Train Station 3:00 p.m.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A gold nugget the size of a cow's eyeball is in the hands of Lily Lawless. No, wait, it's in Samson's, leader of an outlaw gang who stole it from Lily along with her heart. The gold nugget also comes with a note. A meeting place. Three groups of outlaws will meet at a train station to discover if there is a prize bigger than a gold nugget the size of a cow's eyeball and worthy to die for.



Train Station 3:00 p.m.

An Erotic Tale of Outlaws, Gunslingers, Saloons, and Gold.

By Candace Swift

All of this went down more or less like this . . .

“Two lousy gold coins!” Lily Lawless kicked at a dead outlaw. The ransacked room shot to shit due to the tussle had six dead outlaws. All victims of led poising, with peppered holes all over their chests.

“Times is rough,” Dead-Tooth Tom said, scratching his tawny red beard. The shootout had lasted five minutes longer than he had planned. He thought once again how badly he had to take a piss.

“Well, heckfire, barely covers the cost of ammunition and horse feed,” Lily Lawless whined. She emptied her six shooter and angerly threw all the bullet casings at a dead ringer who was slumped in the corner. “This poor bastard right here, didn’t even have a horse feather left to his name. Doesn’t make sense, broker than the day they were born. These fellas were loaded for bear with life preservers. Look at this, guns everywhere.”

“Probably spent all their money on guns and girls on the line.” Dead-Tooth Tom adjusted his saggy pants that were held in place with a rope. “I’ll be out back watering a cactus. Let me know when you’re done putting your fat in the fire.”

“I’ll clip your face after I’m done putting my fat in the fire,” Lily Lawless retorted with a snort.

“Not with your slow draw-hand today.” He quipped.

“Heck-the-fucking-fire,” Lily Lawless kicked irritably at the ground and made her way to the door. “Halloo, halloo, what’s this?”

Lily Lawless’ eyes spied a small leather bag that was clutched in the hand of one soon to be buzzard food. Picking up the pouch which had an impressive weight, a sly smile spread across her bonny face.

“Cowles-sense-Tom must have skipped over this fella. Always popping a squat when he should be rummaging.” Her displeasure for her partner’s performance had been an issue on the by and by.

Lily Lawless untied the leather pouch and proceeded to empty its contents. A gold nugget the size of a cow’s eyeball, fell into her hand.

“Crimany,” she gasped. Her dirty hands held the precious nugget and examined it thoroughly. “Did you ever see such a beautiful sight?” her eyes glinted as they traced over the nugget.

“What’s this I hear?” Dead-Tooth Tom stumbled back into the room. His breath smelled of coffin cleaner. “Something has gotten you to stop screechin’ like a barn owl?”

“Get your big blue butt over here,” she yelled. “I smell them alcohol vapors off you. You better not have finished off the bottle.”

“Nothing more than a sample, little darlin’.” Dead-Tooth Tom noticed the change in Lily.

Her pearly whites happily flashing. How beautiful she was when she wasn’t being a bull in a china shop. Even the frilly white blouses she wore always gave Dead-Tooth Tom a bountiful view of her bosoms. He loved the tiny beauty mark on her left breast. He groaned internally with desire. He was gonna bury his face in those later tonight if she had a headache or not.

“What you gone on and find, woman?” Dead-Tooth Tom pealed his eyes off the round rolling hills of pleasure pasture and peered at the leather pouch and burped.

“Gads, you’re disgusting.” She fanned the foul air of his late meal away. “Now, when you’re ready . . . or do you have another bodily function that needs to be expelled before I show you?”

“Whoo-wee, I love it when you get a breachy with me.” Dead-Tooth Tom now envisioned pulling her long red hair as he rode her hard from behind.

“You would too if you knew what was coming,” She smirked and tossed him the gold nugget. “Just the little ‘ol size of a cow’s eyeball.”

 “By gum, that’s more like it,” His front blackened dead tooth joined the rest of his mouth into a lopsided grin.

“Found something else, too,” she said. “A note that was in the pouch. I haven’t read it yet.”

“Well, what’s it say?”  

“Beef head, I haven’t read it yet.” She repeated, annoyed.

He glared. “Well, get a move on.”

Unfolding the piece of paper, Lily Lawless’ eyes widened. “Holy stars in the prairie sky,” she exclaimed.

“What’s it say?”

