would do about it, he told me that I was nothing and not even the neighbor's dog would look at me! So he won't do anything about it. He turned his back on me.


Jude: "I don’t know what to say anymore. Leave it at that now, because it's night. lock the room with the children and lie down next to them. I'll call you tomorrow.


Veronika: "Good. Please call me in the morning. Even so, no one normally talks to me here anymore, everyone only swears at me. I have to get up at six in the morning because I have to take the children to kindergarten as always. When I will be on my way back, I'll call you.


The next morning, Veronika and I called for about half an hour. She confided in me that she was feeling mentally ill, and sometimes she felt so bad that she thought she was going to die. I couldn't advise her on this, but it immediately occurred to me that she was going crazy. So I recommended her to go visit my psychologist. Veronika visited her and immediately afterwards she was recommended to visit a psychiatrist. He prescribed her medication for depression and panic attacks. She was driven into such a state by this bad situation and she couldn’t find a way out. Sometimes she mentioned a colleague she called Leny because she didn't know his real name. Leny was a nickname given to him by colleagues at the shopping centre. I didn't even know exactly who it was. I kept talking to her, but I didn't want to support her interest in Leny, and I argued that Leny would certainly be married already and that he certainly has children already too. Or if not, maybe he is somewhere abroad. But everything unexpectedly turned upside down the day she called me upset and explained to me unintelligibly what had happened.


Veronika: “Jude! I found him. Today afternoon! We've already texted! I can't believe it!”


Jude: “ Who are you talking about? Do I know him?"


Veronika: "Of course you know him! It is Leny! I randomly found him on Facebook. I immediately wrote to him and it only took a moment for him to respond to me. At first he didn't even know who I was …He has been divorced for five years and is currently in a long-term relationship, but they are not married. "


Jude: "Wow that is incredible. How many years has it been since you fell in love with him?"


Veronika: "Well, you know, when I first saw him, he had already been married for a year. I couldn’t do anything. Sometimes he smiled at me, but that was it. He probably just thought that I was just some student who was practicing at the cash register. But even now he has a long-term relationship. He’s ten years older than me. But that wouldn't matter at all. He’s still handsome, even more handsome than he was before. Years just added to his good looks ... he's really very attractive …


After the first contact with Leny, Veronika got somewhat better. We often wrote about how her mother-in-law curses at her and how they try mentally break her. Unfortunately, they accomplished it for the most part.



Interview - chatting with Leny



"Hi, thank you for accepting, Leny."


"Hi, it's okay. I think I've seen you somewhere, I want to say that I know you from somewhere, but I can't place you.”


"Well, I worked at the cash register in the store where you were SBS. You certainly don't remember me anymore. I was still very young at the time. I was only seventeen years old. "


"Well, yes, I'm looking at photos ... of course I know you! It's been a long time since I've seen you. Did you recognize me on FB? ”


"Yes, I recognized you right away. I've been looking for you for a long time."


"Really? Wait ... you say you've been looking for me for a long time. Why?"


"I may tell you one day, Leny, but I'm glad I found you and I am glad we're chatting right now."


"I, too. I'm glad that such a hottie is interested in me. I don't think anyone has ever looked for me in my life. Really, Veronika, how long has it been since you were at the cash register? ”


"I think it's been exactly fourteen years. That's a really long time. "


"So that's it ... and I had no idea that there was a woman in the world that was looking for me ... I haven't really experienced that yet. All this time I was living my hell on earth. If I only knew that someone was really honestly thinking of me ... "


“And would you mind if I kept chatting with you, Leny? Won't you have a problem if someone gets to our chat? You know, I really don't want to cause you any trouble. "


"Don't worry, Veronika, we don't write anything wrong. It's a normal conversation. About common things and problems we have. "


"All right then, every time I have time, I'll write to you."


This was her first contact with Leny. After this contact, they both often wrote to each other for a very long time, but didn’t actually have the opportunity to meet because of the quarantine. It was not possible to organize it mainly because each of them lived in a different city. But contact was important. I often wondered if it was possible to turn everything away or if everything was really controlled from the above.Maybe if the quarantine lasted only a little longer, they wouldn’t meet. I never judged Lenny or Veronika. In my opinion, this path, which was supposed to connect them, could not be averted. It was predestined for both of them and it was supposed to happen like this. The meeting was inevitable. Maybe that evening they both lost themselves and committed themselves to fate. I don't judge. Veronika didn't call me until a week after their meeting. She was completely calm and wanted to meet me. She wanted to tell me about her meeting with Leny, because she attached great importance to it. So I decided to visit her in the evening when the children were asleep so we could talk undisturbed. I came to her house where she lived, shortly after nine o'clock in the evening. The children were already sleeping happily and we first lit cigarettes on the porch as a sign of eternal friendship and a strong bond, which is really only known to people who believe beyond the grave. We entered the house and sat in the kitchen.


