Beyond Love

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When an obsessive lover refuses to die

A piercing scream filled the house and everybody ran towards the source. It came from Kimberly's room. Getting there, we met a gorgy sight. Both her thighs had been cut open down to the bone and she, barely alive, was being pulled by the hair into her bathroom. We were too afraid to step in. We knew better than to interfere. This was my punishment and he knew how well to torture me. Dad left when we heard the sound of her bones snapping, he went downstairs to the backyard to dig up another grave. Mum and Jeremy starred at me. 
"What did you refuse him?" Her voice cracked as she asked me.

The last time I had seen Scott alive was three months ago. I was four weeks pregnant and he wanted an abortion to which I strongly disagreed. He hit me once. Then twice. Then repeatedly, his attention away from the road and his foot still hard on the gas, going at 100km/h. His death was unexpected but it was a welcome change to be free of his obsessive nature. A long thin metal rod had broken clean through the windscreen and pinged him to the chair, passing through his throat. 

The night it had started, I was sitting in my room watching TV, I heard a strange noise. It was a slow, drawn out scraping across the hardwood floor. I searched for the source of the sound and found it immediately. Someone has slipped a small, folded note under the door. More curious than anything, I approached the note slowly and cautiously picked up the small paper. Written on it were only five words, scrawled on in a messy fashion: Run. He's coming for you.
I didn't pause to consider the meaning of the note, however I immediately realized there was something wrong. The note had come from under the closet door. I heard hiss very familiar voice for the first time in three months. 
"I've missed you dearly."
Out of fright, I scream and that was when he dealt me a heavy slap which sent me flying across the room. I groaned, held my stomach. Pain hit my lower back. My baby. 
"You haven't gotten rid of it?!" It came out as a command than a question. I screamed even more when his cold hands wrapped my throat, squeezing. 
"Will you get rid of it for me baby?"
"No!" I kicked him. The fact that I actually hit him terrified me. I was dealing with an actual living corpse. 
"You're dead! You're dead! Never!!" My outburst earned me another slap then he vanished. That same night, Jenny had ferociously cut her own throat while screaming, "Make him stop! Make him stop!"
She had cut her own head off. 
Now, after Kimberly's incident, he came to me again, a wicked smile plastered on his rotten, twisted face. He drew me close, placed his lips on my neck and asked,
"Now, will you get rid of it?"
I dared not to disobey. I whimpered and shook. Nodded. He brought out a knife and ran the blunt edge across my stomach. I pushed myself away. 
"Not like this Scott, please...please.... please"
"You disobey me?!" His voice thundered. I fell to the floor shaking uncontrollably. 
"I'll get rid of it I promise. But not like this please...."
He was furious. He grabbed my legs and dragged me across the hallway to the back of the house where Kimberly's grave, freshly dug, was still empty. I caught a glimpse of mum, dad and Jeremy standing helplessly afar off before he threw me in. The soil covered me in total darkness. 

Almost thirty minutes after being buried alive, I heard the sound of someone digging me out. I was washed over by relief but my joy quickly faded when I realized the sound was coming from under me.


Submitted: June 16, 2021

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