“It’s a meetin’ place.” Lily Lawless handed the paper to Dead-Tooth Tom.

Train Station 3:00 p.m.




“Now take your time with the shot,” Samson said in calm voice. “You have plenty of time.”

“They’re riding pretty fast,” Nasty Nate said with his rifle up to his cheekbone, taking aim at one of the two approaching riders.

“I know. That’s the beauty of marksmanship,” Samson said. “Now breathe, hold, and then slowly exhale and fire.”

Nasty Nate took a couple of deep breaths, paused, exhaled his nerves and in one slow breath fired on the woman rider. The shot echoed off the canyon walls as the female rider fell from the horse and landed with a hard thump.

Samson whistled and gestured at the riders. “It’s payday boys.”

A band of marauders hollered and hooted as they popped out of their hiding places and circled around their mark.

The man who was traveling with the female jumped off his horse and drew his gun. The female, holding her bloody shoulder, cussed, and wailed as she got to her feet. Both she and her companion were completely surrounded.

“Well, looky here,” Samson said as a smile spread across his handsome face. His eyes traced over the familiar bustline of the female. Countless romps in the hay, he had sucked, kissed, and found his pleasure at those plump partridge bosoms.

“If it isn’t Miss Lily Lawless looking as scrumptious as ever. I do believe you have gone on and gotten prettier since the last time I saw you.” Samson delighted in seeing his fiery redheaded woman. Even her dirty long brown skirt that she was wearing, emphasized her hips that he knew all to well. “Dead-Tooth Tom, why, you look about the same old ugly Tom, possibly even worse.”

The bandits hollered and fired in the air.

“Samson, you no good piece of mule crap.” Lily Lawless yelled. “I wish you would just go die somewhere or at least have the hangman actually do his job.”

Dead-Tooth Tom gritted his teeth and tightened his grip on his gun. Tom trusted Samson as much as he trusted a rattlesnake. Unfinished business between the two outlaws had yet to be settled.

“You remember Miss Lily Lawless, don’t you, Nasty Nate? Wanted for fucking over all the Texas Rangers in a tri-state area.” Samson smiled and winked at his feisty lass, which she rolled her eyes at his unwanted attention. I see you Lily, I know you still have feelings for me.

“Sure do.” Nasty Nate scratched his crotch and then spit a huge wad of tobacco. “You wanna tri-state some of this?”

Lily turned her head, disgusted. “What vile part of the earth did you cretins crawl out of? I have to breathe through my mouth to keep from gaggin’.”

“The same hole you crawled out of not too long ago.” Samson retorted warmly. “The bed is still warm and waiting for ya.”

“Oh, go climb up a tree,” Lily Lawless stuck her tongue out to cover the rosiness that flushed across her face. She had never loved as deeply than the time she spent with Samson.

“How I do miss your flapping bazoo and the sharp words that come out of it. Alright, peaches, business before pleasure, some things never change, Lily,” Samson gestured to his men. “We is taking your horses, sugar pie, and whatever valuables you got on ya.”

“Over my dead body.” Lily Lawless spat, firing at one of Samson’s men. The bullet hit a man who was wearing a ten-gallon hat.

“Ah, fuck,” the outlaw clutched his chest.

Everyone watched as blood poured out of his gapping gunshot wound. The outlaw fell to the ground with a loud dramatic cry. He coughed, farted and then suddenly died.

Samson took off his hat and started fanning the air, “Goddamn, Bert, even in death you’re one smelly bastard.”

“That’s just the start,” Lily Lawless mocked Samson. I’ll fix you good, like you did to me.

Samson nodded his head, “Well okay.”

Samson fired his six-shooter and hit Dead-Tooth Tom in the chest. With a loud scream, Dead-Tooth Tom tossed and turned on the ground withering in pain. Lily Lawless went to his aid, frantically placing pressure on his chest.

“I hate you, you wretched man.” Lily Lawless broke into tears. Some for Tom and the rest for her broken heart. “Take whatever you like. Just leave me one horse to ride back into town,” she said, desperately. “I swear to god I’ll kill you all if he dies.”

“Now that I don’t doubt, darlin’. Glad we came to an understanding, Miss Lily,” Samson acknowledged, wishing to the moon that they had met under different stars. “Boys, make this quick. This little lady hates my guts.”

Fast hands searched and gathered all the valuables on Lily Lawless and Dead-Tooth Tom. Like a snake who swallowed a chicken, Samson held the leather pouch containing the gold nugget. He opened the pouch and examined its contents.