"Jude, I won't turn on the light, I want us to stay in the dark. I'll just light a small candle on the window sill. "


I didn't understand it, but I didn't object at all and I agreed. She returned slowly to the table and tossed all her hair across her face. The candle gave off only a faint light, which, casted various shadows throughout the kitchen. Her face was covered with her long black hair and she was breathing heavily. I didn't want to start the conversation first, as I couldn't guess Veronika's thoughts and her current mood. After a moment, she revealed her face and looked at the table with a sad look.


"Jude, I'm so glad you're here. I feel so alone. I cry and cry every night... I have no tears left. That emptiness in me is terrible. I don't see a bright day ahead of me, I have no goal. I don't see anything good waiting for me here, nor anyone I can lean on. I hate this damn house and I want to run away from this life as soon as possible. You can't imagine how much they humiliate me here. Mother-in-law is bothered by everything I do or say. Even with me living here, but at the same time it was her who invited me to live here. I can’t do this anymore. We fight everyday. The old hag told me that she hates me and that she even hates my children! I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where to go, can I even go somewhere? Actually, I don't even have a place to go to! I think I’m going crazy… But that’s not the reasonI wanted you to come. Last weekend…"


A fateful encounter


Leny walked slowly along the shore of the lake and began to doubt that he would ever see Veronika. Afterendless two hours, there was no indication that the meeting would take place. He stopped again and just stared at the water. Autumn's colorful nature has its charm and the rustling of leaves completes this season, but also brings nostalgia for the summer. Leny was so preoccupied with his thoughts that he didn't even notice the banging of a car door that stopped on the main driveway. He was still absorbed in his thoughts, but his doubts about what he was doing were also rising. Maybe it's all just a mistake. Maybe Veronika doesn't really exist at all and it's just some fake character on the internet. He suddenly realized that he was not alone on the shore. He turned around and saw Veronika behind him. For a moment they both stood in silence, looking at each other. Veronika was of a small figure but very attractive. She had long black hair and a beautiful face that could never be estimated for age. Beautiful dark eyes stared at Lenny Leny was of a taller athletic figure, and his blue eyes stared back at Veronika. Leny decided to approach Veronika first and hugged her. For a moment they both breathed slowly in an embrace, enjoying the moment, letting time pass ... as the situation required.


"So here you are, my love," Veronika whispered, pressing hard against Leny's chest.”


"Yes, I'm glad you came here. I've stopped believing I'll ever see you again. "


"Leny, I've been waiting for this moment for almost half a year. I wouldn't miss it. This moment is important and to me. "


"It is also a long-awaited meeting for me. We can be together, at least for a while. You are even more beautiful than in the photos. I can't believe I'm holding you in my arms now. "


"I have time until eight in the evening, then a car will come get me. my friend brought me here and she will come for me in the evening as well. "


"I'm so glad you came, Veronika. But we don't really have a place to go to, because of the quarantine, and everything is closed. You can't go anywhere for coffee. We are left with only nature in this empty world without people. "


"It's okay, Leny, I'm happy to walk around with you and we can talk about everything. Finally... your car is here too so if we're cold or too tired, we can sit in the car. I hope you don't mind if I have a cigarette. It always calms me down. "


Leny nodded and Veronika took cigarettes out from her purse. For the next three hours, they talked about their lives and did not even realize that they were holding hands around the entire lake. The fateful moment came when it began to get dark. They walked slowly toward the driveway. Leny's car was parked in the parking lot. Veronika stopped Leny on the side of the road and hugged him again. She caressed his cheeks and whispered to him to keep hugging her.


"I've been waiting for you for so many years, my love. Kiss Me. again. Again... "


They kissed passionately. It was already dark, so they didn't have to worry that someone would see them and make their lives living hell. They kissed passionately in the darkness on the side of the road. They didn't even notice the cooling of the trees under the gusts of the evening wind.


