As a Soldier Marches On

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

The dedication of a soldier to his country at all costs!

As a Soldier Marches On


He’s back from leave and hard at work, no time for fun and games.

On the move through rain or shine, it's in the field to train.

So proud to pass inspection in his quarters, job well done,

he knows his tired, aching feet will soon be forced to run.


Perhaps on distant foreign lands, he'll fight a pointless war

or maybe just on friendly soil, he'll meet the neighboring corps.

So much to do, no time for rest, he'll hurry up and wait

to pick the tour of duty that decides his future fate.


A soldier's heart, though tough as nails, can sometimes rip and tear,

to make him colder than the snow when it comes to playing fair.

They taught him to be honest and so loyal, brave and true,

but when he meets his one true love, what can he really do?


Where will he go, where does he hide to keep from being found,

to not reveal a secret pain that likes to hang around?

It haunts him, nags him day by day and leaves no room to spare

for any other in its path, who has sweet love to share.


No begging, pleading, bickering words could ever change his mind.

No subtle hints at leaving, no papers left to sign,

could thwart his outbound journey or keep his will at bay.

A soldier first he’ll always be. It’s in his soul to stay.


No blizzard, wind or chilling gale, tornado, fire or flood.

No hurricane, volcano, splitting earth or sliding mud

can keep him from his mission as a soldier marches on.

For brawn and mortar country calls, now off to war he’s gone.


©2009 Austin Morgan


Submitted: June 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Austin Morgan. All rights reserved.

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