“Well, I’ll be goddamn,” Samson held up the gold nugget showing his boys the happy discovery. “Will ya look at this.”

“It’s the size of a cow’s eyeball,” Nasty Nate said in astonishment, his tobacco stained teeth widened into a crooked missing tooth smile.

“And what else do we have here?” Samson pulled out the note. “A secret rendezvous? Well, bully for me. Why Miss Lily Lawless, I am just a blushin’.”

Lily Lawless, having exerted all her efforts in getting Dead-Tooth Tom on a horse, she wiped her sweaty face on her shoulder and then spat on the ground. “A secret meeting all right. It’s where I’m gonna drive a stake through your heart.”

“Ooooo boy, I do love the darker side of women.” Samson chuckled. His boys laughed and whistled at Lily Lawless. “Run along now, honey pie. Better take care of that addle-pot of yours and remember, I’ll be seeing you soon.”

“I plan on it.” Lily Lawless smacked the horse on the butt. “Giddy up, horse, let’s burn the breeze into town.”

The appaloosa broke out into a trot and then a steady gallop. Dead-Tooth Tom moaned miserably with every jostle from the horse. Between his wound and Lawless’, one couldn’t separate one’s blood from the other.

“Hang in there, Tom,” Lily Lawless held the reins of the horse with clenched fists.

“Until then, little darlin’,” Samson yelled out as he watched the horse race towards town. That’s the second time she’s raced away from me crying. You goddamn fool, Samson cussed himself out for his own stupidity.

“What’s the note say, boss?” Nasty Nate squinted. His one good eye focusing on the piece of paper.

“It says destiny boys, destiny.” Samson held up the gold nugget and laughed.



“Something ain’t right,” Tristian said, pacing about the tavern. The dusty bit hole had the best bumblebee whiskey in town. His third shot of whiskey had taken the edge off his anxiety but wrecked absolute hell in his belly.

“What did Bill say?” Chuck Buckskin asked. He sat comfortably at the table, cleaning his gun. He was used to seeing Tristian paranoid about big jobs, not to mention his chronic intestinal problems that always manifested.

“Bill said nothing. He was supposed to send me a telegraph yesterday,” Tristian said, wiping down his face with a red handkerchief.

“Perhaps he got distracted,” Chuck Buckskin proposed.

“Yeah, and what would be our luck that this went down smoothly. . .” Tristian burped. “Not sure if you’ve noticed lately but our luck is horse shit. We’ve got one shot at this. Boss is depending on us.” The ulcer in his stomach greeted him with a healthy kick. Tristian stiffened and gasped shallowly, in effort to breathe through the pain.

“Bill will pull through. Don’t you worry none,” Chuck Buckskin reassured. “When this is all over, you given much thought about California?”

“I don’t know, Chuck,” Tristian said, running his hands through his hair.

“They say gold is just a pourin’ out of the ground,” Chuck Buckskin said holding his hands in the air. “I’m gonna find me a nice woman and spend the rest of my days making her feel like a queen.”

“Well, that is a change from your usual saloon romances.” Tristian winced, as the current round of pain was waning.

Chuck Buckskin laughed and continued wiping down his gun. “I’m serious, though. I’m heading out there.”

“Well, you won’t be heading nowhere until we hear from Bill.” Tristian looked at his friend solemnly. “But I do hope you find your riches.”

Chuck Buckskin smiled at Tristian and nodded his head at a painted lady that had just entered the tavern. Long brown hair in ringlets, she swished her red and black lace dress, back and forth hypnotizing all the men in the room.

“Riches indeed,” Chuck Buckskin whispered.

“Howdy, Tristian,” She waved her dainty, black-lace- gloved-hand in the air. Tristian lifted his hat and nodded his head.

“Ma’am,” Tristian grumped.

“Haven’t seen you around these parts in a good spell,” she winked.

Chuck Bucksin raised his eyebrows and threw a chunk of dirt he had picked off his boot at Tristian.

“Will you stop?” Tristian brushed his shirt off. “Been a good spell, ma’am. Nice seeing ya.” His stomach grumbled.

“Relax, will ya?” Chuck Buckskin laughed and nudged Tristian. “Now how ‘bout we start enjoying ourselves? The two of us could steer wrestle that buxom babe together. Spit roast style.”

