Pilgrim's Progress

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Despite what the name might say, this story is not holy, and in fact may be the opposite. What is the cost of our progress?
The ponderings of a post-human-being, long after his fellow kind have died.

It is often that I ponder if I am good.
If I am a good person- or a person at all.
I am a great, fleshy thing, sitting upon a stone, overlooking a land I cannot walk upon, breathing air and seeing a sun that I can not feel, for my flesh is not the skin of the original man. 
Oh, how I wish I was man. Man- those whom hid in caves, and made fire, and grew, and explored the stars and saw the moons and the red lands, and burning planets. Although, this wish is sometimes dashed when I imagine what must have happened to that same man to get where we are with me.
I am the last "human". Human means nothing anymore- it used to mean so many. A great many of man, a people. 

People began on Earth, as all things in the universe did. I have once heard tales told by my masters of what humanity once was- sprawling, fulfilling the planet Earth. They were the dominant species on the planet, if I am not mistaken, which I may very well be. For all of these men lived billions of years before I was even a thought upon the master's hand.The humans began their outreach through the Moon. They lived there, alongside the Earth, and learned of genetical engineering, an instrumental practice. The earthlings and moonlings engineered Mars to be like Earth, and the first step upon the red planet was not through a suit- but a child's foot, upon lush green grass. And so they had entered the stars.. Some time later, there was a war. I know very little of the war. My master tells me naught of it for fear I may grow bold and act with courage from it, but- I have no hands to take up weapons against my master. I have no feet, to hold steady. I have no eyes to target, nor ears to hear them prepare to strike me down. I am no man, no, I am a great flesh thing.

Upon their reach to the stars humanity was immediately plagued by the reality they lived in. Human bodies were not built for the stars, and so they sacrificed their morality to become star-people. My masters tell me little of these men, and I suspect they know less of them- but they were the "humans" that my masters found. My masters, whom once called themselves the Orion, came in force- humanity built weapons to destroy stars and kill the Orion, but it was worthless attempt- for my masters defeated the colonies of star-people one by one, until no star people remained, and said star people were mutated by my masters' minds.

The Orion found entertainment in horiffically mutating the star-people. They made the marslings into tall, lanky, fragile men that lived upon a planet with low gravity, so tall that they towered over the other creatures upon the planet but- could fall apart from a single fall. These tall-men were eradicated by the venomous fowl, the Archons, whom the Orion made out of the more vile marslings.
The moonlings were mutated into flat, pancake-like creatures that slither around the dirt and eat the dust, filthy creatures that even I, a large flesh thing, know to distaste.

The Orion created many more men, and even used machines to mutate others, but it does not matter. The history of humanity is not important, not as important as the end- and of that end, I am left.

I am named Pilgrim by my masters, for they hope I will make a pilgrimage to another land and bring them back immortality- but I cannot make pilgrimage even an inch in any direction. My masters will die, and their sins will rot with them. I will not, however, for they made me to withstand time, and disaster, and pain, and injury, 
They will pass, but I will not. I will remain here, on this stone.

Even though human means nothing to me, I am still as such. Even though I do not harbor a face, or ears, or arms or legs or a nose- I am still human. As were the species my masters created so long ago- and I will remain. For this is my progress.

Submitted: June 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Yeetaroid. All rights reserved.

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