"Paranormal Apocalypse episode 4 season 7 "WHAT'S NEXT?"

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*Six days ago during the war with Kathleen is taken place.* “Austin Shoot them.” Joseph yelled as he started shooting at the enemies. Ruvick throws a couple grenades at Kathleen’s army. Marry starts shooting as well. Retreat. Marcus yelled one of Kathleen’s men. He gets shot in the back of the head. *Several minutes go bye and there’s a ton of gun fire.*

 *2 hours went bye and Joseph and the group are regrouping. “I saw Kathleen flee. Dexter and Jeremy chased after her along with a few others I’m sure they will find her.” But minutes turned to hours and hours turned into days with no word on Dexter.

“We cannot assume Dexter and the group are dead. Not yet we need to look for them we need a search and rescue mission. We need to find them.” Joseph says. “I’ll go look.” Marry says. “I’m coming with.” Austin says. *In the present time.*

“Were going down.” The piolet screamed as the helicopter was crashing down towards the ground. Joseph and Madson held onto a rail real tight as the helicopter was falling down. The helicopter hit several trees Joseph lost balance and out of the helicopter. He landed on several tree branches as he kept falling down.

The branches however helped him to not break any bones and he eventually made it to the ground not to badly hurt. The same happened with Madson however he was knocked unconscious. Joseph watched as the helicopter had hit the ground and exploded. The piolet was dead. Joseph coughed several times as he started to try and leave the area. The sound of the explosion could attract dozens of lunatics. Joseph made it towards the river a few feet away and fainted. In the woods.

 *Joseph blinks several times as he awakes in a bed. “Where am I?” he says out loud. He looks around and notices a young boy. “Hey kid where am I?” *The boy gets up and runs out of the room.* Moments later a man walks into the room. “Good your awake we were worried. He hands Joseph a cup of water. *Joseph drinks the water.* “Where am I?”

 “You survived a severe Helicopter crash. I’m sad to say we may have had a cause of the crash. You see we have had a problem with a group and they had a helicopter and we saw you being forced into the helicopter so our leader used a well a rocket to knock it out of the sky.” “That could have killed me.” Were lucky it didn’t. But it didn’t get the job done because the man you were held hostage from is still alive. He is out there somewhere. “Who is your leader?” “Marty.” “I have heard that name.” “It’s very popular.” The man said. “So who are you people exactly?” “We are a small group. Were known as “The Tribe.”

“Well you have my thanks for helping me. I would have been dead.” “I know thank Marty.” *The man takes Joseph down the hall to a big room with a dinner table. There was at least room at this table for 16 people. At the head of the table was Marty. “Take a seat.” He said as his face was covered. “That voice sounds familiar.” Joseph says. “Yours does too.” Marty says as he removed his mask. Joseph and Marty stare at each other for a second. “Son of a well if it isn’t the president. “Saunders.” Joseph says as he stands up and walks over to give Saunders a handshake. “Bring it in.” Saunders hugs Joseph.

“I haven’t seen you since the apocalypse. How are you doing? “I’m doing good I well survived but my wife didn’t and I found a group over at the battle range and I stay there. What about you?” Joseph asks. “Well life has been cruel. I was kidnapped not long after by a group of people who hated me as VP. They threatened to kill me. They even locked me up beat me up several days. A pack of lunatics ran across their camp one day I managed to lock the door so I was safe as I watched them die horribly. They deserved it. And then I found a girlfriend and she took me to her people and we formed this group “The tribe.”

 “Damn I’m sorry to hear you were kidnapped.” “It made me stronger. I learned people are dangerous but I am more dangerous.” So it’s ok. I’m thrilled to see you again. I really hope you decide to stick around my people will totally let you in. you are a great man and a good addition to us.” “I would love to stay here. But there is something I need to do first. You see I have five friends who were at a community. A very bad man is hunting for me. But I need to find out if my people are alive.” “You want to go check to see if your people are alive and safe.

I get it I will even come with you.” Marty says. “Looks like the president and The Vice President are back for one more adventure.” Joseph jokes. “Yes the dynamic duo is back.” Marty says. *Madson takes out his walkie talkie. “Kramer we were blown out of the sky. Our piolets dead and Joseph has escaped.” “Damnit. The piolet is very hard to replace. Go after Joseph you find him and bring him to me.” “But I don’t have a way to get to you.” “I will send one when you have Joseph.” Joseph and Marty walk down the woods towards the river.* A pack of lunatics were walking bye.