Tristian grabbed Chuck Buckskin by the arm and pulled him to his feet. “I need you to send a telegraph to Bill and do it yesterday.”

“Okay, I’m a going.” Chuck Buckskin grabbed his gun, leather duster, and headed for the door. “Not sure about Tristian, ma’am, but I’ll be around later.”

“No, he won’t,” Tristian corrected.

“No, I won’t,” Chuck Buckskin agreed and promptly left.

“And, Chuck,” Tristian hollered, as his partner walked out of the tavern. “Your ass stays put till you get a response.”

“Does that mean I get your company now?” the brunette sauntered closely.

“Nope, it just means no one is dying just yet,” Tristian said. He tipped his hat and began making his way hastily to the outhouse to take care of his backdoor trots. “Good day, ma’am.”



“Hey, watch it buster,” Samson stepped out of the way as a man came racing out of The Velvet Clam’s Tavern. Scurrying towards the outhouse, the man only grunted as he walked past Samson and the boys.

“I bet he’s fixin’ to drop a demon in the shitter by the way he’s walking,” Samson gave a merry laugh at the man’s expense.

“Ah, hell, don’t say that.” Nasty Nate gritted his teeth. “I’ve been holding in a hard biscuit the entire ride here.”

“I’m sure Belle has a chamber pot that will accommodate your defecating needs,” Samson entered the tavern with a big toothy grin.

“As I live and breathe, Samson,” the pretty brunette left the bar she was leaning against and glided his way.

“Belle,” Samson reached out for the painted lady’s laced gloved hand and kissed it. “You look stunnin’ my darlin’.”

She blushed a deep shade of crimson in reminiscing their last encounter.

“Ma’am,” Nasty Nate asserted himself between Samson and Belle. “You have a pot I can shit in? Some jackass is all beer and skittles in the outhouse.”

“Of course,” Belle walked two fingers up Nasty Nate’s button up shirt and playfully lingered around his exposed neck and collar bone. “There is a washroom upstairs. After you’re finished, you should mosey on over to my room.”

“What will it cost for ya to join me in the washroom?” Nasty Nate grinned.

“And watch you shit into a pot?” Belle blinked, bewildered.

“For starters,” Nasty Nate spit his chew at the ground.

“He didn’t get the nickname Nasty Nate just by happenstance, ma’am,” Samson slapped Nasty Nate on the back. “Now, go take care of business, ya beastly bastard.”

“Yes, boss,” Nasty Nate tipped his hat to Belle and hurried upstairs.

“Can I get yours truly anything to wet your whistle?” Belle wiggled her hips in the direction of the bar.

Smithy the bartender cleaning glasses with a dirty rag, raised his head at Samson and gave him a friendly nod. Various bottles of cheap, watered down, and straight prairie killer whiskeys lined the shelves. The Velvet Clam was known for its selection of cheap and blinding booze, but it was better known for its female hospitality.

“Yeah, give me three fingers of Kansas Sheep Dip,” Samson followed behind Belle enjoying her feminine curves the whole way. “You the only lady here?”

“Cassidy is also here,” Belle pointed upstairs. “She is just freshening up. You want some company?”


Belle’s face was kind but held a harsh beauty of having to work for money the hard-dirty way. She thanked Smithy as he handed her a shot glass full of whiskey. Belle with a warm smile, gently passed it to Samson.

“For you, lovey.”

“Much obliged, Belle,” Samson threw his head back and gulped it down in one fluid motion.

“Another please,” Samson placed the empty shot glass on the bar. “I ran into an old lover today.”

“She must have been pleased to see your handsome self,” Belle slipped her arm around Samson and pushed her breasts up against him.

“God almighty,” Samson gave a haughty laugh. “Nah, she would just as well buy the rope to hang me.”

“You break her heart?” Belle teased the small of Samson’s back and then maneuvering her hand underneath his shirt and pants seductively traced along his buttocks.  

“Something like that,” Samson turned his attention to Belle. She smelled of cherry rose water. That fragrance intoxicated her gentleman guests was the perfect scent as Belle’s heart was as sweet as sunrise over the blue mountains. Her tits just as big and delicious as Samson remembered, he surveyed her blue-ribbon dairy bags and then meet her honey brown eyes.

“Would you think poorly of me if I wanted you and Cassidy tonight?”

“Not at all,” she glided a finger down between his cheeks. “I’ll go get Cassidy.”