"Veronika, I may say something I shouldn’t say, but now I understand it that way and I feel it in my stomach. I love you. I love you so much..."


"I've loved you since my school times, you my love, kiss me again, please. Make me happy, at least for a while, in my terrible life. Let's get in the car, it's getting cold. "


They sat down in the back seats of Leny's car together. Since it was a new model of a large Kia, there was plenty of room for comfortable seating. At first, they sat in silence passionately hugging. Then Leny kisse Veronika on the mouth, then continued on her neck, then played with his tongue with her earrings. Veronika reciprocated his passionate and sincere expressions of affection and long-secret love. After a very short time, the long-awaited desires prevailed. The inhibitions were lost and, most strangely, there were no remorse or guilt, although there were commitments and responsibilities on both sides. The time stopped for both of them. In addition to their quick breathing, their loud expressions of passion could be heard. They made love as they felt it from the very beginning.


Veronika was happy that she had experienced at least for a while, the true love she had longed for. The places where the emptiness settled were suddenly filled with warmth and love she had never known before. Leny also indulged in the incredibly pleasant feelings that flooded him. That evening, he understood to whom his love really belonged. He found his fateful love, a woman who loved him above all. Despite his long relationship, he began to understand to whom his heart really belonged. After making love, they both held each other as if they were one body. Veronika wrapped her arms around Leny's neck even stronger and began to moan sadly. After a while, it was a heartbreaking cry. Leny didn’t ask anything. He understood her mood and her situation and tried to calm Veronika down. He stroked her beautiful long hair and whispered to her that everything would be fine. As she sobbed and gasped for air, she tried to get dressed quickly.


"Leny, my love, you will leave me again! I want you be with me. What did I do to you! You have your love at home. But I love you so much! Please forgive me! Please make me happy! Every night I imagine you lying next to me! I'm going crazy! I will love you like never before! Leny! Kiss me! Please kiss me again! ”


Lenny objected and tried to calm Veronika down with kisses, but she was very sad. After she got dressed, she leaned over to Leny for the last time and gave him a goodbye kiss and hugged him.


"Leny, my love, do not judge me. I love you above all …”


After these words, Veronika got out of the car and hurried to the front of the long parking lot. Another car just arrived and Veronika got in it. After a while, Leny began to feel emptiness. Veronika left. He sat quietly in the back seat of his big car, trying to organize his thoughts, trying to handle the whole situation. But he may not be able to process it for a very long time.


When I drove Veronika to the parking lot that evening, I noticed Leny's car parked in the dark on the side of the road. Although it was dark, it was visible as it was white. I saw a figure indistinctly as it got out of the car and headed for the water. Veronika was quite sensitive and cried all the way. I didn't know if it was from happiness that she had finally met Leny, or if it was from misfortune that she was returning to hell. I drove her to the house where she lived. She was awkward and shaken. I didn't want to dramatize the whole situation, so I let it go. Let her go through the emotions that belong to such a powerful experience. I gave her a friendly kiss on her cheek. Veronika thanked me and left. However, this was our last contact. It was the last time I saw her. She never called me again. I don't know what happened and where she went. Maybe she wanted to start a new life. Perhaps she ran away from her depressing life on her own. I never received a message or phone call from her again. Maybe she couldn't come to terms with her fate. I accept her decision, whatever it may be. Life really did dirty with her, and just threw logs at her feet. She was a very unhappy woman. Maybe now she met a man who really loved her, so she went somewhere with Leny. And maybe she started a new life somewhere else in a place that no one has any idea about. After some time, I heard that Veronika had started a new life and completely changed her name.


But it may be misleading information. However, I am no longer trying to find the reasons for her decision.


This is the story of Veronika, my longtime friend and confidant. If I had to leave her something or send her some kind of a message, I would write her at least a few of the following sentences.


Veronika, once you read this story, I will be happy that you are no longer a prisoner of your previous difficult life. I'm happy you were born again and you live somewhere under a new name. I will never judge you because I know your suffering. I'm excited with you for your new beginning and the discovery of true love. I decided to write this story mainly to give hope to women who have the same or similar fate as yours. And what conclusion would I draw from that?