 Joseph and Marty hid in the bushes as they walked away. Marty made his way across the river with Joseph. They headed towards Hope-Ridge. About five miles later they had arrived at Hope-Ridge where a fight had perused. *Joseph said a prayer as he walked around the corpses and made his way towards a few bodies he thought were his people. He found Austin. “This was one of my men I saw him die. Right in front of me I couldn’t do anything to stop it.” “I’m sorry.” Marty says. As Joseph continues to look he found Jenna’s body. “Damnit. He continued to look he saw that Marry was dead as well. Shit all of my people. Just haven’t seen Ruvick yet.

 Joseph walks towards the back and sees a blood trail. He follows it up until he sees Ruvicks body up against a fence. “Well everybody is dead.” Joseph says.” “I’m very sorry about your loss I don’t even know what to say this is horrible. Do you want a group to come back and bury the bodies?” “Yes please.” Joseph says.” Joseph sees a pistol lying on the ground. “Is there anything I can do for you?” Marty asks. “No.” *Joseph picks up the gun and takes it off safety.* “I’m going to hunt and kill Madson.” *Madson was walking along the edge of a river. He stopped and scooped some water with his hands to drink.

 He continued to walk. “If I am going to find Joseph I should probably check Hope-Ridge that’s where he should be.” Madson starts making his way back. “Where will you go look at?” Marty asks. “Oh I’m staying right here. Madson will come back to Hope-Ridge to look for me.” *Joseph takes a seat on the picnic table outside at Hope-Ridge. He has his gun ready. “Ok well I’ll wait with you.” Marty says. “Your people were you close?” “Yes I’ve known them for years.” Madson will pay.” *Madson continues to walk closer to Hope-Ridge. Joseph picks up a walkie talkie he saw lying on the ground.

 “Madson I know you can hear me. I know you’re looking for me. You killed my friends. I’m at Hope-Ridge come find me.” With that Joseph throws the walkie talkie on the ground. Madson gets closer as he sees the sign for Hope-Ridge. “Look I know this is a rough time but revenge makes people stupid. You have a much better chance making mistakes and getting yourself hurt while wanting revenge so please if you are going to do this be smart.” “Oh I am this will be over in a few seconds.” Joseph says.

Marty walks over towards the pavilion and sits down to wait and watch. *Finally madson makes his way to the entrance of “Hope-Ridge.” *Joseph aims his gun at madson.* “You killed everyone.” “I’m sorry but they needed to die.” “Just like you do.” Joseph says. “No Joseph you need to come with me. You need to come back to Charleston Remember Dexter and the group? You need to suck up all this hate you have for me and deal with it. Come with me it is a much bigger deal than you may think. It may save your friends as well. *Joseph continues to aim his gun at Madson.*

“Get that radio out and call Kramer tell him were leaving.” “Now you’re making the right decision.” Madson says. *Madson takes out his radio and calls Kramer.* “Kramer I have Joseph have a helicopter pick us up.” “I will forgive the fact you ran away from me. Madson says. “We were blown out of the sky I thought you were dead. I then went back and found my men were dead. Now you will die.” Joseph says. Seconds later Joseph feels a gun at the back of his head. Joseph turns around to see the remaining men who went with Madson still alive there was three men. “Drop the gun.”

The one guy said. As I watched. Then I looked over and saw Marty get thrown out of the pavilion and onto the floor. Two men had guns aimed at him.* “Take one more step I dare you.” The man said. “You see Joseph. You’re in no position to hurt anybody.” He laughs. Suddenly Joseph kicks the man who was behind him and shoots him dead. He dodges the other men as they start to shoot at him. Marty takes out his gun and shoots one of the men dead and Joseph gets the other one. Suddenly Joseph is face to face with Madson. Madson pleads for his life as Joseph says “No.” and shoots him in the head. Madson fell to the ground dead. Marty walks over to Joseph.

 “What’s with the helicopter people where are you going?” “I have to go to Charleston I need to find Dexter and the rest and bring them home.” “I’m coming too.” Marty says. “No it’s dangerous these men are very well armed. There expecting me. Not you Marty. You have people hear who need you. Stay. “Ok.” Marty says. As he walks away but hides in the bushes. An hour goes by and a helicopter lands and one of the men get out and Arrest Joseph.

 Joseph says he killed Madson which doesn’t sit well with the guys. Before they leave Marty runs out and waives his arms. The men jump down and arrest Marty as well. “Damnit Marty.” Joseph says. “Were going together.” Marty says. As the helicopter takes off and begins to leave for Charleston.

Submitted: June 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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