Purple, white, and red silk cloths were hanging all over Belle’s room. Velvet pillows of various sizes covered her bed. Samson self-medicating his melancholy in seeing Lily was lying on the bed.

Cassidy, a petite younger woman with blonde braided hair greeted Samson with a kiss. Wearing blue lingerie with a matching garter belt and stockings, she pulled on Samson’s boot, gently taking it off.

“Just relax sugar,” Cassidy lifted the freed boot and put it on the floor and began taking off his other boot.

“He needs some healing,” Belle had taken off her saloon dress and was wearing a red lingerie corset with red panties. She reached for Samson’s belt and began working off with his pants. Samson already aroused was sporting a hard on and did nothing to hide it.

“Such beautiful ladies,” Samson closed his eyes and let the girls continue to undress him.

With each article of clothing coming off, delicate fingers traced along his naked body. The oil lamp sitting on the nightstand flickered the curvy silhouettes that tended to the outlaw.

“That feels so good,” Samson opened his eyes.

Cassidy had taken his erect cock and was sucking on it. Saliva pooled out of her mouth as she worked his ham candle. Helping it to get slippery so the friction would be smooth as well as pleasurable.

Belle moved on the bed next to Samson and began kissing and licking his nipples.

“Come here,” Samson grabbed Belle and pulled her up to his face. Lowering her lingerie so that he could get to her nipples, he brought her ripened red raspberry to his parted lips. “Oh, god, you taste so good. I’ve missed these.”

His cock getting more and more excited, Cassidy moved her panties to the side and sat down on his tallywhacker.

Samson busy devouring Belle’s tits opened his eyes wide as he entered Cassidy’s tight cooter.

“Oh, fuck,” he grabbed Belle and moved her pussy on top of his face. “Sit on me and face Cassidy.”

“Okay,” Belle straddled Samson’s face, her favorite position in getting her frilly fix from a hungry outlaw.

Cassidy riding Samson’s cock in cowgirl position, marveled how good it felt for him to be inside her. He was big and girthy, filling her entire pussy. Every thrust sent pleasurable spasms deep within her. She watched Belle settle herself on top of Samson’s face. She watched between sliding up his cock and down his cock, his fingers move Belle’s panties to the side. Cassidy increasing in wetness as she watched Samson’s tongue slide in between Belle’s pink folds. Kissing them. Sucking on them. Oh, god, how this aroused her, watching her friend getting the mustache tickle.

With every tongue and tease of Belle’s clit, she moaned loudly.

“Oh, fuck, your sounds are so hot, woman,” Samson lapped up Belle like an excited dog.

“Belle,” Cassidy motioned forward and grabbed her friend’s exposed breast. “Kiss me.”

Belle leaned forward and found Cassidy’s yearning lips. She had never kissed Cassidy before or any woman for that matter. Cassidy’s kisses were tender, hungry, greedy with passion. Belle’s tongue mingled with Cassidy and she too reached for Cassidy’s smaller perky breasts and began fondling them.  

“Oh, god in heaven,” Cassidy cried out, as she humped Samson harder. Faster. She wanted his cock to be cramped as deep and as hard as it would go. Samson aware of Cassidy and her nearing climax, tapped Belle on the side and moved her off his mouth.

“Get on all fours,” Samson ordered Cassidy as the three of them repositioned.

Cassidy panting heavy breaths, arched her back and waited for Samson to mount her doggie style.

“Take off all your clothes,” Samson told Belle as he licked his hand and positioned his cock inside of Cassidy.

When Belle was all naked, Samson pointed on the bed.

“Lay on your back,” Samson thrust hard and fast into Cassidy. “Cassidy, I want you to go down on Belle.”

Belle scooted down to where Cassidy’s head was. Being dizzy with ecstasy, Cassidy inched forward until she found Belle’s wet curtains. She started licking and gently kissing them.

“Stick your fingers up there, darlin’,” Samson held onto Cassidy’s hips and thrust deeper into her. 

“Oh, god,” Belle moaned as she watched her younger friend kiss her red wagon. “Yes, kiss me, Cass-honey, that feels so good.”

Cassidy enjoying the naughtiness of kissing her friend, delighted in sticking her finger inside of her. One finger. Two fingers. Belle moaned louder. Three fingers. Covered in her friend’s sweet juices, Cassidy put her whole hand inside of Belle. The erotic finger tickle had turned into a greedy hand fuck. That’s right, baby, Cassidy thought. Moan for me, Belly, moan how good my fist feels.

