"Paranormal Apocalypse Season 7 episode 3 FURY"

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*about six men are inside a helicopter flying back towards Hope-Ridge. “Madson here what is the end game? Over.” *Madson asks into the radio.* “You are to enter Hope-Ridge I want to know how many people are alive there and if you have to kill who is ever there. And if you have to kill anybody do not hesitate but remember I said only if you absolutely have to.

Use your best judgment. Remember if they do give you problems we can hunt them for sport later.” Kramer says into the radio. “Rodger that.” Madson says. As the helicopter continues to fly in the direction of Hope-Ridge. Jenna walks over towards Joseph. “Where is tom? He and Dexter should be back by now. I’m not sure it’s been several days you don’t think they are all dead do you?” “No my brother Tom is a survivor he knows how to handle himself. Ruvick entered the room.

“Marry just went out and said she didn’t see anything. But Austin is still out there. “Ok so it’s just the 5 of us. We need to stick around together we can figure this out and find Dexter and the others.

 Austin walks passed a bunch of corpses and makes his way back towards Hope-Ridge. “Once we get this figured out we need to fix this gate. Austin says. *The sound of helicopters could be heard in the distance and suddenly a helicopter had arrived and slowly made it’s decent down and landed outside the gates of Hope-Ridge.* Austin, Ruvick and Joseph watched as a few seconds passed a man jumped off.

He was wearing a pair of jeans had on a t shirt and a long dark coat that went down towards his legs. He had a bracelet on and a tattoo of a skull. He lit a cigarette and approached Marry. “Evening beautiful what is a fine fox like you doing out in this shit stain of a place?” “Charming.” Marry said sarcastically. “Yeah well that’s why I’m called prince charming Now are you going to be my queen?”

 “Knock it the hell off and get back aboard the cock pit. Madson ordered as he stepped off the helicopter. He was bald and wearing a long black coat as well but he had several badges on his coat and a wedding ring on his finger. “Sorry about that Mrs. My friend err partner he hasn’t really been around women in a while and he well let’s say he’s a tad bit rusty.

Anyhow let me get to the introduction part. My name is Madson and I’m here well I just want to talk you were all recently involved in a war with Kathleen. And it resulted in her calling us and we had a chopper back a few days ago pick her up along with Dexter and Co.

 “You have Dexter where is he?” Joseph asked. “Well if you would be so kind as to let me finish I would tell you. We have him and the rest at our HQ in Charleston South Carolina.” And you’re here to take us there aren’t you what is this a kidnaping are you the next villain?”

 “What is it with you people interrupting me?” I’m here to find out how many of you there are so I can report it back to Dexter and the boss. You know to let him know you’re safe.” “Bull shit.”

“I bet you don’t even have Dexter and this is some big Lie.” Ruvick says. “Would I waste fuel if this was a lie? Really would I fly on a helicopter to meet you? “I think you would to try and get us to follow aboard so you can kill us but it won’t work we don’t believe what your selling.” Ruvick says. “Let the man speak.” Joseph says. “I like you. You must be the leader of this little group right?”

 “I am. I lead a group called “The Battle Range.” You said your name was Madson? My name is Joseph. *Joseph reaches out his hand to shake Madsons. “Joseph Trainer.” Joseph says. Madson freezes. “Oh I’m sure you heard my name you probably voted for me. But if you didn’t don’t worry I won’t take offence to that. Ha-ha.”  Joseph says. Madson grabs his radio from his pocket. And walks towards the helicopter. “You won’t believe this I can’t.

They have Joseph trainer here the president.” A few seconds went bye and Kramer said “You will bring him to me.” “Yes sir.” Madson said. *Madson snapped his fingers and the other five men grabbed their guns and pointed them at the group. Joseph change of plans the boss wants you to come back with us.” “Hell no.” Austin says as he aims the gun at Madson. “Put it down boy.” One of the guys said. “Ok so there’s five of you and five of us screw this.

*Austin shoots at Madson.* Madson ducks and one of his men shoot back at Austin. Austin ducks as he starts to open fire at the other guys Austin hit one of the men as Joseph screamed “STAND DOWN.”

 “Please.” Joseph said looking at Madson. “Shut it down.” Madson ordered. As Austin walked back towards Joseph. Madson snapped his finger and one of his men shot and killed Austin. “Austin.” *Joseph yelled as he caught the body and gingerly set him down on the ground.* “You did not need to kill him.” Joseph said. “I know I didn’t but we had to show you. We don’t play games.

 Now will you come with us willingly or do we need to go down the line Marry would you like to end up with Austin?” “Alright I will go just leave them alone.” Joseph says. “Good you are not a dumb man you are smart. Now then get him into the helicopter gently.  *Two guards walk over and Joseph walks with them up to the helicopter. Joseph gets in and the helicopter door shuts. The same person who had issues with Marry was the piolet. Madson entered the Helicopter and just before anyone else got in he shouted to the men “Finish Hope-Ridge” a second chopper is on the way to pick you up.”

 *With that the helicopter started to fly away.* *Gun fire was heard.* Joseph screamed* “No what did you do?” “Joseph it’s ok. Want a drink? Open the cooler. *Joseph opened the cooler and saw it was filled with bottled water and corona beers. *Joseph grabbed a water bottle and a corona and opened the beer up and took a swig.

“Now I want to say I did Vote for you I liked the way you helped out with America you were a good president however I must say I didn’t care much for your VP Saunders.

 He was a moron. “Well if it makes you feel any better we had a falling out shortly after and we haven’t spoken in years. Sigh I don’t even know if he is still alive or not.”

 *Joseph says taking another swig of his beer.* “Well that tickles the heart I’m sorry to hear that. Well let’s get down to brass task here. I’m taking you to see the boss “Kramer he will be interested in you and it seems like he’ll have some sort of plans for you and also you will get to see Dexter again soon so it’s not all bad.”

 “Why did you kill everyone at Hope-Ridge? What could you have gotten out of that?” “Joseph please don’t bother asking I am a man of simple taste. Austin gave me problems and I figured the rest would have tried to do the same so I didn’t give them the chance. I struck first.

Don’t fret you’re alive and alive for good reasons you are a survivor you are a champion you should be proud. Now life is about to get so much more better now for you. Your life is about to change in ways you can’t even imagine. I mean it won’t compare to the white house but it is a start.

I promise you that. *The helicopter continued to fly down to Charleston. *Back at hope-Ridge bodies were all over.* Thunder began to crack as rain had begun to spill down. “Were almost home.” Madson said. “Good I missed home I hate leaving Charleston.” The piolet said.

 “Shut up Nick.” “One question though why do you have a portrait of a snake in here?” “Oh that’s easy it’s homage to our favorite movie.

I bet you can guess the quote? “Enough is enough I have had it with these mother f**king snakes on this mother f**king plane.”

 The captain laughs.


 *As a rocket hits the side of the helicopter, and the helicopter started to crash.*

Submitted: June 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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