Somewhere at the very end, at least a very small light always shines. If you choose to follow it, it will gradually enlarge and eventually enlighten you. And you can enter it and continue under its protection. If the light is really real, created for you, it will definitely save you. Just never doubt yourself, because you may remain blind and you will never see that light. That light is your love that seeks you all your life and eventually finds you. Maybe when you least expect it and maybe when you're completely broken. Don't stop hoping until the last minute. Your light is already within reach, you just have to recognize it among the others. Veronika, I hope and I think you're with Leny. And if that's the case, I'm even happier than you. I wish you the most in this love of all people. I still love you very much and I wish you to be happy forever.


Mother-in-laws insults and disappointments of

a broken woman.


A loving mother-in-law



"Your kids are making a mess all over the house. How long are you going to live here? You are nothing! You are dumb as a cow! You seduced my son and now you're just feeding on him and abusing his goodness! Poor boy, having such a snake on his neck is a real win! You can't even take good care of him! Find someone else and get out of here! Don’t worry no one will miss you. I can’t even look at you anymore. We will all be better without you and your annoying children. You know what? It would be best if you divorced, It would finally be peaceful around here. There will definitely be a better woman for my son. Why do you even have children? Just for you to enslave him? To keep him for yourself for the rest of your life? I hate you! I can’t even look at you anymore! Don’t use so much water in my house, you won’t pay all the arrears! What does it matter if you wash? Stop smoking in my garden! it makes me gag! You're disgusting and incompetent. You will stay alone for the rest of your life, you weirdo. The only thing you knew to do was spread your legs for my son so you could ruin his life. Luckily I'm here, because otherwise he probably wouldn't be able to do it anymore. I’ll take care of him, don’t worry. You can go wherever you like. Take you kids and get out of my sight and out of my life! It would be best if you weren't here at all, you vicious bitch! I want a day to come when I get up in the morning and you won't be here anymore. I’m looking forward to this day and believe me it will happen! I’ll do everything I can to make you leave! Nothing can stop me! I hate you so much! If you died today, everyone would be happier…”


Terrible husband and a terrible man


Why didn't I mention anything about Veronika's husband during the story? Because there was nothing to mention. He never stood up for Veronika, never supported her in anything and never showed her love in the slightest. He ignored her for years of their marriage and never cared for children nor Veronika. When her mother-in-law shouted at Veronika and insulted her as best she could, he locked himself in another room and left it at that. Pubs, friends, gambling, and in a drunken state, he also cursed at Veronika calling her a whore...for which none of them had any real reason. A woman who finds herself in the house of her mother-in-law after the loss of both parents becomes a slave and a duffle bag for anyone who needs to kick. There are many women who have fallen to the very bottom and in desperation have tried very bad things. They cannot be judged for it. A desperate woman does desperate things. And if she has no one to support her, she is in danger of falling down completely. I believe that Veronika will read this story and understand what hope she can give to other women in a similar situation. There are many terrible husbands such as hers, who won’t realize what they had until they lose it. And then they are left alone in pubs with their "loyal" friends and slot machines. May all such men be happy. They can all be called- good for nothing men.


Today, Veronika lives under a new name in an unknown place. She never contacted me again and burned all the bridges behind her. But I feel that she is happy now. I am also a character from her past, so I understand why she behaved this way. Message to my best friend from the past: "I still love you and I believe you are finally happy."


Author: Jude Lowestain

A native from Trebišov named Jude Lowenstain is an author of Jewish origin. During the family's emigration to America and Israel, the Judes mother decided to stay in Trebišov. Jude accepted it willingly and they visited their loved ones occasionally. A graduated pharmacist, works in the medical field. Despite the focus of her profession, on her birthday, she decided to move to the field of literature for a while and write a story about her very close friend. This debut story is called Veronika, which is also the real name of the main protagonist of the story. It is a short story, but it tells about real conditions that occur in our society, which is more than enough, but often no one knows about them. Jude would like to dedicate this story to people who no longer see a way out of their current situation. Jude is the mother of one daughter and leads an orderly family life alongside her husband. She maintains family traditions and Jewish customs in the household, but is no different from other women. During her university studies, she demonstrated fashion and worked as a model for over two years. Her exotic appearance also contributed to this. This time she tried to contribute to the world of literature with her first short story written according to real events.


Name of original: Veronica
Author: ©Jude Lowestain
Edition: first edition
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Trebišov City, Slovakia EU, 2021
ISBN: 978-80-9996-03-9



Submitted: June 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Brandon McYntire. All rights reserved.

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