Belle’s eyes widened, “Jesus, Cass, deeper, honey, go deeper.”

“Oh, good god,” Samson watched Cassidy fisting Belle and knew he couldn’t last any longer.

Belle breathing heavy grabbed at her jiggling tits and started to cry out, embracing her crisis.

“Not just yet, darlin’,” Samson pulled out of Cassidy and made her move to the side. “I wanna turn.”

Belle’s legs trembled as Samson entered her. Wet and loosened up, Samson slid all the way in.

“Cassidy, your turn to sit on Belle,” Samson ordered.

Cassidy moved her tiny frame on top of Belle and faced Samson. He pulled her close and started kissing her.

Her pussy happy to take a break from Samson’s huge cock found a sweet arousal from Belle. Her friend’s delicate and pouty lips that she used to serenade all the men were now pleasing her heavenly gates.

Belle moved a finger and stuck it inside of Cassidy, mimicking what she had done to her and continued to caress Cassidy’s honey pot.

Cassidy started to move her hips. Wanting her friend to kiss her pussy, kiss all of it, she fantasized of being with Belle now and not having to share her with all the horny cowboys.

“Yes, devour me Belly,” Cassidy stiffened in Samson’s arms. He could feel her start to climax and put all his effort into fucking Belle.

“Ahhh, god,” Cassidy screamed and rubbed her clitoris vigorously. “Yes, Belle, yesss.”

Thrusting, in and out, and in and out, Belle getting more and more excited as she pleasured her friend, she became acutely aware of Samson’s big cock. Dropping her legs wider, she let him work deeper, deeper . . .

“Oh, Samson,” Belle stopped tonguing her friend’s pussy and grabbed Samson’s ass, pulling him closer. “Fuck me hard, cowboy.”

Cassidy moved off Belle’s face and watched Samson lower himself on top of her friend. Cradling Belle’s head in his hands, he held her as her moans mixed with his moans. His muscular, powerful body, thrusting for all it’s worth.

“Oooh, god,” Belle cried. “Samson, don’t stop.”

Samson thrust his madden pace into his saloon queen and together they reached nirvana.


“I can’t wait to get my hands around his filthy neck,” Lily Lawless said as she twisted Dead-Tooth Tom’s bed sheets in her hand. “There ain’t a knife long enough that could inflect the pain I want him to feel.” She thought about Samson’s perfectly straight teeth. That no good belvidere. Her body trembled with a mixture of hate and desperate longing. She hated herself. Despite everything, she still yearned to kiss him.

“Why you won’t let the past stay buried?” Dead-Tooth Tom winced as he strained for a glass of Adam’s Ale that was sitting on the side table. “He could have killed us both but let us live.”

“It’s the fact that he let us live that irritates me so and why you don’t let me get you things,” Lily Lawless protested and got up from her chair, handing him the water glass. “I oughta smack you.”

“My pride is injured enough. I don’t need no woman waiting on me.” He took the glass indifferently, but inside was grateful for Lily helping him.

“You can pay me back by gettin’ better. Goddamn, Tom, whoever patched us up did a shitty job.” Lily Lawless scrutinized Dead-Tooth’s Tom bandages and then her own. Ugly stiches stung her eyes with their hideous appearance. “A sheep farmer could have done a better job.”

“Yeah, if you can find one that isn’t busy fucking his herd.” Dead-Tooth Tom snorted.

“Hey, my daddy was a sheep herder,” Lily Lawless quipped.

“Your daddy was shot dead in Tombstone,” Dead-Tooth Tom corrected.

“Best daddy in the world,” she smiled. “Taught me everything about robbing good Christian folk.”

“That’s the thing, Lily. I don’t want you running the job by yourself.” Dead-Tooth Tom took a sip of water. “Who knows what’s in store for you at the train station. Besides, you’re no better off than me with that wounded shoulder of yours.”

Lily Lawless dismissed his comment. “Oh, my shoulder is plenty fine. We need the sawdust.”

“You sure that’s the only reason?” he pried. “We can rob any bank. Hell, we passed two on the ride down here.

“That’s the only reason,” Lily Lawless lied.

“I dunno, there’s history betwixt you and Samson. I don’t want you running off on me.”

Lily Lawless laughed and sat back down beside the bed. “You know I’d leave your stinky ass the first chance I get.”

“I figured. Just don’t steal all my pants before you go,” Dead-Tooth Tom moved the bedsheets off his body revealing a partial chub. He had been horny all day and couldn’t wait any longer. “Time to post the pony, little poppet.”

Lily Lawless suppressed a sigh and climbed gently on the bed. Even a bullet wound wouldn’t keep the one-eyed snake at bay. Men.



Wednesday, 3:00 p.m. at the Train Station.

The death of Bill and the gang had reached Tristian’s ears. He had no choice but to carry on and accomplish the job, six men short. Bloodshot eyes and a belly full of fire, Tristian surveyed the train station.

“I can hear the train coming,” Chuck Buckskin said.

“Yup,” Tristian said, as he pensively smoked a rolled cigarette.

“How many do you think . . .” Chuck Buckskin started then paused. The situation too heavy for small talk, he decided best to remain silent. Buckskin had done high risk jobs before but nothing like this. His mind terribly excited, he couldn’t calm his nerves even if he had two bottles of his ma’s moonshine.

Tristian flicked the end of his cigarette and placed the rifle in Chuck’s hands. Both men were lying prone on top of a general store that faced the station, giving them the best advantage point.

“When you have a clear shot, take it,” Tristian said. “I’m gonna drop down and see if I can flank ’em from the side.”

Chuck Buckskin nodded and looked down the barrel of his bolt rifle.

“The gun shoots true if you can handle the recoil,” Tristian said and patted Chuck on the back before making his way down the roof. “It kicks like a goddamn mule. Good, luck.”


Lily Lawless had checked her pocket watch for the fifth time. Two minutes to 3:00 p.m., standing with the rest of the decent folks waiting for the train, her breath quickened as her heartbeat pounded in her chest. A white lace parasol held tightly in her hands. She kept her eyes peeled for Samson. That handsome jackass had to be around here somewhere.

The train, screeching and blowing its horn, rounded the mountainside and quickly began to make its desired stop. Smoke billowed from the engine. The sound of the brakes pricked everyone’s ears as the train came to a screeching halt.

Instant chatter filled the quiet station. People poured out of the train.  Supplies and livestock moved with the heavy stream of people, everyone going everywhere at once. It was then, that Lily Lawless saw the prize. Eddie the Gunslinger descended from the train, escorted by ten armed rangers.

“Holy fucking stars . . . Eddie the Gunslinger has a bounty on his head the size of Texas,” Lily Lawless exclaimed.

 The infamous gunslinger, wanted in three States, had an angry jury and a noose waiting for him at Red Rock. Gunshots started flying. Lily Lawless watched as two rangers fell down with chests full of holes. Ditching her parasol, she drew her revolver and ducked for cover. Her lace dress rustled in the dirt as she squatted behind a water barrel. Wasting no time, she popped her head around the barrel and took aim, and began barking fire at the rangers, hitting one and ducking back behind the barrel as her position was compromised.

“Heckfire,” she breathed. Bullets peppered the barrel, springing holes all along the side of it. Water poured out as she hunched low to the ground and retreated to a safer place.

The rangers yelled back and forth to one another, executing orders.

“On the roof, take him.” one yelled to another carrying a Henry rifle.

A shot rang out. Chuck Buckskin fell back with a cry. Tristian gritted his teeth and emptied his long colt at them. The rangers wounded and taking cover ran alongside the train station. They fired back the best they could as they moved Eddie into one of the supply buildings. Tristian followed close behind and snuck around the large building that they were holding up in. Reloading his gun, he wiped his brow and kicked in the door.

The rangers, already in a firefight, had the jump taken on them by Samson and the boys. Standing at the head of the room, Samson laughed as he slugged a ranger in the face and then shot him in the chest.

“Now, that’s what I call a double tap.” Samson said with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

“What in blazes?” Tristian slid behind a counter, dodging a bullet. “Who the hell are these bastards?”

“Now watch it, boys, Eddie here has a bounty the size of Texas,” Samson yelled over all the commotion. “Don’t shoot the prized goose.”

Nasty Nate, firing with a gun in each hand, cackled viciously as he made the rangers scramble for cover.

“I’d do this every damn day, if I could,” he bellowed. “Oh, shit,” Nasty Nate cursed loudly and ducked as a bullet came whizzing at him.

“Watch it now,” Samson observed the rangers repositioning themselves. “They ain’t going down easily.”

The rangers fought just as hard and dirty as the outlaws. Several of Samson’s boys had fallen now, including Nasty Nate. Bodies, both good and bad, smashed through windows. Punching and shooting each other, one couldn’t tell where one ranger ended, and an outlaw began. They all bled the same red blood.

“Fuck me,” Samson squatted behind a turned over table. Taking cover as the rangers started getting the better of the outlaws. “I’m in a bad box.”

All the chaos and mayhem was centered around the notorious gunslinger. In the far end of the room with the most coverage, Eddie stood handcuffed between two rangers. Supply boxes shielded them from most of the madness.

Taking advantage of the situation, Eddie elbowed one of the rangers in the jaw, getting him to drop his gun. Catching the gun midair, Eddie shot the ranger and kicked him into a stack of boxes. Tristian fired at the other ranger, making a clear path for Eddie. With everyone firing at everyone, Eddie made a run for it.

“He’s running!” a ranger yelled.

Eddie, inches from the door, cried out when a bullet tagged his leg.

“Shit, that stings like a bitch,” Limping outside, Eddie came to a stop.

A red headed woman, saddled on a horse, had a gun pointed at his head.

“Don’t move mister,” Lily Lawless ordered. “You’re coming with me.”

Eddie looked at her carefully, judging the distance. Still holding the gun, he quickly lunged to the right and fired. She returned fire. The appaloosa spooked by the gunshots, reared up on its back legs, sending her flying.

“Whoa, easy,” Eddie grabbed hold of the frightened horse, climbed on, and made his getaway. 

Busting through the doors, Samson held onto his hat as gunshots screamed past his head.

“Crazy bastards.” He checked himself for missing parts and sighed relief. “Fuck, that was close.”

Spotting Lily Lawless on the ground, bleeding from a gut shot, Samson scooped her up in his arms.

“Only you would wear a dress to a gun fight,” he said tenderly. “Hang tight, darlin’.” Holding her close to his chest, he took off running.

Tristian escaped from the building, battered and full of holes, but still above snakes. He glanced to where Chuck Buckskin had been. The rooftop was silent and still.

“Goodbye, old buddy,” he whispered sadly.

Keeping to the shadows, he limped along in search of a horse. He spotted an old mule, leathery and battle worn like himself. He climbed up and patted the scruffy animal. Breathing heavy, Tristian slowly made his way out of town. Time to meet up at the second rendezvous point with his boss, Eddie the Gunslinger.


Lily Lawless woke up hurting and mighty sore. She rubbed her head and glanced about the room. She didn’t recognize it. A blood-soaked bandage was wrapped around her waist.

“Glad to see you awake. Almost thought we lost ya,” a man said warmly. He had white hair and was wearing round spectacles. “The name’s Martin, but people around here just call me Doc.”

“What happened?” Lily Lawless asked. “Who brought me here?”

“A fella by the name of Samson. Paid me two gold coins to stitch ya up and save ya,” Doc said. “I have never seen a shot to the gut so clean. Missed every organ. The shooter must have known what he was doing, or you are just plain lucky.”

“Where’s Samson?”

“Oh, he left about ten minutes before you woke up. He watched over you mighty intently.”

“Did he say where he’d be going?” Lily Lawless questioned. She bit her bottom lip. Her heart felt somewhat troubled. That vain man, saving my life I ought to cuss him out.

“Didn’t say, however, he told me to relay a message to you when you woke up.”

Lily Lawless said nothing and waited for Doc to tell her.

“He said that he still loves you.”

“Well, I hate him more, now, than ever.” Lily Lawless mumbled pathetically, wiping shameful tears away from her eyes. “Left before I could slap that mug of his.”

“Something tells me little lady. You’ll get your chance.” Doc laughed. “He also wanted me to give you this.” He gently handed her the small leather bag.

Lily Lawless burst into tears, not being able to suppress them any longer. The gold nugget the size of a cow’s eye touched her hand once more. A note lay neatly tucked in the bag. With trembling hands, she reached for the paper and read the inscription.

Forgive me, Lily. I’ve been such a fool. Don’t make me regret the rest of my life. Next Tuesday, 4:15 p.m., our old place. Run away with me, Darlin’.

Forever yours, Samson. xoxo


Submitted: June 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Candace Swift. All rights reserved.

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